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  1. relumalutan

    Long cranking issue

    Recently had the car back on road after sitting untouched for one year (replaced turbo, was getting the low oil pressure warning, turns out the oil pressure sensor wire was sectioned at the connector). It took me a year to troubleshoot and solve the issue as I was slammed with work. Car sat...
  2. relumalutan

    WTB: Passenger side front lower fender liner MK5 Jetta (2005.5-2010)

    Please reply here or send me a private message if you have one. Thanks.
  3. relumalutan

    ALH sudden surge on RPMs

    Hello Friends, I usually post in the MK5 section, but this time I have a question for you. A friend bought a 2001 ALH auto recently, while he was driving the RPMs suddenly surged to 5k. He pulled over immediately and turned off the engine. Any idea what might cause such an incident? I'm...
  4. relumalutan

    Low oil pressure after catastrophic turbo failure

    06 BRM, turbo failed while driving on the freeway, took me about a mile to change all the lanes and be able to pull on the side of the freeway + turn off the engine. Basically all oil went out the exhaust at the turbo, lots of smoke behind me. Like 20 seconds prior to stopping, I got the "Stop...
  5. relumalutan

    WTB GTB1749V turbo

    Please contact me if you have one, otherwise I'll have to order one from Darkside.
  6. relumalutan

    Oil leak

    Before I get under the car, remove the panzer belly pan, etc, I thought that I should ask here first. My car has slight oil leak, I think it's coming from he back of the engine. I have a EGR cooler and EGR valve delete, installed around 20k miles ago a brand new GTB 1749v turbo from Darkside...
  7. relumalutan

    Timing belt replacement interval on tuned engines

    Do I have to change the timing belt more often on my car if I have an engine tune? My car is a 06 Jetta, came from the factory with 100 HP and 184 lb-ft torque. I have upgraded the turbo to a GTB1749V from Darkside and I estimate that now I'm somewhere around 160 HP and 270 lb-ft torque (I might...
  8. relumalutan

    Battery drain

    My driver side low beam bulb went out and I replaced it on Sunday. I have slightly moved the bumper out of the way on the driver side, removed the headlamp assembly and replaced the bulb without touching anything else. I did not even unplug the headlamp. Put everything back together, the lights...
  9. relumalutan

    FS: MK5 Jetta front Bumper

    In good shape, painted black, comes with the front lip attached. I will post pictures later today. Asking $200+ shipping
  10. relumalutan

    Injectors upgrade BRM DSG

    06 Jetta BRM with 268k miles currently have a stage IV tune from Malone with the following setup: GTB1749V turbo (good to 200 HP according to Darkside Developments) EGR valve and cooler delete Stock injectors (according to Darkside the current turbo, with stock injectors the setup can produce...
  11. relumalutan

    FS: Used BRM turbo

    Upgraded to GTB1749V turbo from Darkside. Nothing wrong with the OEM turbo, no play, the car was driving perfect before I've removed the turbo. Not trying to get rich here, trying to sell it for $100+shipping. 125k miles on the turbo.
  12. relumalutan

    Installed a straight pipe, car stinks

    Before you throw rocks at me: I am aware of the EPA rules and pollution. I have installed a GTB1749V turbo from Darkside along with a egr delete and a straight 3" stainless steel pipe. I have to leave the garage door open for 10 minutes to get rid of the exhaust stink after I back the car up...
  13. relumalutan

    Frostheater performance. What to expect

    Got my hands on a used Frostheater and installed on my 06 Jetta TDI DSG ( the Frostheater was previously installed on the same year and model). Last night it got down to 8 degrees Fahrenheit so I have plugged the heater on a timer. I leave the house at 7 AM, the timer was set-up to turn the...
  14. relumalutan

    Going from stage 4 to stage 5. Decrease in MPG?

    06 Jetta BRM DSG. Installed a Malone 1.5 tune and I was very pleased with the power increase and the extra 2-3 mile per gallon fuel economy compared to stock. Recently I have installed a GTB1749V turbo from Darkside developments, EGR delete and straight pipe, along with a Stage IV tune from...
  15. relumalutan

    Steering rack programming after replacement

    2006 Jetta, bought in 2012, it had since the first day a metallic knock while going over bumps or potholes. The inner tie rod was going bad all the time on the affected side (driver), I have diagnosed the rack to have vertical play. Tightening the steering tension nut on the driver side of the...
  16. relumalutan

    Squeal after replacing turbo

    2006 BRM, upgraded turbo to brand new GTB1749V from Darkside Developments, also deleted EGR, installed a EGR block plate with EGT port: (used J-B weld High heat to make sure there is no leak on the EGT port when...
  17. relumalutan

    Average waiting time to receive a Malone tune

    While off for the holidays I've performed some work on my 06 Jetta DSG (replaced the OEM turbo with a GTB1749V from Darkside Developments, 3 BAR MAP and other miscellaneous items). My understanding is that is not recommended to start the engine and drive the car with this turbo setup unless an...
  18. relumalutan

    06 Heated seats and HVAC blower issue

    While driving home from work I have noticed that heated seats are not working and the HVAC blower is not working on the first setting. It works on the second, third and four. The funny thing is that it blows on the second setting with the force it used to blow on the first, and so on: it blows...
  19. relumalutan

    WTB: Dieselgeek oil bypass for BRM

    As the title says, I'm looking for a Dieselgeek oil bypass kit for a 2006 Jetta. Let me know if you have one. Thanks.
  20. relumalutan

    Exhaust fumes in cabin

    While I drive, if I open the sunroof or I crack open any window, the car fills up immediately with exhaust fumes. I believe the smell comes through the HVAC vents. Otherwise, if I drive with the sunroof and windows closed everything is OK. Is this the famous EGR cooler valve leak? Any way to...