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  1. Ralphy

    Thoughts? 96 Passat

    Replacing rear dampers would take more time than replacing the clutch on a B4V, IIRC.
  2. Ralphy

    Thoughts? 96 Passat

    I could live with that! I already have a good engine/clutch/trans in my B4S, and am looking for a good, non-rusted body. I was impressed to see how the underbody of that red german B4V was well preserved. I would miss the rear electric windows (I use the passenger side one alot for...
  3. Ralphy

    Thoughts? 96 Passat

    I don't know if the doors are pre-wired for speakers and rear window motors on those Euro Passats... Boise, have you made up your mind? Do you know if that last red B4V is still available?
  4. Ralphy

    fog lamps

    PIAA 1400, with a protective film, on stock wiring
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  6. Ralphy

    End of my B4S?

    Good question, especially after seing the Diesel fuel price jump to 2.35/L today. I'd consider taking a one way flight from Burlington to bring back an excellent condition B4 TDI. For a shell, shipping would be more appropriate. Is there any economical logic to it? Absolutely not.
  7. Ralphy

    End of my B4S?

    I know; if you see a sound B4 body/car in your area, let me know if possible!
  8. Ralphy

    End of my B4S?

    Anybody from south western USA? My mechanic's cousin got a 96 B4 in very good shape. In France...
  9. Ralphy

    End of my B4S?

    There is rust on the rear strut towers too, and I'm also losing coolant at WOT because of compression in the cooling system. So, I'd need at least a new head gasket and possibly a new... body shell.
  10. Ralphy

    End of my B4S?

    Lol; sorry, first time for me on youtube. Is it working now?
  11. Ralphy

    End of my B4S?

    I bought that car new 25 years ago, but it has seen better days. I'm concerned about the front frame; would you also say it's the end?
  12. Ralphy

    Downpipe source ?
  13. Ralphy

    The Saga Continues - Engine Oil Drained Completely within 4 miles with No Effect on Performance

    A long time ago, the same thing happened to me: it was the turbo feed line that broke near the turbo. That line is supported by metal brackets that are prone to rust until they do not support anymore.
  14. Ralphy

    Rear axle beam source ideally in Canada

    There is a 97 Jetta listed at Drummondville Kenny-u-pull. 86,32$ for rear axle beam.
  15. Ralphy

    Pneumatic door locks issue -- they all work perfectly... for about 2 seconds then...

    Quick question: do you hear the compressor before or after the driver's side lock knob goes back up? Just a fraction of a second, but what comes first?
  16. Ralphy

    Air re-circulation is not working '96 Passat

    There is an actuator in the left fender, near the battery.
  17. Ralphy

    97 passat. Need tires, rims?

    You can keep the same 14" spare. If you have a damaged front tire and big front brakes, you have to swap it with the rear wheel and place the spare at the rear position. I would not use a spare wheel on the front position anyway.
  18. Ralphy

    1997 Passat Outside Door Handle Gasket
  19. Ralphy

    Help with sudden oil loss at turbo

    Check your turbo oil feed pipe: they are known to break at their rear extremity, near the turbo, because of failing support brackets.
  20. Ralphy

    VW pourrait racheter les TDi touchées par le scandale

    Vw ne fera pas faillite. Si tu choisis la "réparation", ils vont mettre un tuning qui va rendre la voiture moins puissante et moins économique, pour rencontrer les limites d'émissions. Rien ne t'empêchera de revenir à tes paramètres actuels par la suite.