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  1. hip001

    Intermittent loss of brake pedal

    Thank you tactdi! ill bleed the lines and replace the brake fluid. Which has not been done other than slight bleed when new pads installed. Car has 320k miles. Ill look for leaks both vacuum and fluid.
  2. hip001

    Intermittent loss of brake pedal

    My wifes 06 jetta dsg has times when the brake pedal goes to the floor. Took my mom to get some dinner and it worked normal then was waiting at a light, when the light changed, i pulled up to wait my turn and the pedal went to the floor. WTH i almost rolled into the truck in front of me. Brake...
  3. hip001

    Removal of back seat? Slooooooow starts. No power

    Want to troubleshoot my 06 jetta TDI lft pump. How do i remove the bottom of the back seat to get access to it? Also when the lift pump goes out or the screen is clogged, does that make it run real slow ( limp mode maybe?) It takes prob 10 seconds to crank then CEL and flashing oil light. Idles...
  4. hip001

    2006 Jetta TDI tranny has a delay any ideas?

    No ideas? Anyone?
  5. hip001

    2006 Jetta TDI tranny has a delay any ideas?

    Our 06 Jetta tdi 290kmiles with the DSG tranny has a vibration in the seat(not the steering wheel) when accelerating but smooth like normal once you reach desired speed and there is a delay when shifting into drive or reverse from park. And when put into park and let off the brake the car will...
  6. hip001

    Tire buying time, I know this is a beat like a dead horse topic.

    We love out Michelins! 2nd set on the Jetta and pretty good prices at SAMs. Long lasting, quiet, even wearing, great water grip(Florida proven). Now we live in North Georgia we may get some ice/snow to test them in this season.(I'll let you know when it happens) I'm 100% sold on the Michelin LT...
  7. hip001

    Glow plug harness is toast!

    Thanks guys! I broke down and replaced mine. It was easy. FYI : the older 4 wire glow plug harness is not the same as the brm. Brm glow plugs are equally spaced and the older versions were not.
  8. hip001

    Sudden milage jump to 50 + mpg?

    I went from 48mpg avg to 58mpg hypermiling in my 01 Beetle 5spd. Pulse & glide, coasting down hills, windows up, AC off, never over 2k rpm. It was awesome to know the car will do it, but it was painful to drive it that way! I'm happy with 48! With that said, our 06 Jetta tdi dsg is not as easy...
  9. hip001

    Beetle TDI Real World MPG

    Sounds like the 6speed manual hard top is the way to go for mpg. but finding one is the hard part seems like :confused:
  10. hip001

    2004 Golf TDI for sale - $1800 - Runs great

    two door or four door? Color? interior color? Headliner condition? AC work? Bew motor? when was the DMF replaced? Timing belt changed? Who did the cam and what did they use?
  11. hip001

    2016, January 30 GTG at DanG144's Chapin, SC

    Woohoo Hey Dan, I now live close enough to make this one!! Looking forward to meeting all you TDI folk!!! Anyone coming up through Atlanta I-85 way let me know. We can get a TDI cruise going to Dans. I wanna bring the Audi TT for the heated seats, but Ill be bringing the 06 Jetta TDi DSG...
  12. hip001

    FS: 2006 Jetta V tdi DSG 280k Atlanta Georgia

    I think we've decided to keep it. It has been such a good car, we are going to see how many miles we can put on it :D I am kinda jonesing for a new Bettle or Golf as a performance project. Im one of the people that love the newest look of the Beetle, now just gotta find a TDI manual shift(even...
  13. hip001

    High end Vibration?

    Is that something I can check, or take it to a shop?
  14. hip001

    06 BRM JETTA's - High Mileage (200k+) Post it!

    2006 Jetta tdi DSG 261k Owned since 149k DMF right before I bought it. Frank's Colt cam @ 149k Malone 1.5 tune w/egr delete @ 200k Headliner 240k 245k wife wanted in dash GPS. Installed Panasonic & love it! Drivers door harness 250k Airbag light been on since we bought her @149k. had the dealer...
  15. hip001

    SOLD! 2001 Beetle GLS TDI

    Is it a gls with heated seats?
  16. hip001

    FS 2005 Passat 5spd TDI

    Im sure he would of said wagon if it was.
  17. hip001

    FS: 2006 Jetta V tdi DSG 280k Atlanta Georgia

    FS: 2006 Jetta V tdi DSG 260k Atlanta Georgia Nice 06 tdi Black on Tan new timing belt service, newer Michelin tires. Nice inside and out. We've owned it 5yrs since 140k. DMF and Frank's cam done when we bought it. Malone 1.5 tune with egr delete. Pics on Atlanta craigslist. CEL is on(glow...
  18. hip001

    Glow plug harness is toast!

    Ok. Thanks!
  19. hip001

    2006 jetta potential purchase opinions

    Our 06 Jetta tdi dsg has 260k and still going strong! It had the dmf replaced before we bought it and we did the cam right after buying it at 149k. Did the timing belt twice now. Added 1.5 Malone tune. Drivers door harness, & headliner about 10k ago.