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    No longer available- 2016 A6 TDI V6

    Getting ready to detail my 2014 A6 TDI, with 72,000 miles and market it. So, San Antonio, if you want to contact me feel free. It is amazing. Jim
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    Tons of condensation in 2000 Mk IV trunk

    My 2000 Jetta TDI has had a lot of condensation in the spare tire storage area. I haven't found any drain plugs missing, etc. Does this sound like a skylight drain that is plugged up?
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    2004 Passat TDI to be parted out

    Taillights available?
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    FS: Nice 96 Passat B4V

    Yes, that's the right one.
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    FS: Nice 96 Passat B4V

    B4v is sold... Thank you, everyone, for all the interest in this car that has been mine for nine years. It was everything it should have been; powerful, reliable and economical. Anytime it needed something done, I knew what to do or who to ask online. So, my gratitude to everyone who...
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    FS: Nice 96 Passat B4V

    That sounds great, Jeff. I'll pass this on to the buyer and they can figure it. Hans used a Euro EPU, I believe and he said I could try a different EPU. I think you're right on this.
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    DIY: How to fix air blend door MK4 TDI no cabin heat problem

    type of tape? So, some people used solid tape, like for hvac...the aluminum type, and they shut out the outside smells, engine smells, and got very hot heater and very cold a/c results? Why bother with the adhesive felt or foam, then?
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    FS: Nice 96 Passat B4V

    "The Bad" I forgot one for "The Bad." Hans never could get Cruise Control to communicate with his ECU after he did his build. His thread was Cruise Control troubleshooter, from March 15, 2009. He thought it was the newer, modern ECU that was the problem, or perhaps turning off the rocketchip...
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    FS: Nice 96 Passat B4V

    The white sedans or wagons always did it for me.
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    Wagon Hunting, Uhuuuhuuhuuhu!! Elmer Fudd Ref.

    B4v Eugene, Craigslist and the for sale forum here on the web site.
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    FS: Nice 96 Passat B4V

    Hans Geittmann It was a pleasure doing business with him. I called before I flew back to Colorado to get it and asked him, "Is it in shape to drive to Oregon right now? He said, "Absolutely," and it was totally solid the entire trip. That's how I've kept it...ready to drive across the...
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    FS: Nice 96 Passat B4V

    New Pictures Added Sunday, 3/4/18 Tires, wheels, grill, engine, front view, etc.
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    FS: Nice 96 Passat B4V

    Craigslist Eugene is the one. Yep, this is the one...white, B4V in Craigslist Eugene. I'm going to add pictures of the engine and a closeup of my TdiFest sticker. Ha
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    FS: Nice 96 Passat B4V

    FS: Nice 96 Passat B4V, Eugene, Oregon Area B4V is sold. 3/9/18 I am regrettably selling my 96 B4V. After driving a stick-shift for more than a decade, my wife finally gets an automatic transmission SUV, which will be able to take the place of our wagon, when it comes to hauling what needs...
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    vr6 suspension swap? '96 B4V is up around 240,000 miles and although it is a great cruiser, it reminds me, just a little, of a Buick when I'm out on the freeway. I once communicated with a member who swapped everything out to vr6 suspension status and said he really liked it and was glad he did. Alas, I...
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    Mobil 1, 5w-30, fully synthetic oil, right?

    I had a mechanic tell me that I should be using Mobil 1, fully synthetic Diesel oil, not the 5w-30 Mobil 1, fully synthetic that I learned about here on the site. Any truth to this? Jim
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    B4 Black Window Trim Breakdown

    Has anyone dealt with the black window trim on (old) B4 doors and the black stain that occurs when your shirt comes in contact with them ? It got my wife on the way to Easter Sunday Church Service today and I thought I would try to come up with a fix for it. Anyone? (Plus, I'd like to keep my...
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    Heater Fan Stops Running - not a fuse

    Oops... Sorry - wrong forum. It's on my 2000 Jetta. :o
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    Heater Fan Stopped Running - not a bad fuse

    Hey, the heater (dash) fan stopped running on my 2000 Mk IV yesterday. Checked the fuse, looks good. Any suggestions or is there a thread on this? Any help would be appreciated. Jim