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  1. TDIFest 2010 Awards Diner

    TDIFest 2010 Awards Diner

    TDIFest 2010 Awards Diner
  2. mrvermin

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    My point exactly, in ONT Canada, emissions testing is just a cash grab and not a method of cleaning up the air. As long as the NOx sensor comes up in "Ready" status, you passed emissions and are good to go. Where I live, they treat emissions testing as just another Tax. It is a Hippy Tree...
  3. mrvermin

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    In ONT Canada, the emissions testing for light duty diesel is to plug the car into a computer, turn the key to accesory, wait for the computer to signal that there are no "Not-Ready Faults", hand over $$ to emissions tester, drive away. The car is not visually inspected nor started. MrVermin
  4. mrvermin

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    Funny how no one tailgates me anymore for fear of instantly dieing from over exposure to NOx.... :rolleyes: MrVermin
  5. mrvermin

    Picture thread!

    Keep it up with the pictures, I am living the Fest vicariously though you guys since I can't make it this year.....:o Damn Dealership only parts on a long weekend.....:( MrVermin
  6. mrvermin

    On the road...

    At this time I must regretfully pull out of attending this year's TDIFEST. The repairs on my transmission did not go to plan and it is not finished, there is a part (a seal) that I can only get at the dealership and they are closed until Tuesday :( Hope you all have fun and a great weekend...
  7. mrvermin

    volunteers:pick a job!

    PM sent about my availability for volunteering and for what :-) MrVermin
  8. mrvermin

    On the road...

    OK, I was hoping to leave Toronto tonight around midnight to get to the Fest early Friday morning, but my Transmission decided it had other plans for me. After not being able to select reverse or properly get the shifter into 1st, 3rd or 5th, I thought that the shifter fork went bad. After...
  9. mrvermin

    On the road...

    Seems that every time you take that thing out of the driveway, you have to sacrifice a Squirrel to it in order to make it safely to your destination LOL :rolleyes: MrVermin
  10. mrvermin

    Roommate wanted

    Hey, I resemble that remark LOL :p MrVermin
  11. mrvermin

    Does anyone knows this turbo?

    Hi, Check this site out as there are charts comparing the GTB series of turbos and their specs and potential boost numbers. MrVermin
  12. mrvermin

    new to the forum

    Yup, you found it :-) Welcome aboard. MrVermin
  13. mrvermin

    tire size help

    Weird numbers, according to the numbers the stock 195/65/15 tires will make 807 revolutions per mile, while the 235/70/16's you have now will have 697 revolutions per mile and should put your speedo out so that if it reads 60mph, you are actually doing about 69mph. But then again, we have to...
  14. mrvermin

    tire size help

    The stock 15" Mk4 tires are 195/65/15, so if you go to 16" rims, you need 205/55/16 tires to fit and keep the speedometer/trip/odometer calibrated properly. MrVermin
  15. mrvermin

    200whp dyno run?

    Two examples of over 200Whp, one on an ALH, the other a PD. All you need is $$$ and you to can do it... MrVermin
  16. mrvermin

    Kurt Smith (ksmitty244) passes away

    WOW, 29... Very sad and way too young. MrVermin
  17. mrvermin

    Airbag Recall

    Registered owners will be getting a letter in the mail from VWoA/VWoC about the recall and what to do about it. If you are the second owner of the vehicle, go to your local Dealership and have them check the VIN to see if it falls into the recall. MrVermin
  18. mrvermin

    Driving from the WEST....?? anyone?

    Just an FYI, the price of Diesel in the GTA and surrounding area has dropped to below the $1 per liter mark, so that makes it about $3 per US Gallon after conversion. MrVermin
  19. mrvermin

    EXCLUSIVE!!! Respite for Diesel Prices! - Costco

    GasBuddy showing cheapest Diesel in GTA at 101.9 (the Esso at Keele and Langstaff) So, if there are a ton of stations in the the GTA at sub $1.00 range, they must be highly secretive... Of course if you drive far enough outside the GTA, the price usually drops another 0.05 or more, but I can't...
  20. mrvermin

    New guy getting closer....

    VWoA tends to feel that the US customers can't handle a manual transmission with all the bells and whistles at the same time. Canadians, however, are able to purchase the top of the line Passat TDI with Navi and Sunroof with the 6MT. Go figure..... I also don't get that you can't get the Passat...