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  1. spooality

    P2015 code

    Just had mine fixed by the dealer under warranty about a month ago. I didn’t have to pay a cent. Shouldn’t have to pay anything to have them look at it if it’s under warranty.
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    Anybody have experience with the Michelin CrossClimate2? I've heard good things.
  3. spooality

    What IS the Mk6 Jetta Sportwagen?

    Is it a Mk6 Jetta with a Golf front? Mk5 Jetta Sportwagen with a Mk6 Golf front? Stretched out Mk6 Golf? Something completely different? If I was roaming around a junkyard, what would it have the most parts in common with?
  4. spooality

    How does this connecter for a backup camera connect to the RCD330?

    I recently upgraded my head unit in my 2012 Sportwagen to the RCD330, NONAME 187F model. It's been great. Now I've purchased this backup camera unit off of eBay. I've watched a bunch of videos on YouTube and read through plenty of forums to get prepared for the installation, but nothing I've...
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    CAN +/- connector for backup camera.
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    Pictures for posts.
  7. spooality

    How to route cables for backup camera

    I just purchased this rear view camera off eBay: I recently installed an RCD330 187f and every time I put the car in...
  8. spooality

    How to prepare for dealership with TDI

    Here's my current plan for the car. I'd love to know if there are any other suggestions. Keep all emissions equipment stock until the warranty is up, which I've estimated will be late 2022 based on my average daily miles. Once the DPF fails after that, do a delete instead of getting it...
  9. spooality

    FS: RCD510 Head Unit with Code, Bluetooth Module - St. Louis, MO

    I recently upgraded my head unit (RCD330) and have no need for these items: RCD510 head unit with code - $75 + shipping - SOLD Bluetooth module (was under the passenger seat) - $75 + shipping Here are some picture of the items... They were both pulled from a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen...
  10. spooality

    How to prepare for dealership with TDI

    Heard back from the dealer. Apparently they communicate entirely through text message, which is kinda nice because I’m not always available to answer the phone. Anyway, the text said “your Jetta is going to need the diesel dpf & egr filter pipes, parts should be here tomorrow..” All covered...
  11. spooality

    How to prepare for dealership with TDI

    Just got back from O'Reilly Auto Parts store where they did a scan. It showed a P0401 and three P2002. Looks like it's all emissions related, so it should be covered under warranty, right?
  12. spooality

    How to prepare for dealership with TDI

    Good advice. I hadn’t thought about taking it to the parts store just down the road from me to get a scan done. I was even there a few days ago and saw a sign that said they did free scans. I’ll do that first and report back here!
  13. spooality

    How to prepare for dealership with TDI

    I was driving home from visiting my family last night, about a 120 mile trip, and my check engine light came on with about 70 miles left. Everything seems fine. No weird noises, shakes, or anything like that, but I'm bringing it to the nearest dealer tomorrow since it could be an issue that is...
  14. spooality

    Turn of brake light after changing brakes

    I just changed my front brake pads and rotors for the first time ever in any car. I'm trying to learn how to do some of the work on my car myself. Everything went well, except one thing: I didn't realize that the pads for the driver side have a wear sensor and the pads for the passenger side...
  15. spooality

    How can I get my radio code?

    I purchased a new radio to install in my car and would like to sell the old one (RCD-510) on eBay or Craigslist or something. Where can I find the code for the radio so that somebody else can install the radio in their car?
  16. spooality

    What tool do I need to compress the rear brake caliper?

    I'll be replacing the rotors and pads on my 2012 Sportwagen soon, just getting all of the parts orders. I'm think I'm going with Power Stop's Euro-Stop kit, unless somebody tells me that there's a much better option out there for the same price. I know that I just need a normal brake caliper...
  17. spooality

    cost for RCD-510 firmware update?

    2031136/2 <-- that "/2" on the end is important. There's an older one with a "/1". Here's the TSB I found:
  18. spooality

    Clutch pedal on the floor - how do I know if it's the clutch master cylinder?

    MikeH31324, you were right. I ended up having it towed to a transmission shop because I'm not confident I'd have the skills to pull out a transmission, and they said it was the slave cylinder. They said that the clutch may need replaced too, so the total quote was $1700. Ouch. Wont be able to...