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  1. diesel4ever

    One Ross Tech HEX-COM+CAN with unlimited VINs and USB adapter for sale in Ontario

    I have had this tool for about ten years. It's indispensable in working on TDi's. No more TDi's in my family so it's for sale, $200.00 OBO.
  2. diesel4ever

    Boost Gauge - What's your Favorite

    I need to put one in me 2004 Jetta with some modifications (see the signature). SCANGage is already installed but it's a bit slow to react to quick changes. Hard to beat good analogue gauge. I did have McNally installed in my Golf (before I gave it to my son). It is not reliable as it will move...
  3. diesel4ever

    Big Thank you to kraiger

    My nieces were travelling back to Canada from Tennessee, when one of them filled the Jetta with improper fuel (gasoline). They realized what they've done after they left the gas station. This was at 6:30pm. I just returned from Europe a couple of hours earlier and couldn't help them from home...
  4. diesel4ever

    Why I like working on VW's

    The other day I undertook to change a steering rack on 2002 Dodge Caravan with 70,000 miles on it. It was leaking on both ends. I was amazed with the amount of rust underneath of that vehicle. The bolts were especially bad. I broke 14mm bolt holding the steering rack in place. Unfortunately the...
  5. diesel4ever

    WTB Need ONE wheel for MK4 - Avus

    I have three good rims and one more to be able to have full set for winter tires. Is there anyone with one kicking around? I picked them up from an accident car. One wheel was crunched.
  6. diesel4ever

    5 speed Auto Longevity

    I just bought '04 Jetta with 330,000km (206,000mi) and with 5sp. slush box. I am not sure what is the code for that transmission (I think it is made by Jatco). Any data on longevity of this transmission? VW claims it's sealed for life. The filter can't be removed unless you take transmission...
  7. diesel4ever

    I need a torque converter for 01M

    Starter gear ring is damaged (bad starter) and now the option is replace the whole converter or remove and weld a new gear on it. Used converter seems like less work. Would anyone have a spare?
  8. diesel4ever

    Need the AT drive plate

    There number of guys there that did the 5sp. swap. I need a drive plate for 2002 Jetta with Auto Transmission. The starter gear has been damaged by a faulty starter. This is a plate between torque converter and crack shaft.
  9. diesel4ever

    Can't keep downpipe on

    I have 3" complete exhaust from Kerma on my car. The turbo didn't have the studs installed so I screw them in with channel locks as good as I could. The trouble is that they come loose and work themselves out and I am left with the downpipe completely off the turbo. Is there a proven method of...
  10. diesel4ever

    ASV/EGR Flap

    Would anyone have an used ASV/EGR Flap, part no. 038128063L? This is for 2004 Jetta, BEW engine. It looks like this,
  11. diesel4ever

    New Lift Pump fiasco

    Just wondering if any one has had this issue and what's the probable cause. I build a complete high power engine (see the signature) and thought in order to ensure sufficient fuel supply I'd install a new lift pump. I bought it brand new (VDO), wired it (per 'ID Parts' instructions) and it...
  12. diesel4ever

    WTB NB Passenger side rear view mirror

    I need one passenger side rear view mirror for '98NB. I think anything up to '05 model year would fit. Bonus would be black color, but I'd take any color.
  13. diesel4ever

    Broken Tensioner - How could this happen?

    The car ran fine but there MIL came on saying the injection start was out of range. Checked the TB and it felt loose. At first I thought the tensioner came loose, but when I tried the nut it was tight and in the 'tensioned' position. So I thought the belt stretched, although I never heard of...
  14. diesel4ever

    Scratching my head

    There are many faults here so I posting this to see if there is any consensus on which would be the primary one. BTW this is '04 Jetta, manual trans, 730,000km. The symptoms are following: Cranking about 4-5 seconds before it fires up. Good smooth idle. It will boost up to 1.2 bars and therefore...
  15. diesel4ever

    What would cause this?

    Piston #4 is covered with oil. What's the most likely culprit? Hydrolock, worn out rings? Couldn't rotate the engine until re-timed. Engine sounded weird and shaking. No signs of valve-piston contact. Looks like I can't insert photos. Who can grant me that privilege? The photos are in...
  16. diesel4ever

    A5 Rear Brakes Dust Shields

    I have 2006 Jetta that needs the rear brake dust shields replaced. Actually they rusted away so there is not much to be replaced. The hubs need to be removed in order to install new shields. Can the hubs (with the bearings) be re-used or I will need to get the new ones? I know that the A4 model...
  17. diesel4ever

    Thank you, organizers

    This was my first fest and won't be the last one. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. It's nice to be able to put face to the forum name and see what others are doing. Sometimes it feels as if were 'fighting a fight' all by myself, there are many others 'spreading the TDI gospel'. Big hand...
  18. diesel4ever

    Oil Change in 5 sp Tiptronic

    I searched this form and 'myturbodiesel' but couldn't find any instruction on transmission oil change on '05 Jetta. This is MK4 with 5 speed 'tiptronic' style, before they switched to 6 speed DSG. I was able to do this on 'standard 4 speed auto (01M). The dealer didn't want to change the oil...
  19. diesel4ever

    Can I swap ECUs?

    I have a problem with '01 Beetle. When it warms up it starts 'stuttering' and the power is reduced a bit. I hooked up the VCDS and at the moment when it 'stutters' measuring block 1 numbers went crazy, RPM got 'frozen' at 313 and the coolant temperature displayed seven numbers without any...
  20. diesel4ever

    Big Build - am I missing something

    I have decided on my project and to go for a 'Big one'. Couldn't allow perfectly good parts to go to a waste so decided to add some more 'good parts' and, hopefully, end up with a nice build. Here is the list: Stock block with honed bores to 80mm dia. Oversized PD150 pistons (80mm) Rosten...