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    FS: New Bentley Service Manual

    Pristine condition
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    FS: New Bentley Service Manual

    Bentley Service Manual VW Jetta. 2005-2010 1.9L, 2.0L Diesel, 2.0L, 2.5L Gas Including TDI and GLI As new. Bought but never used Covers: TDI Common Rail CBEA & CJAA and all Transmissions Cost $129. Yours for $70 +Shipping
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    FS: New TDI Mk6 Engine Block Heater. $75.

    ************SOLD PENDING FUNDS*************For Sale, is a Phillips & Tempro Zero-start Engine Block Heater. (As sold by Mr Frostheater: ) Model B IPX4. Part no:3315039 Watts:1000 Volts 120 VAC Amps 8.3 Specifically designed to fit the engine bay of the VW TDI...
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    Wanna do a timing belt for me in Grand Rapids Michigan?

    Need a timing belt done on a 2001 Jetta Wagon (2l Gasser). I have the kit ready to install. Car cant be driven to a shop due to a failed water pump so you will need to come to my house. I could do it myself but I don't have the time or the back for it. Of course I will pay
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    Buyback TDI replacing with which car/suv?

    We got the 2.5 Premium 6sp manual which has the winter package. (Heated Windshield, Mirrors etc etc. + sunroof which I can take or leave) CPO paid off for us. The tranny went out after a month. Subaru replaced it under warranty and we threw a clutch in the mix since the labor was covered. So...
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    Buyback TDI replacing with which car/suv?

    No. Cost for cost. Our CPO 2012 Outback was approx the same price as we got for the buyback of the TDI
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    Buyback TDI replacing with which car/suv?

    Replaced Sportwagen bought back TDI with 2012 Subaru Outback 2.5 Premium 6 sp manual. Apples for apples except fuel MPG.
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    VW Buyback program is a nightmare

    Strange. We did ours today. Went as smooth as butter. I don't blame VW. If the EPA hadn't had there greedy hands all over this we wouldn't be here. Big business is spewing more greenhouses gasses into the atmosphere in an hour than our little TDIs do in a year. Just follow the money. They might...
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    Minimum time to keep the battery charged

    A 2 amp battery tender is about 20 bucks.
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    Returning TDI in Michigan // Temp Plate or not for drive to dealer?

    We are in the same situation except that the old plate is still there. Car is insured. My wife will be driving behind me all the way to the dealership.
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    Claims portal error at step 18 "Scheduling"

    Yep. All good now. Buyback scheduled for Dec 30th.
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    No more Diesel for US from VW

    My prediction is that diesel fuel prices will rise so exponentially that returns on fuel cost will outweigh MPG returns. This is what happened in my country of origin. Making diesel ownership only a marginal advantage. Before manufacturers started making small diesel engines, diesel fuel was...
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    Claims portal error at step 18 "Scheduling"

    Same thing on other browsers. Same message as posted in OP
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    Claims portal error at step 18 "Scheduling"

    Just got my buyback scheduling email and tried logging in to the portal to update requested current mileage and schedule appointment. Web site is effectively down and calling the number sends your around in circles and eventually cuts me off. Chat window is also not working. Now I'm getting annoyed!
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    Still angry with VW after buyback?

    I was never angry with them. I didn't buy the car because it was touted as a "Green Diesel" I bought it because I love Diesels and VW make decent vehicles and are leaders in Diesel technology. I will be sad to see the TDI go (We went for a AWD for the Michigan winter) Won't stop me from driving...
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    High mileage Buyback

    It used to be the case that Diesel engines lasted longer than Gasoline but that gap has become almost closed in recent years with superior engineering and materials being used in engine construction. The only real world advantage to owning a diesel is, oranges for oranges, MPG returns; but even...
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    No Status Change on the Portal Since Oct 11?

    I noticed that the wording at the top of the portal was changed from To The 10 days part has been edited out