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  1. autoelf92

    VAG-COM in the Spokane area?

    Hello West Coast/Canada! I’m fairly new to the Spokane area (arrived about a year ago) and haven’t yet sought out a TDI group here yet. Back in Columbus, Ohio there was a pretty solid group that I regularly met with and shared knowledge/tools with. Anyone know of something like that in the...
  2. autoelf92

    A trip to Mt. Spokane yielded some unusual results...

    Saturday I decided to drive my 02’ Jetta to Mt. Spokane from Cheney, WA to go cross country skiing. Conditions weren’t the greatest near the top of the mountain, but the old dub has certainly seen worse. Spent a wonderful day scooting around the mountain and it was time to go home. Down the...
  3. autoelf92

    HELP! Broke down in NJ, alternator died.

    Thanks guys, I was able to get an alternator from Advance and remove/install it myself with a small craftsman kit and a crowbar. Finally arrived home at 7PM, I left at 2:30 am....longest drive of my life.
  4. autoelf92

    HELP! Broke down in NJ, alternator died.

    Well, I'm in a bit of a sticky situation....on my way home from Longisland NY my alternator decided to die and now I am stuck in Hackettstown NJ. Is anyone in the area? Does anyone have a spare alternator nearby? I am sitting infront of an advance auto parts store waiting for them to open, so I...
  5. autoelf92

    Lift pump install question.....

    It would be perfectly fine. The IP will return all unused fuel back to the tank. The only "harm" it would do would only be putting hours on the pump. No tune required.
  6. autoelf92

    Review of aftermarket replacement key remote shell

    I just ended up hacking it with a pair of wire cutters until I couldn't cut any more without damaging the chip. I then let it soak in hot water for 5 minutes and she popped right out. Thanks guys.
  7. autoelf92

    Motor mounts- 1.9 ALH vs. 1.8T

    I was wondering if there was any difference between the ALH mounts and 1.8T mounts for a MK4 TDI. There is a pair of "performance" mounts being sold locally for fairly cheep on craigslist for a 1.8T and they look identical to the ALH mounts. Any info would help. Thanks. ll
  8. autoelf92

    Review of aftermarket replacement key remote shell

    Ahh, acetone. I'll have to give it a whirl.
  9. autoelf92

    Review of aftermarket replacement key remote shell

    Okay, I have gotten pretty far, but how do I remove the Immobilizer? That thing is really stuck down in there.
  10. autoelf92

    Review of aftermarket replacement key remote shell

    Make a "how to" possibly? Just got my new shell today and I'm kinda stumped on how to swap the internals lol...
  11. autoelf92

    Colt Stage 2 ALH Cam

    Wish I had $300 to blow......Bump for an awesome cam.
  12. autoelf92

    Goodbye ECOdiesel - totaled while parked @ 429,466 miles

    My regards....seems like people are fu$@%£~ magnetized to TDI's.
  13. autoelf92

    Prius Repellant

    I lol'd.
  14. autoelf92

    WTB: Reflex Silver MK4 Jetta Hood

    Thanks man. I make a trip to Longisland every summer so I might just be able to swing by and pick it up if you find one!
  15. autoelf92

    2 inch receiver hitch MKIV Golf just installed

    You sir have won all of my internets for the day. Job well done.