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  1. Vekke

    3-cylinder TDI Turbo upgrade

    Why you aren`t making more power in higher revs, is the scaling of the dyno graphs correct? Measure acceleration times 60-120 km/h on fastest gear
  2. Vekke

    1.4 TDI tuning/info

    Here is how it goes at the moment with little tweaking on the program:
  3. Vekke

    GTC1444VZ in an ALH

    FUB: What kind of boost levels are you running your 1444vz and what RPMs does the EMP start to get too high so you will lower the boost requests? I just got mine installed to 1.4 TDI and this wakes pretty early even on this 1.4 liter engine. How did your Rub wake? 1500rpm=0,6bar...
  4. Vekke

    1.4 TDI tuning/info

    Just finished my installation of the GTC1444VZ from 2.0 liter volvo to my 1.4 ATL. It wakes as early as the stock turbo. So that is pretty well suited for this engine. Will let you know when I have got some adjustments done to ecu program. I used the lupo exhaust manifold and made new holes...
  5. Vekke

    Setting up TDI torsion value for best FE

    I have done vast research over 1000 km just test driving and setups on tdi timing or torsion value as it is said on vag tdi. I made a custom program that injects same amount of fuel 16mg/stroke all the time for full rev range on a 1.4TDI which is 3 cylinder diesel engine. So its not exactly...
  6. Vekke

    Timing/Economy Question

    I would like to point out that even if you use oem tools to put timing to correct spec the OEM accepts +-3,0 tolerance for the torsion value. If you havent checked what the torsion value was before the belt change the odds are very tiny that it will go exactly same even if you do everything by...
  7. Vekke

    Consistently low MPG

    Check your torsion value block 4 and idle fuel consumption block 15?. Idle fuel consumption should be 0,4-0,6 l/h.
  8. Vekke

    PD Engines - The Problem of Setting Torsion Value

    I tried to adjust one car which value was set to -4,9 idle fuel consumption was 0,8l/h. I was only able to get reading on -5,4 and after that values went off the limits meaning value was 0,0, but idle fuel consumption went down even to 0,4 liters which is about the min 1.9 can reach. I put the...
  9. Vekke

    PD Engines - The Problem of Setting Torsion Value

    I did my settings like Ol,Rattler wrote and it worked pretty well on my 1.9tdi 130hp engine. Cars start values were torsio 0,0 and idle fuel consumption 1,0 l/h I got lowest fuel consumption idle values between +5,5 to +7,0 idle fuel consumption was 0,6 to 0,4 l/h. My cars fuel consumption at...
  10. Vekke

    1.4 TDI tuning/info

    I will make more supports when its installed. It wont last like that for sure as there will be even more weight when water is inside. I looked that at least valve cover bolts can be used. First need to modify the 1749VA turbo vacuum actuator place as it hit this when putting it in place.
  11. Vekke

    1.4 TDI tuning/info

    Just to give some ideas. This is how I made a waterair cooler that fits to lupo engine, or in my case this will go to the A8 with 1.2TDI. I try to make next even more compact package to fit 1.4TDI A2 body. Core is from 1.2TSI engine and VW sparepart code for that is OE-03F145749B
  12. Vekke

    Air to water cooler.... why don't i see a lot?

    I started to build my first air to water intercooler which is integrated to intakemanifold. I using the VW 1.2 TSI unit which code is OE-03F145749B. Its perfect size for 1.2 or 1.4TDI engines. This first one only fits to Lupo 1.2 TDI, but the 1.4TDI is tighter in at least on Audi A2 where I will...
  13. Vekke

    turbo technical database

    I collected all the turbos and dimensions that I found in this topic. None of the measurements are my own. List is now in somewhat size order so its easier to look what is the next step in size bigger or smaller. GTD1241VZ Toyota 1.4D4D from 2015 - Garrett Part Number 834081-5003S OE...
  14. Vekke

    70 MPG/1100/1200 Mile Club

    I have now got one tank over 80+MPG us in my audi A8 with 1.2 TDI engine. Best was 83 MPG US with 57,1 MPH avg speed. 2 tanks over 70 MPG so far.
  15. Vekke

    1.2 TDI tuning/info

    Any updates with this GTC1444VZ turbo?
  16. Vekke

    Audi A8 D2 1.2 TDI?

    MPG figures are getting better. Current best is 66.2 MPG US. More mods coming so now I am very confident that I will soon reach the 78MPG target. At the moment biggest issue is injectors that are not working perfectly
  17. Vekke

    June 2016 Mileage Thread

    Date: 06/5/16 Driver: Vekke Miles: 368.47 Gallons: 6.6 Model Year: 1997 Model: A8 Tranny: 6M Fuel Type: ULSD Date: 06/12/16 Driver: Vekke Miles: 382.89 Gallons: 6.6 Model Year: 1997 Model: A8 Tranny: 6M Fuel Type: ULSD Date: 06/25/16 Driver: Vekke Miles: 436.89 Gallons: 6.6 Model Year...
  18. Vekke

    April 2016 Mileage Thread

    Driver:Vekke Miles:1630 Gallons:33 Model Year:1997 Model:Audi A8 1.2 TDI Tranny:6M Fuel Type:ULSD
  19. Vekke

    Areo dynamic and thin wheels? Hypermilling? I would say the 10% is a reality, but better ABA testing will come later when summer comes. This in now comparing to winter tires these last two tanks and they are clearly better.
  20. Vekke

    Audi A8 D2 1.2 TDI?

    I have used powder in my previous projects and also in this engine but current engine oils has no powder. oils are 0W-30