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    Mvoc '09

    Just a reminder everyone, MVOC 2009 is coming soon!
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    Ok nova scotians :)

    Here's another choice in the other direction, about 1 hour west of Digby: B.K Taylor's Auto Repair Yarmouth NS (902) 742-3958 Ben Taylor operates an independent VW repair shop using VAG-COM, Bentley Repair manuals and Metalnerd brand tools. He is about the only one that I know of in South...
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    SPAM Reporting for Atlantic Canada section

    Hi Tom; I really don't know what other moderators can do, I can only clean up this section although I do receive reported posts from other sections I don't have access to do anything. I expect that Fred can clean it up anywhere on the forum when he gets a chance. I have heard back from him on...
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    SPAM Reporting for Atlantic Canada section

    As most of you have seen, we are being hit with automated SPAM postings lately and for whatever reason it happens to end up in this section. As the moderator for the Atlantic Canada section I can delete the offending post when ever I have a chance to get online to do so. I can't take any other...
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    Problem USer

    I made a correction and disabled the link, if anyone really wants to check it out they should be able to figure out the URL. I hope that wasn't on there too long to affect anything. Thank you for the recommendation, it sure seems it is important to be careful in what is posted, as there are many...
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    Problem USer

    As moderator on the Atlantic Canada section, there isn't much I can do except to delete the offending SPAM when I find out it has been posted. I have been receiving many notices lately as many of our members have been reporting these posts. It is best not to reply to the posts and waste further...
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    serpentine belt tensioner???

    Hi golfgrrl; The $500.00 for the tensioner may not be too far off as the whole bracket assembly 028 903 139T is $501.35 at the dealer. I have the tensioner spring 028 903 315R for $49.75 but that is only one part of the whole assembly. There is a shaft 028 903 308G and an idler pulley 028 145...
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    505.01 in Halifax

    I have a few cases available, email me directly for further details and pricing. Brian
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    The Service Manual, VG05 does have the codes listed but they are also posted on the Bentley Publishers website at: The codes are also built into VAG-COM software. A better choice for diagnostic procedures is the VA45 CD-ROM Repair Manual...
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    Exhaust Question...

    I put a stainless straight pipe on my 97 Jetta TDI last summer and I really couldn't tell the difference as far as noise goes. It was from the catalytic converter back using the original hangers. I had it custom made by Percy at the Clayton Park CTC. He does a good job on custom stainless...
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    Timing Belt install

    Try Dave Chase Automotive on Kennedy Road in Hilden 897-2405, he works on mostly TDIs and other VW/Audi products. Labour rate $32.00/hr. you can bring your own parts. He is usually booked ahead a week or two. Brian
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    Brian Harrison

    Hi All; I'm still here under BrianHarrison, I just don't get on that much when I'm on half speed dial-up although I must say this new format seems faster than the old one, way to go Fred!! Best way to contact me is by my email address I have listed on my website: roseland at ns dot sympatico dot...
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    MVOC Show and Shine on June 4th in Dieppe

    Just a reminder that the MVOC Show & Shine is coming up this weekend. See my website at under events for a map and further details. The weather is looking good for the weekend so far.
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    FS In Canada, Bentley Manual for A4s 99.5 to 05

    Thank you to all that pre-ordered the VG05, I received the first part of the shipment last week and just about all have been shipped out. I will be offering the VG05 now for C$95.00 plus GST, free shipping if ordered with one of my A4 TDI Filter Packages. Regards; Brian
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    MVOC Show and Shine on June 4th in Dieppe

    The 12th Annual Maritime Volkswagen Owners Club Show & Shine will be held in Dieppe on Saturday June 4th at the Rotary Club Park. Admission is $10.00 to help with the costs or organizing the event. Anyone can enter, as long as it's a VW, Audi or Porche, it isn't competitive. I hope to see a few...
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    Cdn 1995 Passat TD Info needed, HELP????????????

    I just checked my 1995 Passat Wagon and this is the part number on mine: 028 010 078Q I hope this helps. Brian
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    TB change

    I don't know about Moncton, but if you don't mind going as far as the Truro area, call Dave Chase at Dave Chase Automotive, (902)897-2405. He is very TDI friendly with good labour rates ( C$32.00/hr ), uses VAG-COM and Metalnerd Tools. Brian
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    FS In Canada, Bentley Manual for A4s 99.5 to 05

    Re: FS In Canada, Bentley Manual for A4s 99.5 to 0 Hi Richard; I may offer the free shipping on the CD when it is released in June, you can preorder it now for C$90.00 when ordered with the VG05. The release date has been further updated to May 16th as of yesterday. I will still offer this...
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    FS In Canada, Bentley Manual for A4s 99.5 to 05

    Re: FS In Canada, Bentley Manual for A4s 99.5 to 0 Hi David; I could, shipping would be about C$15.00, but you should be able to find a US vender that will be selling them at a competitive US price, with lower shipping costs. Let me know at my website email address if you can't, generally there...
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    FS In Canada, Bentley Manual for A4s 99.5 to 05

    The latest edition of the VG05 should be released in the second week of May, I am taking orders for this title and hope to have stock later in May. This edition will cover all A4 models up to 2005 including the 1.9 L PD engine. The cost for all prepaid orders before May 9th will be C$85.00 plus...