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  1. bustNfuel

    [Personal Lesson] My experience with changing the oil cooler (CKRA)

    Thanks for the hard starting cause update. Glad it's back to running good again!
  2. bustNfuel

    Valve Cover Replacement for 2014 VW Passat TDI (CKRA Engine).

    Update on the shipment from that I received several days ago. Sorry been really busy, and realized I haven't been on here to chime in. Not included in the injector install kit were the small return line O-rings. Total for my purchase was $256. I suppose I'll source the small...
  3. bustNfuel

    Valve Cover Replacement for 2014 VW Passat TDI (CKRA Engine).

    I'll be tackling this project in a few days. Where did you source your parts, and what are the part numbers? I ordered mine through I called them to verify that the Fuel Injector Install Kit includes everything I'll need such as the copper washers and fuel line O-rings...
  4. bustNfuel

    2015 SEL dash shuts down but engine stays running.

    It's that time of year, so it seems. Check the battery terminals and connections for corrosion. Likely it's an internal problem with one of the cells, and it can't support the load demand put on it. I'll bet it'll be fine again with a new battery.
  5. bustNfuel

    Another heater core?

    I may if I keep it long enough for the extended warranties and Dieselgate extensions expire. For now it's nice having a car that's about to roll 100k miles that drives great, looks great, and is fun to drive. And rarely sees a fuel pump compared to my other vehicles.
  6. bustNfuel

    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    AdBlue heater replaced under TSB 2041110 after CEL. Codes P205B and P20EE. Free DEF fill. Drive more, worry less!
  7. bustNfuel

    P026A code and intercooler buildup

    My 2013 CKRA is running great at 97k...ticking time bomb! Just had the heater core and AdBlue heater replaced under warranty. Drive more, worry less for now I guess. Thankfully I do have another means of transportation.
  8. bustNfuel

    Another heater core?

    My heater core was plugged again. Replaced this week by my local VW service department, Leith VW of Cary NC. It was replaced under the VW extended warranty, along with my AdBlue Heater, which was throwing a CEL. Thankfully it too was under the VWOA extended warranty.
  9. bustNfuel

    2015 Passat Fuel Door Issues.

    I replaced my fuel door lock solenoid a couple years ago. Long enough that I forgot most of the details, but it wasn't that big of a deal.
  10. bustNfuel

    2013 oil leak

    Curious as well. Any update @vwztips ?
  11. bustNfuel

    Was our heater core changed or not?

    Any updates for us @Penst8grad ?
  12. bustNfuel

    How to: Replacing 2012+ NMS Passat heater core

    Did you find a replacement screw Braikabras? My heater core was plugged again. No heat on the passenger side vent, 80 degrees from the middle, and 130 from the driver's side. It was replaced under the extended warranty, along with my AdBlue Heater, which was throwing a CEL. It too was under...
  13. bustNfuel

    Amateur (ham) Radio in a TDI

    Looks great @Stealth TDI ! Very well organized and finished. I bought a new Kenwood TM-D710G that I need to install in my Passat..someday! Thanks for sharing the build and installation pics!
  14. bustNfuel

    Another heater core?

    It's that time of year. Driving home last night, temps in the 50s so I turned on the heat. 140 degree air from the left vent, 65F degrees from the center vents, and 55F from the far right vent. Heater core was replaced at 58k back on January of 2017 by my local dealership's service...
  15. bustNfuel

    New to me ‘14 Passat TDI SEL

    Looks like a previous owner/enthusiast changed the OEM headlight switch to the 'Euro-Switch'. I did the same thing to my '13 Passat SEL, yet I was not interested in adding the rear red 'fog light' to mine so the 2nd pulled position is non-functional. I was more interested in having the...
  16. bustNfuel

    How good are the 2013 18" Passat wheels?

    I've bent TWO of mine, both right side wheels, on the same pothole a few weeks ago. It was right on the shoulder, hidden by the shade of a tree. Had a local wheel repair company work on them at $125 apiece, but it has taken them three times, and they're still not what I consider acceptable...
  17. 2020-08-04 Passat-BentWheels1.jpg

    2020-08-04 Passat-BentWheels1.jpg

    2013 Passat 18" OEM alloy wheel pothole damage - inside bead
  18. 2020-08-04 Passat-BentWheels2.jpg

    2020-08-04 Passat-BentWheels2.jpg

    2013 Passat 18" OEM alloy wheel pothole damage - inside bead
  19. bustNfuel

    2014 Passat coolant leak

    @Jimbo-Mo thanks for following up with your findings regarding the aftermarket replacement part, and the hose clamp tool links.
  20. bustNfuel

    Does vw passat 2013 tdi sel have rear view camera?

    Looks like either the RNS310 or 315. I did some looking around online and it looks like a '13 Passat TDi SEL Premium comes standard with the RNS510. I can't find any details whether the RNS31x units came with a backup camera or not. I know that the RNS315 in my wife's EOS doesn't have a...