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  1. Poor King

    Non-tdi 1.6L fuel pump tuning

    The '81 rabbit pickup I purchased is smoking blue at all rpms and even after the motor has warmed up. The seller claimed the fuel pump needed to be tuned, yet the vehicle came with refurbished head from the second to last previous owner. Symptom of a bad head (imo) or could it actually be...
  2. Poor King

    B3/B4 Passat LIFT KIT (1.2")

    Bought the wrong set for my project. So it can be yours for less than going price, and without the 1 month shipping wait time from Russia. Beat those potholes and save those pans! $85 shipped. free image hosting
  3. Poor King

    ALH DBW on B4 Passat pedal cluster

    Attempting to swap out my MK2 pedal cluster for a B4 TDI pedal assembly with built in potentiometer -- anyone know the wiring diagram to splice in a ALH DBW pedal or a kit which swaps out the pedal altogether?
  4. Poor King

    MK2 1.6L diesel Parts

    Hopefully it is OK to post non-TDI parts 😬 Radiator & fan - $40 8V head (damaged cam shaft thread bolts) with intake manifold (valves, spring, valve caps are all still intact) - $40 Fuel Pump - SOLD! Alternator - SOLD! A/C Condenser - $40 Front crossmember -$30 8V Cam/shaft...
  5. Poor King

    02M 6spd w. awd stg 3 Spec clutch

    6SPD 02M from AWD Audi TT with less than 135k. Will include stage 3 awd performance spec clutch and flywheel. $350 pickup only.
  6. Poor King

    10MM pump

    Working just fine when uninstalled out of donor vehicle. The swap called for an 11mm so this is up for grabs... $125 shipped.
  7. Poor King

    Post a mental pic

    Anyone feel at a loss when associating a member to their car... so then post a pic of whatever you drive. Not limited to TDI's, be it a project or a daily beater. I'll start with my MK2 ALH project pending sale..
  8. Poor King

    FS: '91 Diesel Jetta ALH project

    Please refer to the build thread below if there are any questions on the car and motor in question. Please check pics there... Car- '91 (1.6L N/A) Jetta 230k on odo Motor- '02 Jetta ALH with full wiring loom, Mk4 dash...
  9. Poor King

    Potential sale of all my vehicles and project

    Depending on the circumstances all my vehicles and mk2 ALH project may be up for grabs. I am set on leaving the country in the upcoming month and most likely I will not return. If not, my current MK2 Jetta project with ALH will be up for grabs. There will also be a ton of parts up sold along...
  10. Poor King

    Eye rate this caddy

    Found this one a few states over and the desperation to own one is outweighing my ability to make a sound judgement. It is currently not in running condition due to some issue with the cis. However it does come with everything needed to get it going (as they all say). There is a 4 inch hole on...
  11. Poor King

    The cost effective way to raise a mk2 jetta

    I'd like to get some input on raising a mk2 jetta. Currently working on swapping in an alh and I will remove the front subframe and control arms to refurbish them. So now is as good a time to tackle this. My original plan was to purchase an air ride kit but I have other projects and funds must...
  12. Poor King

    If not a diesel, then what would you daily drive...

    My desire to own a diesel swapped MK2 began at the age of 19 but the right car never fell my way. I always kept the gassers close to their stock form to the best of my abilities. However if diesel MK2's were not an option today, indeed it was T1 Touaregs which won my heart when they made a...
  13. Poor King

    State of Washington goes woke

    Woke for the sake of capitalist gains... There is a proposal to remove all new/used ICE vehicles off the street. Exceptions to the ban are motorcycles and vehicles over 10,000 lbs. Hope this never happens and the virus is contained. You have a mere 8 yr 6 months to enjoy your ICE vehicles...
  14. Poor King

    10MM pump, 1.6LD NA Block/trans, Mk4 subframe.

    10MM pump-- $70 $40- MK4/TT Subframe with good bushing. Came out of an Audi TT and supposedly these are stronger with better bushings for any MK4. $60- 1.6L NA diesel block and transmission out of my personal '91 Jetta. All accessories included. Comes with the injector pump, cam, a/c...
  15. Poor King

    Can it be done... R32 to PD150 ARL T'reg swap

    Since the R32 motor in my t'reg was always meant for a swap into a MK2 gti, how complicated a swap would it be to fit in a PD150 into the t'reg? 🤓
  16. Poor King

    Wiring Gurus... Need help accessing PD swap

    I searched and came up with little proof on how to accomplish this swap- midway into planning an mk2 (1.6d ce2) ALH swap, I receive a decent offer for a PD150 ARL. It's a '03 seat Leon motor so I am having doubts on my ability to mate the euro harness/ecu/immo/cluster that is coming along to an...
  17. Poor King

    All systems go and then this

    Ready to drop the motor and trans out of the Jetta until I found a stripped 8mm triple x axle bolt staring me head-on. The socket/drive wouldn't even go in. Every other bolt on both axles came out with ease but this one and the previous owner must've got into it. What is the best method to...
  18. Poor King

    Rebuild kits for ALH

    It's been some time since I restored a motor from the bottom up. Last time it was working on a VR6 and I recall purchasing a rebuild kit with a combination of bolts, gaskets, piston rings, and bearings. While it was very complete for the price, I don't know how that motor faired over the years...
  19. Poor King

    Lifespan of performance piston rings and bearings

    Resold a set of ARP headbolts because I was advised would not seal an un-resurfaced head properly. With that same thought process, would using performance gapless piston rings or racing main bearings with oem internals be a problem in longevity. I'm questioning the durability one would find from...
  20. Poor King

    GTD Intercooler kit

    For the life of me I cannot find this intercooler setup anywhere (even in the European market) and if someone bumps into one please think of me 😥