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  1. Mozambiquer

    FS: Ross-tech hex-can unlimited vin interface SOLD

    Genuine Ross-Tech Hex-can unlimited vin interface. Works for most VWs from 1992-2019 $SOLD plus shipping
  2. Mozambiquer

    FS: MK6/MK7 OEM Jetta Roof Rack and OEM snowboard holder $175 ea Versailles, Mo

    Barely used OEM roof rack for MK6/MK7 VW Jetta Sedan. Includes tool. No damage and in perfect functioning condition. $175. I can ship as well, contact for a shipping price.
  3. Mozambiquer

    FS: rebuilt AHU short block

    I rebuilt this ahu short block that only had 230k miles on it. I was going to put it in my 1980 rabbit pickup, but ended up landing a bhw engine which I plan to build for it instead. It has a rebuild kit from IDparts with new bearings, pistons, rings, oil pump etc. I installed new oem...
  4. Mozambiquer

    2015 Golf/Jetta/Beetle TDI alternators coming soon!

    I found a stash of OEM alternators for the 2015 Golf/Jetta/Beetle VW PN 04B903023A and am getting them in stock! I may be just a little bit excited! the price will be $328 plus shipping. Returning a rebuildable core will get you a $45 cash back, plus I am currently refunding the return...
  5. Mozambiquer

    Fs unlimited vin vcds interfaces SOLD

    Currently I have a handful of these unlimited vin Ross-tech interfaces. One hex-can for $SOLD plus shipping One micro-can (mk5 plus) $185 plus shipping Two kii-usb (mk4/b5.5 and before) $185 plus shipping All verified genuine and working. I can ship worldwide. Payment through PayPal, venmo...
  6. Mozambiquer

    Failed parts store starter disassembly with photos.

    I had gotten a 2005 bew which recently had a major parts store brand starter installed. It didn't like to start the car, especially when warm and did the "sick turkey" sound when I let off. Mind you, this is an almost new starter... I put one of my new Valeo ones on and it made a day and night...
  7. Mozambiquer

    FS: Hex-can unlimited vin interface SOLD

    I have a genuine Ross-Tech Hex-can unlimited vin interface for sale $SOLD plus shipping.
  8. Mozambiquer

    Wtb good bhw turbo

    Looking to find a good bhw turbo for my sisters car. Something went through the exhaust side and broke the turbine and bent some of the vanes (assuming something got dropped into the exhaust side or something) Just trying to see whats out there.
  9. Mozambiquer

    FS Versailles Mo 2005 mk4 rust free manual car. Bad engine $SOLD

    I picked up this car the other day, and I am trying to decide between fixing it and selling it. Its a 2005 mk4 with no rust. A few dents and dings, but clean title and no rust. 320k miles Its a 5 speed BEW and needs an engine because the previous owner ran it after the oil pan broke. Its dirty...
  10. Mozambiquer

    Flashzilla v3 SOLD

    I have a new flashzilla v3 for Malone. Never used and includes all the wires and connectors. I got it for my car but went a different direction with the tuning. They're $180 new SOLD plus shipping
  11. Mozambiquer

    B5.5 tcm programming?

    I couldn't find any actual info on this anywhere... I have been playing with module programming with my vws, and I got to thinking, I have a gasser passat tcm from parting one out, and it's in perfect condition, but I've found that the tdi ones are a bit harder to find. Possibly because...
  12. Mozambiquer

    Programming TCM

    I couldn't find any actual info on this anywhere... I have been playing with module programming with my vws, and I got to thinking, I have a gasser passat tcm from parting one out, and it's in perfect condition, but I've found that the tdi ones are a bit harder to find. Possibly because...
  13. Mozambiquer

    SOLD Ross-tech kii-usb unlimited vin interface

    I have two of these interfaces right now. They're genuine ross tech interfaces unlimited vin and work for pre mk5 vehicles. SOLD plus shipping each
  14. Mozambiquer

    Parting out 2005 vw passat wagon TDI

    I'm parting out this wagon that had a BSM failure.. Lots of good parts on it, including a water free TCM $100 including about 2 feet of harness New in package front license plate mount in Stonehenge grey $20 Egr valve $50 (I have two of them) Egr cooler $75 Intercooler pipes $35 for the big one...
  15. Mozambiquer

    V10 Touraeg Alternators Now In Stock!

    After a lot of digging and looking through numerous parts breakdowns and suppliers, I finally got all of the parts to rebuild the alternators for the 2004-2008 VW Touraeg with the V10 TDI. They are a notoriously difficult alternator to replace and they are not cheap. I got ahold of some cores...
  16. Mozambiquer

    How-to: Make a B5.5 Wagon hatch unlock with the doors

    If any of you have ever gotten frustrated with your b5.5 wagon with how you have to pull the little switch or push the key fob to open the hatch, open it, close it and immediately realize you needed one more thing out of the back, so you walk back around again to the drivers side door, open it...
  17. Mozambiquer

    GVD 6 speed transmission in b5.5 Passat?

    I am working on deciding what I want to do as it seems as reverse may have called in sick on one of my Passats... I was running across some people saying that they installed a o1x 6 speed from a b5 A4 with the 2.0T engine. It appears that would be the GVD transmission code and over here: Audi...
  18. Mozambiquer

    2005 passat reverse issue

    Yeah, it's one of those things... working on diagnosing my blue car's weak reverse. Story on it is it has 245k miles, runs great, has an Eriksson torque converter installed by the previous owner. It has run great and works well. A couple of weeks ago, my wife called me and said that the car...
  19. Mozambiquer

    WTB core alternators for v10 Touareg

    Looking to buy core alternators for the v10 Touareg. Either Hitachi or Delphi, I would like to get one of each. Send me a photo and I'll let you know how much I would give for them. Also looking for a core starter for one. My reason for wanting them is that I want to offer a reasonably priced...
  20. Mozambiquer

    Fs 2005 passat wagon tdi SOLD obo central Missouri

    A real beater with a heater, but with ac as well. I've had this car for several years and did a lot to it, but sadly got rear ended a few weeks ago. It still drives great, but I can't pull trailers with it anymore, so I pulled my other one out to get fixed up and ready to go. 259k miles Pros...