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  1. bam_bam_dip

    What Is This???

    When opening this thread My old trusty Jetta hit a milestone!
  2. bam_bam_dip

    Top Post Dawg....????

    A dubious honor DD. Although some would use another word instead of Dawg. BTW, how long has this title been in effect? Congratulations are in order, I guess...:eek:
  3. bam_bam_dip

    Moderator-Q&A-Locking Threads

    I have decided to change my approach. Any chance for answers would be highly doubtful on the path I was taking. I have some questions as to why threads get locked, and I have some questions as to the "moderator" issue. First about thread locking. As some of you may know, I have, did have a...
  4. bam_bam_dip

    Hello!! Good Morning, I'm Awake Now!!

    Normal ritual this morning. Sitting on the back patio with the wife enjoying a cup-o-java, and then this little fella wants to say HI!! Yes, I'm wide awake now.
  5. bam_bam_dip

    Looking for a Vet to do an Inspection, will pay!!

    SoFL Looking for a Vet to do an Inspection, will pay!! I have a friend who has the first right of refusal on this car. He would be willing to pay a nominal fee for someone knowledgeable to go take a peek at this car and give it a good looking over. I will have the money sent via your request...
  6. bam_bam_dip

    Marine Amp Install Problems---HELP!!!

    I'm trying to install some wakeboard speakers and an amp. Infinity 6100m stuff. I have the speakers installed, and have installed the amp, but whenever I go to put the main inline fuse in the socket, POP...!!!???. I have verified that my install of the 12v power wire is good and that the...
  7. bam_bam_dip

    What is the meaning of this sticker?

    I saw this on a chevy truck this morning. It has me stumped, and extremely curious. Anybody have any ideas???
  8. bam_bam_dip

    Feeler: 99.5 Jetta GL TDI $8.5K

    Fairly certain its time to put her on the auction block. I think I've found another deal thats just too good to pass up. Now for the particulars. 115000 on the clock. 5 speed 1st TB done at dealer (b4 I knew better). 2nd TB will be done within weeks by aNUT, runonbeer's protege. It will be...
  9. bam_bam_dip

    FS: 02 Yamaha Zuma 49cc Moped

    Its going on the market in the next couple of days. I just thought I'd see if any of ya'll wanted something that gets better fuel mileage than your tdi (although, it won't get you there as fast). 2002 Yamaha Zuma Moped 49cc Engine Silver Clear Title 70+ MPG (with my 220 lb. butt on it) She'll...
  10. bam_bam_dip

    FS: 99.5 ALH Engine Cover-Donated to RallyVW

    I've got an ALH engine cover. I've seen them go for $45+ shipping. I'll sell mine for $40, and I'll pay to ship it to you. If interested, you will paypal TDIRacing the money, when payment is received, I will ship the cover to you on my dime. The cover does not have the insulation of the back...
  11. bam_bam_dip

    05 TDI - Craigslist

    You contact the seller and I'll go look at it for you. No, I don't know who it is.
  12. bam_bam_dip

    Send RallyVW to Pikes Peak-Sell Items HERE

    Please post items for sale individually within their own threads. You are welcome to double post it for sale within this thread, but please handle the sale through your own thread. I've got an ALH engine cover. I've seen them go for $40+ shipping. I'll sell mine for $40, and I'll pay to ship...
  13. bam_bam_dip

    Overboost - 16618

    I had a guy lookand me up on the vag-com list. He stopped by friday. Car is a 02 Jetta auto, 55k. gave it the once over, scanned it, no codes. We went for a test drive logged this: Intake is not spotless, but very clean. He runs his own bio-d. I'm up for opinions, and so is he. This is...
  14. bam_bam_dip

    FS: GB Laptops I would be interested in 1, just not 5. I might even be willing to instigate thing GB, if I could get enough interested parties. I buy 'em all and ship them out to you (lower 48 only) for say $200.00 each......... Any interest??
  15. bam_bam_dip

    Feeler: Parting out '98 NB

    First off, sorry WD that this thing came about too late for you, but it has been quite interesting to live all those stories with you. The story: As some of you know, I drive a wrecker part time. Last Sunday (Feb 28), I was returning from Waco and heard about an accident on the scanner less...
  16. bam_bam_dip

    Any Ideas on this thing???
  17. bam_bam_dip

    99.5 A4 Shifter Linkage (1J0711256)

    What fun I had this morning!!! I just wanted to throw this thread out there for the next poor sucka that is stuck with out R, 1, 3, 5 gears. I believe dieselgeek no longer carries the shift kit for the older style (pre 2000). Part was acquired at the stealership for $25 and some change. R&R...
  18. bam_bam_dip

    Ford To Offer Diesel in F150

    Not exactly new news. Expect to find a diesel engine under the hood of F-150s like this in the near future. Raising the Bar Ford to introduce F-150 with diesel...
  19. bam_bam_dip

    WTB Dang Cupholder That Works

    I have a 1999.5 Jetta, just looking for a replacement. Mine has now become a fishing weight.