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  1. amit9 - Cyber Monday Sale Extended with additional 25% off - Free Shipping with no minimum, Free local pickup

    I ordered some items for my ALH yesterday with no shipping charges. It's extended to today. Use Promo Code CYBER2022 when ordering to get the additional 25% off. Their prices are in line with any Canadian competitors.
  2. amit9

    MK4 Rear Caliper - Sticky Return Lever

    Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! Not a good start for me - the passenger side rear caliper's return lever is sticking and not returning fully to the stop. The caliper is just over 2 years old, TRW brand, installed new. I have added return springs on both rear calipers and they've worked well. This...
  3. amit9

    Auto parts cleaning services in the GTA

    Anyone know of any shops in the GTA that will clean out the EGR valve body and intake manifold? I have the dirty ones off my car as spares. I've cleaned an intake myself recently and it's very messy, so just want to see if there are any shops that can do it. Let me know. Thanks.
  4. amit9

    Post Intake Manifold and EGR replacement question

    I've recently swapped out the EGR and intake manifold in my 2003 ALH. Details are here: Follow up question on this - Any suggestions/tips on keeping the deposits in the EGR and Intake to minimum accumulation...
  5. amit9

    Coolant Heater Replacement Hose - ALH

    The hose from the oil cooler to the top of the zerostart coolant heater has worn off after rubbing against the edge of the battery tray, even though I had that part of the hose wrapped in pipe insulation. That section has developed a coolant leak. I have called Can Tire/Partsource and they don't...
  6. amit9

    Trunk bracket plastic piece broken

    The plastic piece that the actuator pushes to open the trunk latch has broken off, common issue. I can open the trunk manually with my key still. From the forum search, I know the options are to replace the entire metal bracket or buy the upgraded plastic piece from
  7. amit9

    MK4 ABS rear tone ring replacement question

    The abs tone ring on my rear right wheel hub is warped and one section is raised. It's rubbing on the bottom of the abs sensor and has caused it to fail (abs light on). Is it better to replace the entire hub that has a new tone ring and nut, or is it ok to replace just the tone ring (save a few...
  8. amit9

    EGR Cleaning Questions for ALH

    The EGR in my 03 ALH has significant build up, so I am planning to remove and clean it soon. Just want to confirm that these the parts that I need when I re-install it: 1 x EGR to Manifold O-ring (ALH) (Part N90521604) - O-Ring seal for the EGR to intake manifold connection. 1 x EGR System...
  9. amit9

    Average life of injector tips

    I'm running the VEG SMOG .205 tips for about 180K kms/10 years now. Is there any recommended interval (kms/years) after which the injector tips should be checked/replaced? Thanks.
  10. amit9

    Battery load tester

    Hi: Does anyone have a battery load tester that I can borrow? Preferably in Markham/East End of Toronto/Durham region. Let me know. Thanks.
  11. amit9

    Low actual air mass readings

    I recently replaced the MAF with a new Bosch MAF. The power is restored. But the actual air mass readings at engine rpm > 3000 are still low. I have tested with VCDS-Lite. In measuring group 003, at engine rpm > 3000, the actual air mass is staying in the 700-750 range and barely touches 800...
  12. amit9

    Is my air box ok?

    Hi: I was just checking my air box while cleaning my snow screen. This is what it looks like from the hinged side: I'm somewhat concerned about the filter edge being visible, i.e. the box not being fully closed. The filter is with a felt pre-filter. I have tried to push the top portion of...
  13. amit9

    Coolant temp nowadays...

    Nowadays, I'm seeing coolant temps on my Scangauge anywhere between 83C to 86C when driving on the highway at 100-105 kmph. The thermostat was last replaced in Spring 2013 with a dealer part rated at 87C. After the replacement, I had seen temps in the 90-91C range when driving on the highway...
  14. amit9

    MAF connector issue

    Hi: I had to swap my MAF today, as I shipped back a bad MAF to the US. While I had the connector unplugged, I sprayed some "Super Contact Cleaner" by "MG Chemicals". I let it sit for some time to allow it to dry. It looks like that the orange coloured gasket at the back of the connector has...
  15. amit9

    My $3 harness repair

    The outside temp were good today so I decided to work on my car. The boots in the glow plug harness were falling apart. The bullet connector in one boot had widened up and would not make good contact with the glow plug tip. That was giving me a P0672/P0674 code every 2-3 days. :mad: So I came...
  16. amit9

    Seasons Greetings Everyone

    Wishing Everyone and their families the Best of the Season and a Happy New Year 2019. I would like to thank everyone for their continued guidance and support, much appreciated!
  17. amit9

    Rear brakes - newbie questions

    Hi: I want to service my passenger's side rear brakes - take the slider pins out, clean, re-lube, and put everything back together. Background - Past few days, when I'm braking at slow speeds, sometimes I'm hearing a grinding/scraping noise coming from the passenger rear side. A quick...
  18. amit9

    MAF testing questions

    Hi: Lately my fuel economy numbers have not been good at all, so I was trying to look at some of the basic items. I did some searches on the forums on how to test the MAF sensor. This is what I have done so far. Test #1 - Unplugged the MAF and drove it, car was a bit more responsive...
  19. amit9

    Thoughts from A4/A5 owners

    Hello fellow tdiclub members, Just wanted to get some thoughts from members who are A4/A5 model owners. I think many of the A4/A5 owners like me may be thinking, if they still want to buy a diesel vehicle as their next one - which vehicle to buy after their current one? Are you thinking of...
  20. amit9

    ALH reverse light switch replacement question

    Hello: I need to replace the reverse light switch on my ALH. Can it be accessed/removed by removing the air box, or do I have to remove the battery/tray as well? Thanks.