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    2006 jetta headliner issues

    Thanks Guys Glad I saw this thread Have a case# and going to dealer tomorrow. Keepin my fingers crossed!
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    Mechanics, Florida to replace DMF

    Hoping someone knows of a guru or shop in Florida who would replace a DMF in an 06 DSG Auto. Dealer quoted me $2500.00 and have not found another shop that would work on the car. Thanks
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    2006 Dsg Versus 2009 Dsg

    06 vs 09 Read the threads about DMF failure. Dmf explodes, locks up tranny, which locks up crank, timing belt not strong enough to stop cams momentum so valves and pistons get an unhappy meeting resuting in damaged engine. Thats if you don't catch it, if your lucky enough to notice that there's...
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    06 jetta rattle in tranny

    Dealer Replacement of DMF Kuhn Vw Tampa Quoted me $1080 DMF, 8 hours labor at $100.00 per hour and stated there may be other parts involved. With taxes and allowing for other parts service advisor said don't be surprised if cost gets to $2500.00. Is there a guru somewhere near Florida who can...
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    DSG Rattle

    Unfrigginbelivable! In reply to TXOILBURNER. YOU MEAN IN EUROPE THEY HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED THIS PROBLEM AND RECALLED AND VWA IS NOT? This is ridiculous! All of us that are experiencing this problem need to band together somehow and plead our case to NTHSA or VWA to get a recall. You have got the...
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    DSG Rattle

    Wonderful DMF's Great, just what I need b4 the holidays a huge repair bill. Have 65k and need to do timing belt and DSG service at 80k. Like I said noise is barely audible. Should I wait and monitor noise until I get these services done? Or am I playing with a hand grenade? Cost wise is it best...
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    DSG Rattle

    Dealer visit Thanks for replys to all. Stopped at dealer and talked to tech (car is out of warranty) he stated he had not heard of symptoms I was talking about. When I asked what he suggested he said drive it till it dies and put in a rebuilt unit. Isn't the tranny servicible? I would hope I...
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    DSG Rattle

    I was changing my oil today and was underneath the car making sure I didn't have any leaks and noticed a random rattle coming from the transmission case. It kind of sounds like a loose pebble being chinked around. It is not very loud you can barely hear it over the engine idle. If I grabbed both...
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    Asheville, NC GTG 4-26-08

    Wanted to thank everyone for a great time! Got home 10pm sunday night after sleeping 3 hours was not a fun ride. had to leave 3am monday morning for 24 hr shift. so needless to say i just woke up! thanks again to all looking foward to next gtg chad love the facility already planing next menu...
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    2006 Mods

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I should have asked more questions before I bought.
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    2006 Mods

    Thanks tried to email rocketchip sounds like exhaust and intake are a waste of time and money at my level of performance. To Indigoblue are you happy with this level of performance? Did RC1+ give a dramatic change in seat of the pants feel?
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    2006 Mods

    Just want to clarify. Only 1or2 hp after adding both the chip and exhaust? Do you go from just ahead of the cat back or from the turbo flange?
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    2006 Mods

    Thanks for the good advice. Any ideas on exhaust? Hate to sound stupid but why do you need a skidplate? What kind of increase will I get from RC1 chip? How much HP/TQ can the DSG take and still be reliable? Thanks again guys!
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    2006 Mods

    Just purchased a 2006 Jetta 34,000 miles with DSG Tranny wanted some advice. Chip or Module which is best (most power)? Plan to add an air intake and exhaust. Which cold air? Was told by out of state speed shop best exhaust was a straigt pipe From turbo to rear end but he couldnt suggest a...