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  1. cumminsfromthecold

    1984 Toyota Truck, Willow Creek, CA, $6000

    1984 Toyota pickup, extra-cab, four wheel drive. Blue/blue. 1997 VW (1Z) TDI 1.9 turbo Diesel. Conversion completed 8 years ago by me. 265,000 miles on truck, ~203,000 miles on engine. ~35,000 miles on the swap. Stock 5-speed Toyota manual (original G52 transmission), manual Warn locking...
  2. cumminsfromthecold

    WTT: MK4 R32 front seats for GTI front seats: NorCal

    Considering trading my R32 front seats for nice MK4 GTI front seats. My wife is disabled, and this is the way to keep the car and make it more comfortable for her. I love these heated Koenig seats (cloth/leather), but they aren't great for longer trips. Sacramento and Reno areas are my...
  3. cumminsfromthecold

    B4, Error Code 65535 & Flashing Temp Light

    I am getting this 65535 error code intermittently. "Internal Control Module Memory Error" I wonder if it is related to the occasional flashing red temperature light on the dash. I have just replaced the thermostat and oring, the coolant temperature sensor and oring, coolant T and oring, and of...
  4. cumminsfromthecold

    FS: 1997 VW Passat TDI, 207k, $4500, Lake Tahoe

    (From my CL ad) 1997 Passat TDI sedan (B4) 1.9l turbo Diesel 5-speed manual transmission Clean title in hand. 207,000 miles. Storm gray (LK7Y) Runs and drives very smoothly. 48 mpg city, 54 mpg highway. Smog...
  5. cumminsfromthecold

    WTB : '97 Passat vacuum brake check valve

    Looking for a good 1997 Passat vacuum brake check valve. Thanks!
  6. cumminsfromthecold

    WTB - '97 Passat B4 original stereo head unit

    Working - cassette or CD, whatever will fit and work in a stock B4. Not interested in just an AM/FM unit.
  7. cumminsfromthecold

    WTB 1997 1Z TDI wiring harness, loom

    Looking for a 1997 1Z TDI wiring harness/loom, in good condition. Also need a new glow plug harness to go with it.
  8. cumminsfromthecold

    1999.5 Jetta TDI sedan, 5 spd, black/black, 276k miles, Truckee, CA, $1500.
  9. cumminsfromthecold

    '99.5 Jetta Sedan, 5 spd, 275k, $2500, Truckee CA

    '99.5 Jetta Sedan, 5 spd, 275k, $2000, Truckee CA 1999.5 VW Jetta TDI Black Manual Transmission 275k miles $2000 OBO All receipts. Well maintained CA car, 2nd owner. Inj. pump rebuilt by DFIS in Portland with Viton internals at 186k miles. Timing belt and all other maintenance done at...
  10. cumminsfromthecold

    Feeler: '03 Jetta Wagon, 5 spd, Reflex Silver, Truckee, CA

    FS: '03 Jetta Wagon, 5 spd, Reflex Silver, Truckee, CA, $9800 173k miles. I just installed a new rear crank seal, Sachs OEM clutch with DM flywheel, tie rod ends, lower ball joints, and fresh GL4 synthetic tranny fluid. Wheels and tires balanced and mounted. New Viton injection return lines...
  11. cumminsfromthecold

    2004 R32, TDI Swap Candidate? "Runs great. New clutch and rebuilt transmission 3.2 L 6 cylinder engine, 6 speed standard transmission Moon roof, heated leather seats Needs minor paint...
  12. cumminsfromthecold

    Two 5x100 silver 18" O.Z. Racing Ultraleggeras with Tires

    Silver, one mildly damaged and repairable (Edgar in Fremont, West Coast Wheel Repair). Good tires. For more, see:
  13. cumminsfromthecold

    '04 Jetta (BEW) Wagon, 168k miles, needs turbo, cam, & CC - $2500

    SOLD - Jetta (BEW) Wagon, 168k miles, needs turbo, cam, & CC - $2500 Sold.
  14. cumminsfromthecold

    '05 Jetta Wagon, project car

    ... looks like it may need a new head, otherwise ok. NOT MY CAR. In Rochester, New York.
  15. cumminsfromthecold

    '99.5 Jetta, solving low power problem

    This post is about my attempts to solve the low power problem over the last 4 months. It's posted here in order to help others who love their TDIs, who love running biodiesel, and who love solving problems when mechanics can't. You can do it! Observe everything. Watch for patterns. Context...
  16. cumminsfromthecold

    V10 Touareg, Reno, Salvage Title
  17. cumminsfromthecold

    V10 TDI ... the conversion possibilities Wrecked, driveable (?) V10 Touareg for sale... It might go nicely in an A6 wagon.
  18. cumminsfromthecold

    V10 for sale Not associated with the buyer in any way, just a good motor needing a home...
  19. cumminsfromthecold

    2009 Jetta Sportwagon TDI, P0087, Fuel rail/system pressure too low

    2009 Jetta Sportwagon TDI is reading P0087 after 30,000 miles on straight biodiesel. What's going on? I've got my ideas, but I'm no expert on cars this new.