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  1. maroonfrog1

    Sold -- sad to be leaving

    it's been 125,000 miles and close to five years ago that I purchased a used A3 TDi and learned "from the masters" on this site how to maintain it and love it. After 3 months of "the gauntlet" of the VWGOA buyback, it is now back in their hands. I thought pretty hard about buying another TDi...
  2. maroonfrog1

    12vdc and aux audio plugin console panel toast

    Excellent. Good weekend project. Glad to know it comes up fairly easily. Will report when complete. Thanks.
  3. maroonfrog1

    12vdc and aux audio plugin console panel toast

    Over 115k miles on my 2011 S-Line A3 now and there are maddeningly frustrating things crapping out now. Passenger door window electric up/down switch does not work from that door, but works if I run my switch from drivers side. Is this an easy fix? Reason for posting, however, is to check in...
  4. maroonfrog1

    Hood latch sensor caused wiper freeze at idle

    ... so in Texas, the databases for annual auto registration are now ties to annual state inspections. No current inspection -- no registration. So November rolls around and I realize I'm past my due date, and my A3 TDI won't pass inspection unless the wipers will run at idle. Been a problem...
  5. maroonfrog1

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    The value of the TDIClub site for me in my approach to Dieselgate ... I wondered if I should even add to a thread with over 500 pages so far, but here's my plug for this site, which has helped me a great deal over the last six years... My situation: Bought 2011 Audi A3 TDI from dealer service...
  6. maroonfrog1

    VAG-COM Mod Issues 09 - Central Electonics

    Enjoy your '11 A3 TDI ... that's a close approximation to my '11. I still haven't invested in a VAG-COM and now that I'm over 100k miles I'm wondering if I should ... would like to program my FOB to do a little more than stock ...
  7. maroonfrog1

    How long did your original battery last?

    ... I'm on my third battery in my '11 A3 TDI. averaging one batt every 45k miles.
  8. maroonfrog1

    Fort Worth People

    I live in Fort Worth, and have taken my TDI to Steve the TDIGuy; he has a shop near University and Jacksboro Highway. He has VCDS software and can take a look at your issue, if someone hasn't already.
  9. maroonfrog1

    Trip in a few months to Grantham, England

    ... so I'm preparing for a trip to England in a few months, to a town called Grantham, England. Not far from Nottingham and Lincoln, north of London in the East Midlands area of the U.K. Today I Learned ("TIL") that in 1892, a factory in this town ran the first successful 100%...
  10. maroonfrog1

    HPFP issues?

    ... I seem to be chasing an electrical issue in mine that is dragging the voltage regulator and three batteries with it, but otherwise the HPFP problem has not surfaced in mine. I am careful to add cetane booster / water remover to each tank, and I change my own oil. Blackstone Labs just...
  11. maroonfrog1

    To Buy or Not to Buy

    Click on my Fuelly badge -- fuel-ups are in there -- two-thirds highway, one-third city - over life of car. Mostly highway now back-and-forth commuting to office.
  12. maroonfrog1

    To Buy or Not to Buy

    Service records ... As the owner of a 2011 A3 TDI with almost 80k miles on it, mine has settled into its sweet spot now. Consistent mpg over 34, likes an oil change every 10k, likes fuel additive every tank, has a fresh set of brake linings now. I'll be putting in fresh tranny fluid into my...
  13. maroonfrog1

    Now serving B20 ... do I stop using additive?

    Warranty Factory Warranty - Powertrain to 100k miles.
  14. maroonfrog1

    Now serving B20 ... do I stop using additive?

    ... Saturday morning routine, topping up the fuel tank in my '11 A3 TDI. Usual Phillips66 station now has big green sticker on the diesel pump ... "B20 ... contains UP TO 20% biodiesel". This is north Texas, and I believe this is brand new to this station. I have been adding PowerService or...
  15. maroonfrog1

    my 30k experience

    Your experience My '11 A3 TDI has experienced: * Front passenger seat back panel separated -- I need to find a glue that will stay * Visor clip -- broken, replaced * Tail-light bulbs - have replaced two in the same lens - fixed corrosion at contact * Voltage regulator - crapped out at...
  16. maroonfrog1

    Diesel Tech Forum Report May 2014

    ... so I think some members of this forum pointed me to these guys some years ago, but I hadn't seen this paper posted anywhere. Down in the middle of this paper, there are some interesting stats on federal and state taxes on diesel that I found very interesting. Enjoy...
  17. maroonfrog1

    Audi Announces A3 TDI Sportback

    Educated I saw your post --> went to Fuelly --> looked at the MPGs that GLK250 Blue's are getting .. and cursed you. For $5k more than I paid three years ago for my '11 A3 TDI, I'd go for that Mercedes any day. I had no idea, since I haven't shopped for a car in three years. Oh well. Now...
  18. maroonfrog1

    Audi A3 vs 1998 Jetta (A3) fuel economy

    Trade-off I own a 2011 A3 TDI S-Tronic as well, and it sounds like I'm getting the same MPGs you are. I've never owned an older model VW diesel, but I knew going in to my purchase of the '11 A3 TDI that the emissions control equipment on the car would cause the MPGs to suffer versus a diesel...
  19. maroonfrog1

    2011 a3 tdi

    My experience RACER5134: I own a 2011 A3 TDI that I purchased with 30k miles on it (it was the local Audi dealer's service loaner). I've put 40,000 miles on it, so it's fast approaching the 75k mile marker. I really enjoy the car, and this is the time of year (spring) where the temps in...
  20. maroonfrog1

    How do you use your A3?

    I need to haul around a ladder every once in a while for work, and a folding ladder just fits inside my A3 with the larger folding side down and the passenger front seat scooted up. Much easier to get the ladder in and out than tying down to roof rack.