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    Mechanic to replace diesel fuel injection pump?

    Can anyone recommend a reputable mechanic in the Central New Jersey area (Bridgewater/Somerville/Morristown) to replace the diesel fuel injection pump on my 1996 Passat TDI? Thanks. And based on other threads I have read here, I will have seals checked first. Would like a TDI expert to make...
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    Shuddering, Excessive Smoking on First Start-up of Day

    Agree that oil consumption seems excessive, although car is used primarily for short-distance driving. Have not yet checked timing or turbo. Glow plug light seems to go out almost immediately (unlike my 96 Passat which varies according to temperature), but waiting extra time to turn key does...
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    Shuddering, Excessive Smoking on First Start-up of Day

    In warm or cold weather, my 97 Jetta shudders and smokes excessively (blue) on start-up. The car will turn over, but only by pumping the gas pedal for about 10 seconds. This occurs in warm or cold weather. Battery checks ok, starter was recently replaced. Subsequent starts are normal, car...
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    Mystery Clunking & Shaking

    CV boots were checked and are in good shape, not torn. I don't hear any clicking -- still worth checking joints? Not sure about dogbone as I am a newbie -- how can I check that?
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    Mystery Clunking & Shaking

    Thanks for these suggestions. If the tie rods or bushings were at fault, shouldn't I expect the problem to occur continuously? I haven't experienced it in the last week at all -- car drives straight, smooth and quietly -- although I've driven it only on shorter trips at slower speeds. The...
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    Mystery Clunking & Shaking

    My '96 Passat TDI recently began making a clunking noise with accompanying vibration that can be seen and felt on the steering wheel. This happens intermittently only while moving, either going straight or turning, at fast or slower speeds. I do not notice any degradation in performance...
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    Coolant Mystery - Loss but no Evidence

    I'm in desperate need of the guru you speak of; there is a very limited supply in New Jersey according to the most-trusted list. Complicating factor is that it appears my cluster is failing -- needles and guages drop to zero at least once during every drive, will come back to normal if I tap...
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    Coolant Mystery - Loss but no Evidence

    The coolant light on my '96 Passat began flashing, but the temperature guage was in normal position. I checked the reservoir which was nearly empty. Upon refilling, it has lost ~1/4-1/2 inch a day, but I cannot identify any leakage. Local shop checked it over and said they do not see any...
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    Intermittent Engine Light/Dashboard Malfunction

    The 2 trouble codes detected were 00626 - Glo Plug Indicator Light K29 open circuit/short circuit to Ground sporadic; and 00750 - warning lamp open circuit/short circuit to Ground sporadic. Could these codes mean there is still something wrong with the glo plugs, harness, relay, fuse or control...
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    Intermittent Engine Light/Dashboard Malfunction

    HELP -- sometimes while driving, the dahsboard needles on my '96 Passat will drop to zero (no degradation in performance of vehicle); if I tap the top of the dashboard, the needles return to normal position but check engine light comes on. Light may also come on about a minute after start-up...
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    CEL & Other Dashboard Light Problems

    I had the codes read this morning for the CEL -- they came up as 00626 (glo plug indicator light, open circuit/short circuit to ground sporadic) and 00750 (warning lamp, open circuit/short circuit to ground spradic). I was quoted $65 for a gloplug relay to remedy the problem. Does this sound...
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    CEL & Other Dashboard Light Problems

    Occasionally upon startup, the instrument panel lights on my '96 Passat TDI will not come on. These lights and gauge needles will also temporarily drop to 0 while driving with no change to performance. Yesterday, a tap to the dashboard caused the lights to come back on at start-up; however...
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    Door Lock Malfunctioning

    The driver's side door of my '96 Passat can be opened from the inside, but not by using the door handle on the outside. All lock buttons are up, and all will go down when the car is locked. The door appears unlocked but from the outside, the handle will not release the lock. Any quick tips or...
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    Intermittent Airbag Light

    The airbag light on my '97 Jetta occasionally comes on while driving and either flickers or stays on for 10-15 minutes before going out. Is this an indication of a safety issue (airbags won't deploy) or other minor issue? I appreciate any suggestions.
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    Timing Belt - Replace at 30K or 60K?

    I replaced my timing belt on my '96 Passat at 60K - belt was near shreds. My dealer is now saying that it should be replaced again at the 90K service because timing belts on diesels are only supposed to last 30K. How can I tell by looking at the belt if it is time to be replaced? Thanks for...
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    Headlights Flickering

    Headlights on my '96 Passat are going on and off at random. At start-up, they stay on for a few seconds, then go briefly out, then come back on. The outages seemed to correspond with the idling speed (higher rev, lights stay on). This also occcurs while driving, although less frequently - a...
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    '97 Jetta Door Strips Won't Stay On

    \'97 Jetta Door Strips Won\'t Stay On Does anyone have suggestions for how to keep the plastic door strips from falling off? Apparently they were glued on at the factory instead of using clips. I have seen many '97 Jettas in my area without them, and they look quite unattractive with the...
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    Ignition Switch Recall

    I did not receive a recall notice for my Passat, but I inquired after seeing a recall notice here: When I contacted Volkswagen of America, I was told my VIN number was not affected; however, when I called my dealer, he said all '96...
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    Floor Heater Not Working

    All heat and defrost settings in my '96 TDI work great except the floor setting (7 o'clock position). While the other settings result in almost immediate heat, even at a low setting, the floor position yields nothing, like it was blocked. Any suggestions?