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    '97 Jetta TDI FS

    \'97 Jetta TDI FS Thanks for all the interest in the Jetta, it's on it's way to Berkeley CA right now with it's happy new owner.
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    '97 Jetta TDI FS

    \'97 Jetta TDI FS '97 Jetta TDI, 145K on car, 21K on reman engine, exceptional condition, K&N air filter, mufflerectomy, 6 disk CD changer in trunk, biodiesel fueled for 2.5 years, Sequia green w/tan interior. Buyer will also get $400 custom car cover from Griot's Garage, paper Bentley manual...
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    Seeking timing belt advice

    One more vote for HermTDI !
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    Outter Door Molding

    One more vote for the 3M double sided tape, have used it on my '97 when the heat down here loosens the strip.
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    TB change in tacoma /seattle areas?

    TB change in tacoma /seattle areas? Contact Pete aka Drivebiwire for the best possible maintanence for your TDI, well worth the drive.
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    Safe timing belt change in Seattle area?

    Talk to Pete aka Drivbiwire, he's the wrench in the NW.
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    Check your mail.
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    Urgent Help Request

    dieseldorf is thinking along the same path as me- that was my next suggestion. Cranks ( w/good electrics)+no start=fuel delivery problem. Given what you've described there must be blockage somewhere from tank to injector.
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    Urgent Help Request

    Plugged fuel line from pump to injector?
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    Brake job question.

    Simple job, one-time-use stretch bolt on bottom caliper mount which is included with most OEM kits, but also easy to get at a good hardware store. I used a large socket to place inside the piston to push back into place with Metalnerd's great brake tool.
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    San Antonio Advice

    MWG-you've got mail, hope it plays for you.
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    Timing Belt Question

    I second DeafBug's advice- against letting any independant shop work on your car if there is a highly qualified forum wrench in the area- and Matt certainly fills the bill. Go to car54! ]
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    N75 failed again?

    Go after the hose inside the ECU first Chuck, not last. The hose walls weaken and collapse- your spirited driving could have definately KO'd this little bugger.
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    V-10 Toureg spotted

    Driving to work this AM and came up on a V-10 TDI Toureg tooling along West bound on I-10 in Phoenix. Good to see they are coming along with the introduction (It had Manufacturer plates, there is a VW test facility East of Phoenix)
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    V-10 Toureg spotted

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    Shattered cam-follower

    Lost a cam follower on my '97 about 3 weeks ago- tooling along I-10 and suddenly no engine. thought it was a relay 109 issue 'till I pulled the valve cover off. Got a reman longblock installed by local dealer (so I would have some warranty recourse later) Heck of a lot cheaper than a new car...
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    No more Check Eng Light.....Ever

    Takes a real man to drive around without a CEL, you are our hero sir! The audacity, the courage, absolutely fearless!!!
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    Female TDIer desired....

    Well, I figured the classified/wanted section was appropriate. Some very nice photos of stunning tool chests have already come pouring in.....
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    Female TDIer desired....

    Mrs. dogbreath has decided she no longer wants to be married, so if there are any Phoenix area female TDIers interested in an eccentric, healthy, employed, home owning middle aged male, let me know. What could be more exciting than Sat morning timing belt changes, followed by romantic strolls...
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    competent timing belt change in OC Ca?

    If you want to stay semi local check out Harvieux, he'll take care of you. If you don't mind a road trip come and see me, you can get some bio while you're in Phoenix.