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  2. Thunderstruck

    2002 Jetta FAILED smog test! Nooooo!

    Money well spent. Congratulations on gittin' her fixed.
  3. Thunderstruck

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    You can actually get pretty decent mileage with GTI if you don't gear head it too much.
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  5. Thunderstruck

    2015 Passat and Regeneration Issue

    You can just park and let it finish. Had to do that several times with my 13 Passat. Always happened at the end of my weekly trip on the expressway to the suburbs. I actually learned to anticipate it after a while, and just sat in the parking lot and waited for it to finish.
  6. Thunderstruck

    2015 Passat and Regeneration Issue

    If you've put 5100 miles on the car in 3 months you must be doing the right kind of driving, highway.
  7. Thunderstruck

    When will we see the 2016 Passat?

    Are there any good compilations of the options available? Looked in upgrade section and didn't see anything. I'm not mechanical when it comes to these things. I want something I can buy, take to a qualified shop, and have them drop in for me. Don't want to be dinking around with a soldering...
  8. Thunderstruck

    When will we see the 2016 Passat?

    Post on Vortex is good. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat if I could get HID's like my GTI has. I shouldn't have to spend that kind of money for a car then buy HID's from EBay. I was actually going to go the dealer last month and lowball them on a Passat they have (still have a month later!)...
  9. Thunderstruck

    EA288 TDI engine review, real life MPG

    That's why I looked at Fuelly. I restricted it to 2015 MY so I was looking at roughly the same time periods, to account for winter driving/fuel and such. Golf numbers and Passat are both around 40-42 for the greatest number of cars reporting that mileage. Unfortunately Fuelly doesn't allow for...
  10. Thunderstruck

    EA288 TDI engine review, real life MPG

    What confuses me is how the Golf doesn't get better FE than my 13 Passat did. That car was a barge compared to the new Golf. It's 300 pounds lighter, yet doesn't seem to be getting any better mileage.
  11. Thunderstruck

    Window Tinting

    I had Pinnacle Formula One ceramic tint put on my car and it's great. It really does reject heat, was out a few weeks ago and the difference between putting my hand in the front window and against the tinted side window was amazing.
  12. Thunderstruck

    May 2015 Mileage Thread

    Driver: Thunderstruck Miles: 817.8 Gallons: 19.592 Model Year: 2015 Model: GTI Tranny: 6M Fuel Type: Premium MPG: 41.75
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    New cruise control "feature" with 6spd maual

    Once you are aware of it is the key. I drive weekends at the edge of Chicago and use CC constantly due to the smaller cities like EGV and Itasca always running radar. When I hit a speed zone I like to push clutch in, and pop car into neutral to glide down to the lowers PSL. Once I've hit it I'll...
  14. Thunderstruck

    New cruise control "feature" with 6spd maual

    It is disconcerting if you are not expecting it. In the past I've used the clutch to turn CC off, both when I'm slowing down for an eventual stop, or when I need to reduce speed in a speed zone and it's safe to glide down to a lower speed (no cops ahead.) I paid money to get to that higher...
  15. Thunderstruck

    2015 golf r

    I know, I'm running 1.5/93 on my GTI. It will spin the tires at 50 in 3rd gear when I nail it hard.
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    2015 golf r

    Don't be in such a hurry, they are working on the 400+ HP iteration of it for next year.
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    2015 Golf TDI prices paid

    Best bet is to go to and do an advanced search (under the buy menu), and specify a wide radius for the search. Much more efficient than going to individual dealers web sites.
  18. Thunderstruck

    Bi Xenon output?

    Best advice is take a VW with regular headlights for a test drive in a dark neighborhood then take one with Xenon lights out. Take it out last since that's the one you'll end up buying. I never knew how bad regular lights were until I got one with Xenon.
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    Plus, if you suffer a catastrophic failure you can remove the tuning box while you're waiting for roadside assistance to tow the car to the dealer, with no concerns about warranty disputes.
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    Why did you [should I] buy a new diesel vs gasser.

    Same reason I sold my Passat. I drive about 120 miles a week, and that's only on weekends. Public transit M-F to work. I have a chipped GTI, and as long as I keep my foot out of it mileage isn't too bad. Great highway cruiser now that the soundaktor noisemaker has been disabled. The new MQB...