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  1. cleaver

    403 Forbidden

    When I type in my browser, I get a white page with the 403 error stating "You don't have permission to access / on this server." When I google search ( and click on a link, I get one of two things to occur. 1. I get access to the thread, or 2. I get...
  2. cleaver

    Oil Change Interval

    Hello all, Why does car manufacturer's require oil changes based on time. I understand a 5,000/10,000/25,000 mileage oil change but why would you need an oil change every 12 months if you only drive half the required mileage? Does oil go bad once its opened? If you do an oil change...
  3. cleaver

    Pictures - forbidden

    So, is there anyone I can contact at TDICLUB that can fix the below error message? I have used the contact us link, report a post, and also posted to the correct sections of the forum, but I seem to be ignored. Should I just assume that I will never be able to see pics anymore? I first...
  4. cleaver

    Forbidden - Access denied

    I can't access the photo section...I can't even get to the login page as I get an Apache Server error.
  5. cleaver

    WTB: banjo bolt

    Hey, looking for a friend who can't find one. 2003 or 2004 Jetta 2.0. banjo bolt for his steering this a uninversal bolt for other models? TDI? or does anyone have a part number they can give me so I can search for the correct part?
  6. cleaver

    '04, no cat, need to cat to pass inspection

    04 GLI with 3" downpipe, what can I do to make it look like there is a cat installed. Nova Scotia does not do emissions testing, but they do require the catalytic converter to be there...
  7. cleaver

    no more VW's

    Well, I have sold my '01 TDI that I bought from Jeff Brown. It needed body work and I was up for something new(er). So, I bought a 2011 Sonata - nice car, definitely the TDI was more solid, but this thing has so much room. The back seat is ridiculously large. I was thinking about getting...
  8. cleaver

    MKIV trunk insides - FREE

    hey guys, I am about to throw out the inside liner for the trunk door, and the inside floor liner to the trunk. Does anyone want them? I am not shipping them but someone can come pick them up if they want them. Both are in good shape. FREE
  9. cleaver

    '01 Jetta TDI for sale

    Hey all, It has 330,000km on it. needs bodywork more than anything else. (muffler, ball joint, serp tensioner). leather interior, sunroof, alloy rim, Pirelli P4 tires (70% tread). Currently needs an alignment due to a rear axle beam replacement. Other than that, it runs fine...
  10. cleaver

    WTB: Rear Axle Beam

    Is there anyone local in Nova Scotia that has a spare rear axle beam for an '01 Jetta TDI?
  11. cleaver

    Rear Beam Broke

    The rear beam broke in my '01 TDI Jetta. It broke where the beam attaches to the frame (on the front side). My tire slid back and is just touching the rear side of my wheel well. I was able to drive it home (about 300 feet). Without knowing anything else, what should I being doing - looking...
  12. cleaver

    '01 TDI operating temp

    Hey guys, I just installed a Calorstat thermostat in my TDI and all went well. It was listed as an 87C (189F) thermostat but I am getting a maximum temp of about 94C (201F). I assume no issues with the higher than normal operating temp. Also, I think it is just me, but it takes a long...
  13. cleaver

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
  14. cleaver

    Old VW Beetle Advert

    for all the old guys out there (#6 on list)...took this from a website here:
  15. cleaver

    FS: 15" steel rims

    I have 15" steel rims for sale. selling 4 for $80.00
  16. cleaver

    noise when pressing the go pedal lightly

    When I press the go pedal slightly I hear a noise that sounds like a blower fan that needs lubing...I turned off the fans and stereo and it is still present. I only notice it when I lightly press the pedal. As soon as I give it more than 1/2" push the noise goes away (or is drowned out by...
  17. cleaver

    796 bulbs (double post)

    Hey guys, Anyone local have a line on 796 halogen bulbs? I need two for my reverse lights. These replace the P21W bulbs... I also posted in the upgrades section, but I figured someone on the Atlantic board might have a closer connection for me.
  18. cleaver

    where to find 796 halogen rear backup lights

    As the title says, I am looking to replace my P21W with 796 halogen lights. Everywhere I look I either need to buy a pack of 10 or I have to get shipped from the USA. Can you buy these locally in Canada? Any parts stores / car dealers that already would carry these? Anyone have any pics of...
  19. cleaver

    02 Jetta TDI Part Out

    I have finally gotten around to stripping the odd part off my car before it goes to the junkyard. Is anyone looking for anything, I am planning on getting it towed away by the end of October so if you want anything, let me know. I am currently working fulltime and doing my CGA course so I...
  20. cleaver

    hit and run

    I grabbed this off of a friends facebook, hopefully the TDI driver is found. Feel free to post over on VWVortex whoever has an account there. ******** Last night while on the Waverly road Dartmouth, NS bound we came up to a bike accident. A 23 year old military man was the victim of a hit and...