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    IP top and bottom seal how-to (?)

    I appreciate how fast you ship and how well you document things on your website. I smelled diesel after driving my car and popped the hood on Monday to find a weeping leak on my quantity adjuster. Ordered from you kind of late on Monday and my package should be here in a couple hours. I used...
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    Replacing alternator brushes / regulator on car

    This thread just made my life so much easier. Isonic’s update with pictures and the differences he noted were especially helpful. Last Friday, my car started getting an alternator workshop code that was going on and off. I have the full MFD so it might just be the battery light on other...
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    Rebates on Mobil oils through 12/31/18...

    Be careful, Walmart wasn’t listed as a participating store on the rebate site.
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    Discounted TDI oil locator thread

    With this rebate at Advance auto parts or Carquest you can get a gallon of Mobil 1 TDT for $14.99 after the $10 rebate and you can get Mobil Delvac ESP for $17.99 a gallon after $12 rebate. I bought two of the turbo diesel truck. Limit is 10 for that type. Think the price is good through April 25th.
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    IMPEX Fest IX MAY 15,2010

    I placed my Impex order and will be attending this year after missing one or two. I have some parts that I've been trying to get out of my garage. Does anyone want: Front bumper rebar with foam? Took it off my 2003 about 5 years ago to put on euro bumper. Set of OEM shocks and Struts...
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    Cheaper replacement for city lights in OEM HIDs

    I searched for this but couldn't find any discussion about it so I thought I'd share. I have the OEM HIDs in my Jetta A4. The city lights burn out a lot (every year and they are the only bulbs to be changed in the headlight module in 8 years). They are expensive and the only place I know locally...
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    Part # request for Leveling motor install

    What wiring did you do when you hooked up the kit? Did you just bring the one wire out from the dash to the headlights? If so you need to provide power and ground to the motors and this is done by splicing into the power and ground of the headlight to the power and ground of the motor...
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    FS: Front bumper rebar from 03 Wagon (fits all A4s)

    Hello Everyone, When I installed headlight sprayers I had to change the bumper rebar and no longer have any need for it. It has been off my car and in storage the past couple of years. I also have the foam that goes around it to support the plastic cover and provide more impact protection. Last...
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    FS: Black Velour heated seats from 03 Wagon

    Hello Everyone, I've has these two seats sitting in climate controlled storage for the past couple of years and want to get rid of them since they are taking up space and I won't be putting them back in. I took them out about a year after I bought the car so they have very little wear. The...
  10. bumper rebar back

    bumper rebar back

  11. bumper rebar

    bumper rebar

  12. seat  1 back

    seat 1 back

  13. seat back

    seat back

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    seat 2

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    Bottom of Seats
  17. Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    Picture of seats in storage
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    Impexfest VI - May 4th & 5th, 2007

    Garage sale Would anyone be interested in: a pair of black velour heated Jetta front seats (no headrests) front bumper rebar (metal part under the plastic cover) pair of rhino ramps spare oil pan with the sensor for ALH The seats have been out of my car for a couple years and in...
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    Impexfest VI - May 4th & 5th, 2007

    I'll be there this year. I can't remember if this is my fourth or fifth Impexfest. I haven't been around tdiclub much lately but I'd be willing to offer some help to greener members. Just PM me ahead of time. I might be doing my rear brakes if I haven't gotten to them already. I'm going to...
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    Coolant Light flashing

    I have an issue that might be related to this. I have the full pixel MFD and I've gotten the message "Stop Check Coolant Manual" two different times when starting when it was below freezing. I used VAG-COM and there are no error codes. I also checked my coolant level and it looked fine. I'm...