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  1. bam_bam_dip

    Skid plate install

    Now seems to be the perfect time to review some old material. You have some mechanical skills. He does not.
  2. bam_bam_dip

    Check Engine

    Everytime mine goes on, i scan it.............myself. Then I fix it.
  3. bam_bam_dip

    ***, is it Freds, or my laptop??

    this laptop is on its second life. First go araound it picked up something really nasty. Disabled the anti virus, blocked malware programs, blocked my access to the control panel. This one was a little booger from someplace called gamevance. HA so it was the kids!! Everything is all clear now...
  4. bam_bam_dip

    ***, is it Freds, or my laptop??

    Im scanning as well. Gotta keep the kids off the laptop. Thanks for the quick response Fred.
  5. bam_bam_dip

    ***, is it Freds, or my laptop??

    now this one
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  8. bam_bam_dip

    We need a grumpy old veteran section

    This thread sux.............PISS OFF princelton. I AM the epitome of a grumpy veteran, hence my first post in over a year. You're from OR,...........????? What have you done with/to Whitedog?
  9. bam_bam_dip

    Parting Out 1999 A4 Jetta 2.0 Gasser 5M Bright Red

    left and right grill inserts? An interstate alligator got mine today.
  10. bam_bam_dip

    Removing door panel with window crank

    The Real Fix Ok, after long searches and much consternation, I finally figured this one out. For all you fellers driving A4's with crank windows, here is a simple explanation. On your crank, there is the obvious handle part. Then what looks like a decoration ring between it and the door card...
  11. bam_bam_dip

    UPsolute in Houston, TX

    Gee, it only took three years to get the first reply.
  12. bam_bam_dip

    Itr fell off in my hand...

    Wow, this thread could go a variety of ways. So, mjhandy, what were you doing when it(r) fell off?
  13. bam_bam_dip

    FS: LOTS of MK4 jetta parts left

    Box received, item installed. Back ttt for you. Thanks
  14. bam_bam_dip

    Anuthee status

    Dang Anuthee. What, were you trying to beat the whole wrist thing? Sounds like you did. I hope you get better soon. Tim
  15. bam_bam_dip

    FS: A4 Golf Floor Mat Set, Tan, $35

    seconds if the deal falls throgh.
  16. bam_bam_dip

    De-fog Headlight How To

    Now that you have started sanding your headlights. Get ready to do it about twice a year.
  17. bam_bam_dip

    New grill for my Jetta!

    Well then just go ahead and order that baby. It will fit on any A4....:cool: mmmmmmmph