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    First impression of a fixed 3.0L TDI Gen 2

    Is that for Gen1 buyback or fix? Or is it for both? I am guessing it is both.
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    buy back for Gen 1 TDIs?

    Nope. With the increased diesel prices/tax here in CA, and the possibility of worse mileage with the fix, it makes no sense to keep it...
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    buy back for Gen 1 TDIs?

    My 2012 Touareg TDI Sport w/ Nav at 52k is estimated at $46k for buyback. I plan on doing it, but not sure when. Next Summer of Fall maybe. I love this car and I am sad that I have to turn it in.
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    Does buy back $ offset sales tax on a new car?

    I wonder if CA would do something like this.....
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    buy back for Gen 1 TDIs?

    Do I have to go to a VW dealer for buyback? Could I go to Audi? What if the dealer sells both? Could I trade my Touareg TDI in for an Audi Q5/Q7 or Cayenne?
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    After getting my emissions fix....

    My 2012 Touareg TDI sport does the same thing! The driver seat heater turns off after about 120 seconds.
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    thanks guys. I honestly forgot about the oil change because my inspection service light was on also. I normally run the 10k interval. The current oil I will run for 7k and see what that does. I plan on turning this vehicle in for buyback in the next year, so I dont know how much I should...
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Just got my oil report back. Doesnt look good for a TDI Touareg with only 51k