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    Air bag code 00588 - Airbag Igniter; Driver Side (N95)

    Nothing to worry about - go back to drinking tea with Grandma if you feel uncomfortable checking it out. ;)
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    Trusted mechanic in Vancouver, Canada area

    I highly recommend Euro Wrench in Maple Ridge - Matt and Jens are great guys and have done work on my '01 Golf TDI and my buddies '03 Jetta TDI with no troubles. Matt is an ex - VW dealer technician (for approx. 10 years) with MANY years experience wrenching on the various diesel engines...
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    WTT: Fuel system repairs for website updates

    I hope this is posted in the correct section - if not, please advise and I will happily move it to wherever it belongs. ;) Looking to trade fuel system work on your 198X - 2003 VW (NA, TD or TDi) in exchange for work on updating and upgrading a somewhat dated website that needs some TLC to...
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    Glow Plugs from Hail!

    Thanks for the tip - I'll add it to my list. I have a couple of calls into some friends that may be able to help out, an old friend who is now apparently running the service dept at a local VW dealership, and another who runs an independent euro auto repair shop. I'll find out what I can...
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    Glow Plugs from Hail!

    Thanks for the note - I certainly appreciate your help, but this seems to be problem I am having: "I think the GPL does show a simplified duration time for the actual GP pre-heat." I can appreciate your opinion, but I am looking for some facts. Is this something that you KNOW to be fact...
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    Glow Plugs from Hail!

    I certainly appreciate your response, but I just can't get my head around accepting that there is no rhyme or reason for the GPL staying on for a short time or a long time... These cars aren't wired with magic. I will keep investigating - thanks for your reply.
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    Glow Plugs from Hail!

    Well, now I am curious... If that is the case, why does the GPL come on for varying lengths of time, usually depending on temperature? Why does un-plugging the temp sensor change the amount of time the GPL is on? Afterglow is not my concern, pre-start glow time is what I am interested in...
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    Glow Plugs from Hail!

    It was quite cold last night, rainy and miserable. Maybe around 5C or something. I left the car outside overnight, and tried it again this morning. To my surprise, the GPL stayed on for about 3-4 seconds, and the car started better than it has in the past. (meaning only 1 cranking session to get...
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    Glow Plugs from Hail!

    Misery loves company. I am battling a very similar problem. Have had it since I've owned the car (about 6 months), so I don't know how long it has been doing this. Like you, winter is coming and I want to resolve this issue before frosty comes. A simple 2-wire system like this? An easy...
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    Oh noes! I won an auction item, but have already left TdiFest!?

    I received a phone message from what I think was a fellow named Marty or Marvin saying I had won an auction item. He also said I need to claim it before 11:00. No return number on the message. I am not sure if I have now forfeited the item, or how I can still claim it? If I have lost out on...
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    Who's here?

    Wow - that's a drag, and basically double the price due to construction?! Ouch...:( Unfortunately I found out that $175 for speeding is apparently a bargain compared to having the GF finding the Factory Outlet mall and spending that much in the first store... :rolleyes:
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    Who's here?

    Me and the GF are here until tomorrow - anyone else get nabbed speeding ? Got nailed for 88mph... $175US... :mad: Oh well, no points anyhow - could be worse... :cool:
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    TDIFest Window Tinting sign-ups.

    I would like to get a 3-window ATX tint done on my Golf, I was going to call the shop to see about getting an appointment, but maybe they are doing all the Tdifest cars at the same time...? Is it better to book an appt. HERE on call Tommy's direct? Thanks -
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    FS: bump stops for lowering 99-03 MKIV

    I bought these lowering bump stops on recommendation from the guy who was helping me put my suspension kit in last night. It seems that the kit we installed did not need to use these bump-stops, and since they were a special order item from the dealer, I cannot return them. Apparently these...
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    Garmin Nuvi owners get a toy

    I am commuting about 100 miles per day and like to monitor the data and travel info. The gauges are nice to monitor and help me get more acquainted and get a better 'feel' for what the engine is doing, or not doing. I find that the Ecoroute feature works ALOT better (read:more accurate) with the...
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    Garmin EcoRoute HD and the TDI

    Very interesting - I would expect it to be a protocol issue limiting communication. There may be a software update or something from Garmin that they may be working on to address this since the vehicle is so new. I can sympathize with the guys at Garmin, there are THOUSANDS or different types...
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    Garmin EcoRoute HD and the TDI

    From the menu it allows me to monitor: • Intake air temperature • Coolant temperature • Throttle position • Engine load • Intake manifold pressure • Charging Voltage • Mass airflow rate • Timing advance • RPM • Speed I can agree that these are not the utmost important measurements to...
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    Garmin EcoRoute HD and the TDI

    I have no doubt that it is quite possible to monitor the data you desire, but let's be realistic about the capabilities of a $149 consumer product - I think it is a neat 'toy' but you are looking for data that the average consumer wouldn't necessarily use or understand. Garmin is not designing...
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    Garmin EcoRoute HD and the TDI

    Maybe I didn't word the question correctly. I'll try again - What specific OBD-II engine feedback data do you wish to view on the EcoRoute HD that you cannot view?