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    1Z Machined Block and Parts

    I have a 1Z block that according to the paperwork has been bored to 79.985mm to 79.991mm. After the machine work, a cosmoline type of protectant was applied. The crankshaft is installed in the block and I believe it's uncut. I have a cylinder head that appears to be in good condition, a new...
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    Emissions Exemption

    I thought the '97 was OBDII(?)
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    Emissions Exemption

    Finally got a bite on my craiglsit ad for my B4. He wants to know why these cars are smog exempt in CA. Do you guys know why this is?
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    Saying Goodbye to my B4

    I don't have any kind of misconception that I'll ever get back what I put into the car. The $5,000 asking price is just something i puuled out of my ear really. The other factor is the price of diesel now. Here is the Bay Area, it's the most expensive fuel. The new regs for ships needing to...
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    Saying Goodbye to my B4

    I posted my car on Craigslist a week ago. Based on the response I'm getting (0), the market appears to be rather soft for a $5,000 B4 Passat.
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    Saying Goodbye to my B4

    Thanks Steve- I am a bit torn as the car really is in a good relaible place right now. And it just drives so damn well. But I'm trying to pare down the fleet: 1956 F100 family heirloom with a sweet running 4-barrel Y-block that I built about 10 years ago- can't sell, don't want to sell. 2006...
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    Saying Goodbye to my B4

    Thanks- Here's the link.
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    Saying Goodbye to my B4

    The car is listed in the cars for sale section.
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    1997 B4 Passat For Sale in California

    I think this link to the photos will work now.
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    1997 B4 Passat For Sale in California

    Too many projects, too many cars. Something has to give. I'm selling my 1997 Passat. I bought it with plenty of needs. Now, 7 years later, it has virtually no needs at all save for a saggy headliner and the inop AC recirc. the AC blows cold though. I have done all work myself and I know...
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    Saying Goodbye to my B4

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