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    Speedometer drive gear in differential

    What is the part number for the drive gear under the speed sensor? Rock auto lists 2 Viaco part numbers but its hard to tell what transmissions they fit...
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    FS: Holset He211w and accessories

    I saw that. Spendy! What is the stock application?
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    FS: Holset He211w and accessories

    What is the source for that manifold?
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    Fuse 16 Blowing - HVAC Fans on High

    My #16 fuse is blowing after replacing the AC clutch coil. I had to add shims to the clutch so that it would not engage when the compressor is off. Could too much air gap increase the amp draw? Thanks!
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    CV joint kit to rebuild 108mm VR6/1.8T Axles?

    What is the part # for the outer axle joint from Aaron?
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    ALH Oil Leak - Front of engine

    My oil cooler appears to be leaking oil from the "pleats" / ribs on the side rather than the top or bottom. Recommendations? Has any one had a cooler fail?
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    DIY: 2" Lift Kit for Under $40 - EASY!

    Can Someone Please fix the photos from the OP? Thanks!
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    Control Arm Bushings: Stock vs TT

    Has anyone tried the Poly bushings? Red? Black?
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    Diff Bearings making noise - Options?

    As long as we are on the topic of Mechanics and Rebuild. Who is trusted to rebuild Manual Transmissions? Thanks!
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    ALH grinding sound - but only under heavier acceleration

    I have a similar issue as well. This other thread suggests bad Diff... Almost no CV backlash. No torn boots. (Oem CV shafts) Wheel bearings replaced 50k mi ago. I have a set of Vr6 shafts i can try. If the problem persists, it might be in...
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    Golf Interior Panel Removal

    Hello, How do I remove this Interior Trim Panel in the rear of my golf. The Grey upper piece. I'm thinking of mounting a fire extinguisher there. [/url][/IMG] Thanks in Advance!
  12. Golf Interior Trim Pannel

    Golf Interior Trim Pannel

    Golf Interior Trim Pannel
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    CV joint kit to rebuild 108mm VR6/1.8T Axles?

    ID parts and Cascadegerman offer New CV joint bearings. At the bottom of the page.
  14. alternator brushes voltage regulator

    alternator brushes voltage regulator

    alternator brushes voltage regulator
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    Bosch Alternator Rebuild Info

    Can someone fix the broken pictures? Thanks! I dont see where to remve / solder the brushes. [/url][/IMG]
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    Anyone find good LED headlight bulbs?

    Has anyone tried HELLA H71070307 Optilux Extreme White??? 100 watts!
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    Intermittent blue smoke

    I have a similar issue as the OP. ALH, Intermittent smoke at idle. Only after warmed up. Nerver on cold start. Smoke is grey. A large puff of smoke taking off from a stop, the it clears up. Lots of upgrades, EGR is blocked, Snow screen is gone, Intake is clean. I don't see puddles...
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    Mechanical injection pump? Info

    How does the rover pump compare to the cummins 4bt pump?
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    1.9 (m)tdi injection pump question

    All the photos are dead. Where can i find write up on pump mods mentioned on the VW 2.5 LT pump? Landrover 300 ? Cummins 4bt? Yes I know this thread is 5 years old. I'm trying not to start a new one. There is decent info aside from the b*tch fest. Thanks.
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    building a tdi-m with rover pump???

    I seen the LR 300 was rated for 120 hp. Is the pump the limiting factor or the turbo?