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    How much does S vs SE vs SEL matter?

    Equipment List What's the most reliable place to decode the VIN and get the equipment list?
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    3.0 Q7 Wrecked/ Possibly Totaled

    Fixed, I meant this one: Restitution Payment on Totaled Car - I have an ongoing case and got that thread by searching "totaled".
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    Restitution Payment on Totaled Car

    VW Chat again, this time more: So, what would VW use as the vehicle value? The buyback "return amount" or the insurance total loss settlement? Their buyback valuation was $14.2K (plus restitution, $20K total). The insurance total loss is $15.1K. Hopefully the higher because that's an actual...
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    3.0 Q7 Wrecked/ Possibly Totaled

    You should use this thread instead of a new one. EDIT: I meant this one Restitution Payment on Totaled Car - but the above is helpful as well
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    Restitution Payment on Totaled Car

    ^^^ that was the option give to us by VW Chat. Insurance adjuster assessed the total loss at $15K. VW Buyback is/was $20K. Now, does anyone know how much owner restitution is, and will Bosch check follow? VW chat won't give numbers. If it was the same as modfication $5K, then I'll be even...
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    Restitution Payment on Totaled Car

    Woke up this morning to find my 2 cars hit. A driver going the opposite direction hit my parked JSW TDI, which rolled 7ft back and hit my other car behind it. The TDI looks totaled but waiting for the adjuster to come out. On the settlement, I'm on "Step 4: completion, appointment scheduled...
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    I'm not defending VW, but these TDIs are still clean diesel, period. I'm a proud, informed owner and I will stick to my TDIs (and will avoid the recall as much as I can), BUT -- in this day and age where many come to a quick conclusion from just reading the headlines -- VW gave diesel a very...
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    Airbag Malfunction Recall - 2010+ VW

    VW Driver Side Airbag Loss of Connection Recall Still too early to find out if a specific vehicle is affected by the recall, but I'll be regularly checking mail as well VW's recall page or VIN search. From NHTSA Campaign Number 15V-483: Makes/Models/Model Years...
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    Good tires for a mk4

    General Altimax RT43 - is a good source. (General is a sub of Conti)
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    Got the letter this morning. Click for larger image: Not in a hurry to get this done. Still haven't received the rear axle recall (NHTSA RECALL NUMBER 14V656).
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    Fuse panel service bulletin

    Is 1K0-937-125-D supposed to be the improved version? I'm having outside light issues on MY2011 had replaced the BCM, and it still shows up intermittently. While having a discounted oil change, was told by the dealer that the fuse panel was the problem and they wanted $400 to replace. I just...
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    Intermittent outside lights issues ???

    I would pity NSA for wasting bytes on my car :). Still having the issue intermittently. It's currently working fine now (though electric seat recline and pano roof aren't working). I replaced the CECM (Body Control Module) with a used one and did the VCDS procedure. At first, it fixed the...
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    WTB MK6 CECM (lowline or highline)

    Having issues described here with my 2011 JSW and it's looking to be the CECM. Anyone got a working module? PM me part number. My current one is 5K0 937 084 E. Anything compatible is ok.
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    Is my J519 bad?

    Having this issue as well ( Anyone with a link to the TSB handy? Different car, but tiguan owners have been reporting melting fuse panel issue too. VW service campaign news. Found it: SERVICE ACTION 97AM...
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    Intermittent outside lights issues ???

    That could be it. Found a related thread: Thread came up on searching for J519 mentioned here I already checked fuses in the engine bay and all looked...
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    Intermittent outside lights issues ???

    Typical Washington DC area weather (VA to be exact). It stormed hard last week giving us a cool weekend but it's been hot and humid this week. I checked the main ground near the battery which was fine. I treated it with Deoxit back in 2012 when it was newish. What does "open to plus" mean...
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    Intermittent outside lights issues ???

    So yesterday the problem started on my 2011 JSW. The amber "light bulb icon" on the dash turned on, and a slew of messages such as "Check your left brake light, " Check your rear license plate light," etc. scrolled through. All lights are stock and still original bulbs. I did a visual check...
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    Alternator Re & Re 'How To'

    Good find on germanautoparts. Here's an excellent video on ALH serpentine belt replacement, courtesy of ExoVCDS. It will give you a pretty clear idea on how to get started from the bottom:
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    Alternator Re & Re 'How To'

    Wow, 14.1 volt never looked so good on the multimeter! Excellent howto and plenty of great tips on this thread! Been limping around for short trips for a few months, no wiper, no heat, no stereo, no driving at night and charging the battery when the car comes home. Finally had the time to R&R...