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    All diesel again!

    By the way: Utah's legislature just passed a 15 cent fuel tax increase. If the governor signs it guess how much it'll cost me? NONE! My truck has a 90 gallon auxiliary tank. When I go out on a run I can fill up after I leave Utah, then top up again before I come back in. Then fill my cars...
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    All diesel again!

    After an unfortunate period with no diesels in the family we're 100% oil-burning again. My 2015 Passat, 2019 Ram Cummins 5500 tow vehicle, and I got my daughter a 2015 Audi A3 she's pissed off. Audi A3 TDI. Totally not a Jetta. She loves it. -mickey p.s. Luba, for...
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    Speed limits across the US are on the rise! Up-to-date state-to-state info & news...

    I can attest to the effect of the 80 mph limit in Utah: NONE. I drive that corridor all the time. The justification for the raised limit was to match what people were doing anyway. It has made absolutely no difference to driving speeds. In fact, when I go 80 I'm passing 90% of the vehicles...
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    Need advice please!!!!!

    I agree they forgot to put oil in it. Loose drain plug would have left a long trail of oil. I don't believe in coincidences. As for their "diagnosis": That's a joke. "It's either the pump or the injectors or the belt or the driver's side seat adjuster or the rear window seal or the fuel...
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    TDI fest 2019-2020

    Every day is TDI Festival for me. -mickey
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    FS: 18" Passat SEL wheels + good Contis

    Oh, come on. Please buy them? Pretty please? -mickey
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    FS: 18" Passat SEL wheels + good Contis

    Huge wheels with race car-width tires on family sedans are my pet peeve, so I downsized to some smaller aftermarket wheels. I have my 18" 2015 Passat TDI SEL wheels and some nearly new OEM type Continental tires for sale. (Tires came from the VW dealer. They're as OEM as you can get.)...
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    Technology is getting crazy

    So I already have my Road Trip Machine. 2015 Passat TDI. I needed a Stop and Go machine. I've been driving Uber and Lyft and my TDI only manages 36 mpg doing that. ("Only...") Solution: 2019 Honda Insight Touring. 55+ MPG in town on regular unleaded. (Actual cost of fuel on the highway...
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    Katy the Mercedes for sale. Really.

    15 years later.....still kicking myself. What was I thinking? -mickey
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    Why oh why did I sell Katy the Mercedes?

    Dumbest thing I ever did. But if anyone has a hankering for an old S-class diesel there are a couple of beauties on Hemmings right now. One is an 83 with only 50K miles on the clock. They want $24,000. A far better deal: An 81 with 80K and asking only $13,500. Better yet: Euro bumpers and...
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    What am I missing Remote Start

    Mine worked when I first got the car back in June. Now it doesn't. The only difference i can think of is that I accidentally ran the battery dry and had to recharge it, and therefore I think it's a safe bet that there are error codes in the ECU. I read somewhere that stored codes (or at least...
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    "Key Not In Range": Observation

    2015 Passat. I get this error from time to time. There seemed to be no consistency to it until I finally made a simple observation: It only happens when I'm wearing regular jeans rather than "carpenter jeans" with the extra pocket. Why? Because I always carry my gun in my right pocket, and...
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    Tdi porn

    Well....I sincerely beg your pardon for posting something that might be new information to a few people. YOU knew....therefore it's not interesting. -mickey
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    Tdi porn

    LOTS of them. As far as the eye can see. Some kids tried to break into the old Pontiac Silverdome as it was being prepped for demolition, and had to sneak through a parking lot FULL of brand new TDIs. It's one of the places VW stores them in Diesel Jail. Skip to 3:25 for the money shot...
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    Load ROUTE to VW NAV?

    I know the Car-Net app will send a destination or point-of-interest to the nav system, but can you upload a route? Google Maps is smarter about finding routes. -mickey
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    TDI's are History

    I just bought mine. Someone else's loss is my gain. VW will never sell me a car that lacks a diesel. If I'm driving a gasser it has a Honda badge on it. -mickey
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    Any reliable issues?

    You'd be hard pressed to find a lemon these days. I think Toyota and Honda are the gold standards for reliability, but it's all relative. I bought another VW, after all, despite being a Honda guy. So I'm obviously not too worried about it. For every problem you read about there are thousands...
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    Group V esther base synthetic oil.

    You forgot "read a book and stop worrying about it." In all my years of reading these same arguments on car forums, truck forums, motorcycles forums, lawnmower forums, etc, I've yet to see a documented case of an engine failing because of someone's choice of oil brands. Nor do people keep...
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    VW's position

    I don't know, but I suspect that if you have a base model with collision avoidance then it MIGHT be possible to give it adaptive cruise through software. The radar is in place, right? That's a question for a higher pay grade than mine though. -mickey