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  1. Leo819

    WTB: MK7 Driver Side Halogen Headlight SEPA

    I'm located in the Philly suburbs. I looking for pre facelift. I'm willing to buy a set, if priced right. LMK what you have. Thank you
  2. Leo819

    2010 JSW clock spring

    I need to order a clock spring for wife's car. anybody have part number?. thank you
  3. Leo819

    5 Gallon yellow Diesel Jugs - PA

    $5 each.... I would like to sell together for $25. I'm located in SouthEast PA/Philly burbs.
  4. Leo819

    GTI mk6 cat back exhaust. Philly Area.

    I know there are a few Golf tdi's looking to convert their rear to GTI. I can offer my exhaust for $300 . I prefer pick up or meet. I am in the Philly area. Exhaust still on car. I have 1500 miles on it.
  5. Leo819

    Nov 6th Philly Burbs GTG in Malvern, PA

    Saturday Nov 6th @ ~1230pm. 240 Lancaster Ave Malvern, PA 19355 This would be a social GTG. Vag-com mods type stuff, nothing major. Please post up if you are interested in attending.
  6. Leo819

    WTB: biolines or steelies 16" 5x112

    Need them for a winter set up for. thank you. I am in Philly, PA so anywhere Northeast and DE/MD/VA
  7. Leo819

    PA 2003 Wagon 148k miles

    The Car is tentatively sold to Growler..... I will not be showing the car unless for some cosmic reason the sale falls through.
  8. Leo819

    anybody with ecu woes on 2009/10 gasser/tdis?

    my 2010 2.0 tsi ECU fried today. anyone have this experience with 2009/10 models?
  9. Leo819

    need to install a new exhaust downpipe stud

    I lost a stud today.... my thinking is that when I installed my new downpipe I loosened the stud from the flange. I found the part number, though how do I install it, so this doesn't happen again.
  10. Leo819

    Anybody still use BioD in Philly area?

    I haven't ran BioD for a while. I would like to run it again in the warmer months ahead. Anyone got a source for b99/b100?
  11. Leo819

    ok to use a 7/8 o2 sensor wrench?

    I am curious if it would alright to use a 7/8 instead of a 22mm? I know the 7/8 is like 22.22mm
  12. Leo819

    Eibach MK4 wagon Spirings lowers 1.3"

    Have a good set of Eibach lowering springs for Jetta Wagon Mk4. $125.00 OBO plus shipping. I will be at H2O this weekend FYI. I have a pic of them at home. I will post up later today. They are boxed up ready to go.
  13. Leo819

    MK4 Items for Sale incl. Wagon tails

    Remaining Items no longer for sale. The wifey wants to drive the TDI and sell her Gasser Passat instead. Go figure!
  14. Leo819

    Any members from Bamberg area, or stationed there?

    Making a trip Late November/early December.. I will be staying partially near Bamberg, and then heading up north to Hamburg. I hope to pick up things for my Auto. Just would like to know where to look for parts :)
  15. Leo819

    converting to 02 jetta wagon bumper, what's needed?

    I would like to convert to the smaller 02 bumper. Do I just need the bumper cover ? rebar etc....? Thanks In Advance
  16. Leo819

    PART # for front brake guide pins.

    I would like to replace a cross threaded guide pin for the stock A4 front brakes. I need the part number for it. TIA
  17. Leo819

    Go Green Expo -Philly Convention Center March 15th,2009

    I am tentatively planning on going down. anybody want to meet up and head down?
  18. Leo819

    troubleshooting a TDIHeater on VE A4?

    Of course, coldest days this winter and my heater stops working. Is there anyway to trouble shoot these heaters? Only thing I did was clean the prongs, and that didn't help. My power source has traditionly handled the load nicely so I know It's not that. Is there a fuse or where do I start? Am...
  19. Leo819

    2002 passat v6 gasser 4motion motor mounts

    driving my wife's passat seems to be sloppy.When slowing down, the engine seems to lurch forward. I am guessing the mount mounts are going. What would be a good replacement?
  20. Leo819

    OKTOBERFEST PA GTG Oct. 11, 2008

    UPDATE 10/02/08 After last years successful Fall GTG near Valley Forge, Pa, we are hosting the GTG again this year. 2ND ANNUAL SEPA OKTOBERFEST OCT. 11 2008 LOCATION: RENA SYSTEMS, INC 136 GREEN TREE RD SUITE 140 OAKS, PA 19456 *Last End Unit one story office building (If you are using...