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    Intercooler icing solution my way.

    No, I've been doing it for at least 5 years now.
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    oil extraction via dipstick hole

    No you just need a more narrow extractor hose. I use a Topsider and it came with several different size hoses and one of them fit fine. You can get clear tubing at hardware stores.
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    WTB: ID Parts Winter Front

    Just leave them in. I live in Mo and I put mine in when the overnight temps get into the 40's and take them out early/mid March regardless of temp swings. It doesn't get hot enough here in the winter to have issues with the grille being blocked. I have a scanguage and constantly monitor the...
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    Intercooler icing solution my way.

    Go to lowes and buy 2 of those split foam pipe insulation tubes, smallest size is fine and a bag of zip ties 15 min in your driveway with a knife to cut the foam and it will cost you less than $10.
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    Intercooler icing solution my way.

    I've never had a problem with just blocking off the grille when the temps drop below 40 degrees. If I don't do it I Ice up but ZERO problems with it blocked off.
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    Warranty coverage/Dealership shady

    Sounds like you need to speak to an attorney. They definitely sound shady and depending on your states consumer protection laws you may have a case (with them performing work on your car without your authorization and all). Hopefully having an attorney contact them about a car that was running...
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    winter/snow tires

    Kansas City MO. Not crazy winters but we get ice storms and the occasional deep snow
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    Tuning an automatic?

    Correct, Kerma wnot do a delete tune so if you want or need to delete then Malone is your only choice. I did the Kerma engine tune only (so far) the DSG tune will be in the future when I get around to it.
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    Tuning an automatic?

    Kerma won't do a delete tune. They play it cautious since they are based in the US and don't want the EPA hitting them with huge fines like they have tried to do to some aftermarket truck diesel tuners. Malone has no qualms about doing a delete tune for you. Ive gone with the Kerma tune and I...
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    AC Hot/cold issue

    Using the proper automotive a/c equipment and vcds it will be obvious to any half competent mechanic that the RCV (the valve others have mentioned) has gone bad. Anyone with even passing knowledge of vw's will know of the RCV's tendency to randomly crap out. Yes, the first thing anybody working...
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    winter/snow tires

    I love my Toyo Celsius tires they are "All Weather" tires (supposed to be better than allseasons in the snow but won't wear out fast like dedicated snow tires if you leave them on through the summer). Ive put about 25k miles on them through all types of Midwest weather and they are indeed better...
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    I bought a TDI. 5 minutes later and it would not start. Now it won't even crank.

    When I first bought my car, after the test drive. I went to start it up again at the dealer to pull it up next to my old car. No start, no click no crank, only dash lights headlights ect. Thought ***? Service tech came out with a brush, some terminal cleaner and a wrench, he cleaned the battery...
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    Oil in intercooler pipes leaking out

    Oil in the charge pipes is normal, its not coming from the turbo, its coming from crankcase gasses being recirculated back into the intake. How much is normal is a highly debated question and most people have more than you'd think slugged up in there. Bottom line is you will always have some...
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    What Problems Are You Having with Your Buyback Cars?

    Add a frozen rear brake caliper on mine, just had it fixed yesterday. Only cost me $50 for the deductible.
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    Fixing the "fix" - another dieselgate post

    Nothing to write home about really. It seems that the Regens are marginally shorter in duration now and maybe 25-50 miles further apart but seasonal changes could also explain those miniscule differences.
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    Review of KermaTDI MK7 (2015) engine tune for the CRUA (EA288).. TL/DR: It's OK.

    Eh, mine has been great. I have zero issues with the tune. I watch my DPF and EGT's with a Scanguage 2 and I havent seen anything that would be considered dangerously high when I beat on it. The flash tuner itself does kinda suck i wish they could source another vendor for that (remember, they...
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    Fixing the "fix" - another dieselgate post

    Like Mike said, why not just get a Malone or Kerma tune? I got the Kerma tune and I get much better MPG and the car runs like a striped ass ape compared to the post fix software. And I can revert back to stock if I need to take it in for dieselgate warranty service.
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    2011 tdi muffler delete

    No change whatsoever. Been there done that. You dont get any sound change until you delete the dpf, "catbacks" dont even produce any appreciable difference in sound.
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    Dpf delete and exhaust pipes

    Your car will run like garbage (if at all) if you remove the DPF without a tune. I would likely be stuck in permanent limp mode if the computer doesn't "see" the DPF. Malone tuning will write a delete tune for you (they are out of Canada so I dont see why they wouldn't ship to AUS but idk) but...
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    DPF FILTER out of stock...anyidea on an ETA?

    Lots of reasons, robots break down, programming issues, maintenance, weld cap changes, people coming back from break late, people out sick so someone has to run two stations instead of one, training new people, quality issues (sometimes investigating a quality problem requires temporary line...