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    FS: 1998 VW TDI GLS Near Mint Condition $3500 only 109,400 miles

    Beautiful Mk3 Jetta TDI!! I want, but too far away!!
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    FCP Euro

    Been using FCP for at least 15 to 20 years!!
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    MKIII TDI 1Z 1994

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    WTB 2000-2004 Golf TDI

    Cool color for a TDI Golf!! Wouldn't mind owning it myself!!
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    Glass cleaner recommendation?

    Invisible Glass made by Stoner
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    B6 Passat conversion?

    Nice B3 Wagon!! Wouldn't mind owning that!
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    Vote: should i leave

    Please stick around!! You don't sugarcoat anything you say. Reminds me of my Dad and myself.
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    Wheat Beige Metallic Bora 4Motion

    That Bora is beautiful!! Looks great in Gold!
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    West Michigan Fall TDI GTG - Oct. 5th, 2019

    Would love to go to Kirks again!! Sturgis, MI here.
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    **Not mine!!** 2004 Passat awd 6 speed manual Tdi in AZ
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    New member, low mileage '98 Jetta

    Good looking Jetta!! Looks very nice, that's for sure!!
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    Mk1 fender flair isssue... calling all mk1 gurus

    I ended up using Mk1 Jetta rear flares on my pickup. Minor trimming at the front of the flairs to make them fit flush to the bedside. They fit the contours of the truck better. Sorry, no pics as the truck got totaled.
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    Are there any pictures available? Thanks!!
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    Passat B2 1987 1.6TD 51kw

    Nice Passat!!
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    2003 VW Golf 1.9l TDI 5-speed manual 2-door $5000 obo

    Very nice looking Golf!! Need a windfall to happen. Would love to own it.
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    97 Jetta TDI on FB Marketplace, 33k miles...

    Definitely a low mile car. If you look at most of the metal on that car it is pristine. Door strikers and the other small things make it a low mile car. Under the hood the cad plating looks fantastic as well as the strikers I already mentioned.
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    TDI swapped Audis...

    Just curious as to how many of the TDI swapped Audis are still in existence and how are they holding up? Considering looking for one. Thanks for any responses.
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    Golf GTD in the US?

    Not one Golf GTD has been available in the US market since they have been making them. They started making them with the A1 chassis.
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    Check engine light P2015

    It did it on her way home from the dealership.... I myself have experienced it, so yes it did not "FIX" it.