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    2005.5 Limp mode, sluggish low end, maf code

    I've been enjoying the cooler temps driving the higher altitudes of the North Georgia mountains all day. That's a good tip, haven't checked that. Over the weekend I was going to eliminate a code by replacing a glow plug. When I removed the harness it nearly disintegrated in my hands. I didn't...
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    2005.5 Limp mode, sluggish low end, maf code

    Replaced the actuator last weekend. Not a fun job. Cleared codes and noticed improvement for a few days. Then today cel back on, Emissions Workshop! and limp mode again. Not sure what else to check?
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    2005.5 Limp mode, sluggish low end, maf code

    Yes, no weird noses and we pretty well checked for any cracks or holes. My mechanic did a little more digging and thinks it might be worth replacing what he calls the boost controller or wastegate. Would that be the same as the vnt actuator? If so, it sounds like that might not be available or...
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    Black rubber grommets?

    I'm not sure, but that sure is some nice walnut!
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    2005.5 Limp mode, sluggish low end, maf code

    I'm stumped, hoping someone much smarter than me can help diagnose this issue. 2005.5 Jetta, 250k A few weeks ago, car went into limp mode on the interstate. I pulled over, disconnected maf and noticed considerable improvement. I replaced with a questionable spare I had and I ordered a...
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    Emissions Workshop Light

    Did you get this resolved I'm having a very similar issue. Replaced maf but still going into limp mode. Bogging down in first gear, feels like uneven acceleration or boost.
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    What is this connector?

    Plugging this in actually cleared the codes and symptoms.
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    Where can I buy the correct door harness? 2005.5 failure. Need to purchase ASAP.

    class action Save the receipt and try to find the class action suit. It took about a year, bit I got a check last week for the cost of the harness.
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    What is this connector?

    Thank you. I'm wondering now if that would have triggered my Emissions Workshop codes. I guess I'll know soon enough.
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    What is this connector?

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    What is this connector?

    I got Emissions Workshop! and codes were pointing to egr and N18. Looking under the hood, I noticed this was disconnected. Hell yes! Could it actually be that easy? So far, the code cleared and hasn't returned. What is this connector? . I hope this picture works.
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    Attn: ATLANTA TDI Members

    Anyone in Gwinnett or North Atlanta with a Vag Com that could help me program a key fob?
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    Metalnerd Alternator Pulley Bit, Atlanta

    Part Number MN3400 Used once, of course. Just trying to recoup some of my money. Would love to get half of the $29 plus shipping, but make me an offer.
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    Switched outlets magically became unswitched

    Good suggestion. I was sure i found the problem when I discovered a broken ground wire in the door harness under the accordian boot. Replaced harness today, battery was deed after the job though. I'm charging now, will see how it acts tomorrow. My remote is not locking the driver door, but...
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    Driver's door harness failure

    I replaced my harness today and I was hoping it fixed my battery drain issue as well as not being able to lock drivers door with the fob. No luck on the fob lock, I'll know about the battery drain soon enough. Glad to know it's done though. Good practice removing the skin for my next project...
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    Switched outlets magically became unswitched

    Thanks for your reply, unfortunately, that sounds like complicated electrical diagnosis stuff that I fear my brain is unequipped to handle. Could a stuck relay cause the outlets to become unswitched? I did replace a tail light assembly following a fender bender last week. Could I have caused...
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    Switched outlets magically became unswitched

    Switched outlets magically became unswitched, Battery Drain I woke up to a dead battery several mornings last week. Battery tested okay and would start fine during the day. I have an extension cord plugged into the outlet in the trunk and routed under the front passenger seat that I use to...
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    WTB Mk5 Headlight switch

    If anyone has gone with a Euro switch and still has their old one, I would like to buy it. I need the one with Auto, DRL. Thank you
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    2001 Jetta TDI Atlanta FS

    Sold! Car is sold.
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    2001 Jetta TDI Atlanta FS