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  1. schultzy

    Annapolis - Badged, Blue, Beetle

    Keep running into this indigo NB with a TDI badge. Badge placement is above the VW emblem. Looks nice actually. Passed it at Hilltop and Spa, honked and he honked back. Saw it again Saturday parked near Caffe Pronto. Had to pick up a bag of Sulwesi Torojo(sp?).
  2. schultzy

    Diesel Hybrids on the Fast Track

    Wired article Diesel Hybrids on the Fast Track By John Gartner 02:00 AM Mar. 21, 2005 PT Hybrid gas-electric vehicles are the current champions of fuel economy, but they may soon get lapped. Auto manufacturers are making tracks to produce diesel hybrids that will go even further on a...
  3. schultzy

    My Annapolis twin! Silver Golf on Forest Dr.

    Saw a Silver Golf on Forest Dr. in Annapolis, heading towards Hillsmere today. Had the TDI Club frame and a GTI bunny emblem on the back. And he was definitely driving for mileage.... slow. After I made my stop, I headed towards home(Eastport) and spotted a Silver 337. Never seen one before.
  4. schultzy

    Rear seat latch busted MkIV Golf

    The latch to release the rear seat to fold down isn't working. It's been kinda stiff since I got the vehicle and it always took some effort to get the seat to unlatch to fold down. Now, it pulls way to easy and won't release the seat. Pretty sure I busted it. Does anyone have information on how...
  5. schultzy

    PD-TDI longevity vs. previous TDIs?

    I bought my new TDI with the intention of driving it for a very long time, 200K to 300K+ miles. Any thoughts as to the longevity of the PD engines compared to earlier TDI engines? With all the talk about the importance of the 505.01 spec oil to protect the camshaft from excessive wear, I'm...
  6. schultzy

    Impex mini GTG 10/2

    I'm thinking about stopping by Impex on Saturday and picking up a couple of things. Anyone else interested in meeting up?
  7. schultzy

    Turn on heated seats even when it's warm out?

    Turn on heated seats even when it\'s warm out? I was talking with a co-worker about the weather, and mentioned that i couldn't wait for it to get cold enough to test out my heated seats. He said that he uses his all the time when his back is bothering him. I don't know why this never occurred...
  8. schultzy

    Fuel filter change/water separator question....

    I'm planning to do the 10K service on my '04 Golf TDI, and I'm concerned about checking the fuel filter for water. Actually, I'm concerned that I won't be able to start the engine afterwards because of air in the fuel filter. Questions: Do I have to use a mityvac to re-prime the fuel filter...
  9. schultzy

    Check Temp II, has anyone installed this?

    I recently ordered this from, and I was wondering if anyone here had installed one. I did find a pretty good "how to" on VWVortex. Anyone else have any tips or suggestions on sensor placement or locating hot and ground wires behind the dash? TIA
  10. schultzy

    MR2 meets TDI

    Was browsing around VW Vortex and found this thread w/video. Man oh man would I be upset if it were my car!!! note: a bit of foul language in the audio of the video And I apologize in advance if this is a repost....
  11. schultzy

    Cheap Monster Mats??

    Anyone with an inexpensive source for Monster Mats. I've checked eBay and a few of the accessories sites, but can't seem to find them much cheaper than the dealership. No rush, since the weather is still nice, but I want to get a set before winter time. TIA,
  12. schultzy Biodiesel article

    FYI- Biodiesel Boom Well-Timed By John Gartner | Also by this reporter Page 1 of 1 02:00 AM Jun. 01, 2004 PT Biodiesel fueling stations are sprouting like weeds across America, where production of the alternative fuel rose 66 percent in 2003. Experts say the rapid growth of the...
  13. schultzy

    Reflex Silver!? I'm not feelin' it, dawg....

    Reflex Silver!? I\'m not feelin\' it, dawg.... Just put a deposit down on a 2004 Golf TDI GLS in Reflex Silver/Grey Velour w/Cold weather package. I originally wanted it in Indigo Blue, but the dealer couldn't find a car in that color with the options I wanted. Either post some pics or some...