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  1. Geobmx4life

    From MK4 to MK7 GSW and STOKED!!!

    Just picked it up on the 26th of March. Black 2015 Highline wagon. I've been looking for the past couple years and one came up for sale 8hrs NE of us...did the hold deposit and went and picked it up a week later. Lots to learn and lots of driving ahead.
  2. Geobmx4life

    Malone tuning Flashzilla issue

    I haven't used my Flashzilla for a few years, so there is a good possibility I'm missing a step here. Loaded the software onto a new laptop, I click on the link and I either get Timeout, or I get device not found. Any ideas are appreciated.
  3. Geobmx4life

    17/22 Shaft play, need a replacement

    Just checked my turbo, vnt 17/22 lots of shaft play and need to replace. What would be a direct plug and play? I'll go vnt 17 if I have to!
  4. Geobmx4life

    WTB, Looking for 5sp tranny BEW

    AS the title States looking for a BEW mkiv 5speed Mt. I'm located in the Calgary Alberta Canada area.
  5. Geobmx4life

    memhis85 Projector question

    I got your private message, but I'm not able to reply for what ever can ask me here if you're OK with that.
  6. Geobmx4life

    MKIV partout by Calgary

    Hey Albertans...anyone looking for Wolfie seats etc, a friend of mine is parting 2 Mkiv's's the link
  7. Geobmx4life

    BEW PD heat soak

    Did a search and found no definitive answers. I have a few mods, see my Sig...I'm dealing with 32c IAT's and at WOT see it rise to at least 52c, according to my Lemur Bluetooth and app. I'm going to remove the bumper cover tommorow,and take a drive, to see if its an air flow restriction with the...
  8. Geobmx4life

    Rebuilt VNT 17/22

    My friends plans have this turbo is back up for is the link to the old ad...
  9. Geobmx4life

    FS 99.5 VNT 15 Turbo

    Have forsale, VNT 15 came out of a 99.5 ALH, Turbo has been inspected by a heavy duty diesel mechanic/VW TDI enthusiast and has next to no shaft play. Looking for $300 obo, excuding shipping and PayPal costs obo. Pics below.
  10. Geobmx4life

    FEELER 2005 TDI BEW PD unitronics 1+ TUNED cpu

    FOR SALE 2005 TDI BEW PD unitronics 1+ TUNED ECU TTT...I have another ECU on the is for sale, and IMMOBILIZER DEFEATED I just put a big turbo in my car and am looking to go custom tune. So I'd like to offer up my Unitronics stage 1+ CPU for $500 or best offer. Its a big...
  11. Geobmx4life

    2014, European import Time

    As of 2014, it will be legal to import AWD TDI's from's a sample of whats available!
  12. Geobmx4life

    Finally got the rims and suspension done

    All done for this summer...retrofits are being done...allbeit slowly!
  13. Geobmx4life

    Think my alternator is on its way out

    I just replaced my battery, and put a scan-gage on it...10v is what its reading...I'm assuming my alternator is pooched...any ideas? I've had the battery in for 4 days.
  14. Geobmx4life

    Summer meet calgary and area

    Last years were relly good...lets get a GTG before I gotsta take off for Saskabush!!! Days available...then we can set a date!
  15. Geobmx4life

    LF 5x100 to 5x112 adapters

    Just got a really good deal on some Huffs...but need the adapters...hopefully someone here has 4 collecting dust...and wants to sell em!;) Just shoot me a PM
  16. Geobmx4life

    Alberta Jetta TD FS

    Here's the link for it, good parts car...or have the head gasket replaced.
  17. Geobmx4life

    05 PD Injector upgrade

    A friend on mine and myself are considering upgrading the injectors on our cars. I've heard some and read some about the possibility of having to put them in a new head...possible bore wear on the originals? There's aprox 150k kms on the motor. We are just trying to get some insight into things...
  18. Geobmx4life

    Tdi santa!!!

    NORAD just tracked a 2011 Golf TDI wagon somewhere above Australia...lead by 9 medium sized looking elk or deer...hard to tell, size, exactly on radar. The only tell tale sign of movement is short periodic stops and then movement at a high rate of speed!
  19. Geobmx4life


    For the Canadians here, where can I buy some G20 coolant?I just received my Frostheater(and M&M's, nice touch!) and I'm going to need some when I put it in. I would rather NOT buy it at the stealership! Thanks in advance!
  20. Geobmx4life

    WTB 2005 or newer TDI Golf or Jetta

    Anyone knowing of a TDI Golf or Jetta for sale. 2005 and newer, modded or not, I have a friend looking for one. Preferably in the Calgary area.