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  1. dan30thz28

    Current price of diesel

    Jumped up to over $6 in NJ at some stations. I was filling up at BJ's in Howell NJ this morning. The digital price was $5.77 and the old price on the tags that handn't been changed yet was $5.29. So crazy, when is this going to end?! I am thinking about taking a huge pay cut, and working closer...
  2. dan30thz28

    ALH 17-22 hybrid hp

    Thank you gentlemen!
  3. dan30thz28

    ALH 17-22 hybrid hp

    Thank you! What do you think it will make in terms of torque?
  4. dan30thz28

    ALH 17-22 hybrid hp

    I have a 17/22, pp520’s, 11mm pump (car was an automatic before I converted it to a manual) omi, pd 150 intake, 3” turbo back, upgraded SMIC, 3bar map, 30 psi tune custom rocketchip tune. What do you think my car is making? The car only had 102,000 on it when it was built.
  5. dan30thz28

    How many MK4 jetta wagons were made?

    I have one. On a cross country trip right now, had 102,000 when I got it, now at 115,000 and change. Rust free, amazing find from my TDI mechanic.
  6. dan30thz28

    2002 Wagon Passeger Side Rear Seat

    Hello, My '02 wagon rear seat has fallen apart on the passenger side, so it's no longer attached to the body. I am taking a long distance trip soon, and need this fixed for my kid's safety. The seat bottom is fine, it's the top part of the seat where it's attached to the bottom...
  7. dan30thz28

    What Wheels / Rims fit my car?

    I have the Avus, like the much thinner spoke design on the tire rack wheel though.
  8. dan30thz28

    What Wheels / Rims fit my car?

    Found a set on tire rack that is supposed to be a direct fit, and it's cheaper only $100 a wheel. Here's the link... Let me know if there's enough info there for you guys to let me know if it will fit the wagon...
  9. dan30thz28

    What Wheels / Rims fit my car?

    Will this fit my 2002 Jetta TDI wagon? Stock size is 6Jx15 ET47, the wheel I want is: 6.5J X 15 ET 50, is that .5 and the 50 number make it a no go for my wagon? Please advise! Sincerely, Dan Maldonado
  10. dan30thz28

    FS: Black MK4 3 cupholder center consoles.

    Sent you a private message.
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  14. dan30thz28

    2002 Wagon build

    Not sure, but I went this way, because in NJ, you have to have a catalytic converter on 2002 and up TDI’s, and wanted the best flow I could achieve with a cat.
  15. dan30thz28

    2002 Wagon build

    02 wagon only 101k miles. Same mods as Sedan in signature, except 3” turbo back exhaust, larger injectors, larger SMIC, 3 bar map, tune and 17/22 turbo. [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG] [/IMG]
  16. dan30thz28

    Who has mega miles on a TDI

    Now at 450,000 miles low 50’s to high 40’s. I do about 120 miles a day.
  17. dan30thz28

    2002 Wagon build (electronics too)

    Hey everyone, Hope you are all doing well. I'm buying a 2002 Jetta Wagon with only 101,000 miles on it (mine is almost at 440,000 miles now--keeping it too) It's a decent long list of mods, but I'm trying to pick the best vendors for this. Roman in PA is doing the build for me...
  18. dan30thz28

    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    Hello, I highly recommend Roman in Hatboro PA, he shows me what was wrong within the car each time. He explains what he did and he always leaves the car better than it came in. Taking the car again to him in early November!
  19. dan30thz28

    Low oil level - worried..

    So if it’s barely marking on the dipstick it was ok to add two quarts? Because that’s what I did...