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  1. where2

    2005 TDI MK4 Golf - Clutch replacement recommendations

    LUK-17-050 has been fine on the last two TDI's that we used them on (04 Jetta Wagon, and 06 Jetta Sedan). Both were stock tunes, and daily driven.
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    Tangentially related to EVs - Residential solar systems

    In 8 years, I've had one microinverter die, out of 20... (My system, installed in 2013, was a DIY procurement, permit and install, all to NEC 2011. I'm my own service technician for the system, so I know what has been done to keep it functional.) The sun just keeps coming up and beating down on...
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    Trailer Wiring – DIY – without tapping wires! (55 pic’s)

    Whatcha need Kirmet? I'll help in any way I can. :) I just built a Plug-N-Play setup for my wife's 2013 JSW this evening using parts, plugs, sockets, and tools I have been acquiring for a year now... I haven't tested it out yet, because it's raining, and I still have to flip a coin on whether...
  4. where2 rear shock perch help 92 cabriolet not available

    Try Parts Place Inc, Pelican Parts, AutohauzAZ, or contact the guy in Texas on eBay with a listing offering parts off an '86 Cabriolet shown in a junkyard. With as many Mk1 chassis models as VW made, I find it difficult to believe that there are no rear upper spring perches anywhere anymore...
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    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    ON-Grid was cheap during the last "great recession". My wife's from "The County". :) I appreciate the fact that your current governor reversed the previous governor's scrapping of Net Metering. We've got a 4.6kW array destined for our property in Emera territory. When my wife inquired what Emera...
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    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    Since I believe I understand what the previous poster was attempting to explain, let me toss in my $0.02. Consider the 20 PV panel 4.4kW array on my second floor roof (DIY installed in 2013). It shades nearly all my second floor, south facing roof facet, like having a tree there would. That...
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    Show what you tow!

    Nice setup Jim! I really notice the extra HP my wife's '13 JSW has over her former 2006 TDI sedan or my 2004 Jetta Wagon. I need to swap cars with my wife some weekend and get her old hitch under her JSW before I really need to use it for something. (Summer is coming) I keep wishing there was...
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    Making a trailer.

    Hadn't seen that Ultra-Tow aluminum setup before. I might have to get one of those to drag behind my e-Golf. Note: Northern also has 4x8 and 5x8 aluminum trailers. My other utility trailer (a galvanized Continental 5x8, with disc brakes, load rated for 2800lbs), really seems a bit excessive for...
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    Any old-timers left? (I joined in 1999.)

    I guess I technically belong to this "old timer" club, despite the fact that I don't feel like it should be that way... It has been more than 20 years I've been kicking around this website, despite not buying a TDI until 2006. (I like to do my homework) Still have my 2004 Jetta Wagon TDI...
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    New from Tampa area

    We all have to start our TDI adventure somewhere... Our first was a (Fifth generation) 2006 Jetta TDI, purchased back in 2006. Our pseudo-second (also in 2006) was a nearly identical new 2006 Jetta TDI I was "loaned" for 120k miles as my personal company car (my sister now owns this one). Our...
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    Tesla Range Extender

    Yep, that's why I have had 20 of those 65"x40" panels on my roof since 2013. The sun comes up, they work, same thing tomorrow. I have another 20 in my garage on a pallet (behind the VW Corrado) to go in my backyard (my 2-story house is out of roof space for additional solar panels). Based on the...
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    Water intrusion @ rear door?

    FWIW: I can tell you that in April 2006 when we were looking for a Jetta TDI sedan for my wife, there were multiple brand new TDI's on the VW lot dumping water on the ground when you opened the door. It's not an issue that develops over time. The door has multiple seals to lessen road noise...
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    Tesla Range Extender

    I was down to only refueling my 2004 Jetta Wagon TDI once a month (vented), but for my daily driver having a solar array on the house and an e-Golf in the driveway is the cat's pajamas. ;) For long road trips, we still have the wife's JSW_TDi + a 5x8 utility trailer with disc brakes.
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    Cool truck kit

    Walked out of my local Lowes one afternoon a few years ago to find a blue Smyth conversion parked in the contractor loading area. If others execute the conversion as well as the one I saw, it's a very nice setup. :) I need one of these to tow behind my RV...
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    Why are wagons much more fun than sedans?

    I love my wagon because things just fit!! I've tried loading large items I obtained inexpensively at the big box store into my e-Golf (like the Craftsman workbench for $50 or the new Samsung Dryer for $400)... Both would have easily fit in the MkIV wagon!! As it was, I drove the workbench home...
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    Why are wagons much more fun than sedans?

    For the first 15 years of marriage, my wife would NOT drive a wagon. She was totally fine with a 4Runner that got 17mpg. When that was totaled, I managed to get her into a MkV TDI sedan. One summer, I stole her MkV TDI sedan and took it to Maine for the summer, leaving her with my MkIV TDI...
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    Tesla Range Extender

    An e-Golf will NOT let you move while a charger is connected to the power inlet port. I just want a battery pack on a trailer inside a Thule box that I can utilize like a rolling DC Fast Charger... Sure, dragging it along will decrease some range, but having more capacity and the ability to...
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    Inspection Now!

    That seems odd, on my TDI's I generally add about 4.5qts of oil every 10k, after I use my extractor to remove 4.5qts of sooty black oil... :rolleyes: My 2019 e-Golf has been counting down the days backwards starting from 30 with the message "Inspect in ## Days". I'm pretty sure the dealer is...
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    heated seat install in bug without heated seats question

    Half a dozen years ago, I extracted the entire uncut heated seat harness out of a MkIV Jetta. Having done this before to get the heated seat harness from an early '90s Passat to put in my '90 Corrado, I went into this project thinking "no big deal". :rolleyes: WOW!! If I some day have the...
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    Let’s see those jsw with 18s

    18's are overkill. 17's will do at stock ride height... (IMHO) This is especially true if you live where there are frost heaves. (I don't live where it freezes, but I've run these wheels to Maine in the summer and now run our 16" wheels if I have the option). I love the feel of the 17's for...