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  1. MikeS_18

    Fans run on slow for 5 mins after shutdown - new controller

    2003 Jetta 5 spd. I was having wacky performance with my fans for a while - they'd come on at weird times, would not shut down etc but my AC was inoperable so I unplugged them and didn't care. I started to work on my AC this August and while having the front off, I replaced the fan controller...
  2. MikeS_18

    New Battery time...after eight years on this one

    My walmart battery lasted 92 months. That's excellent imo. Prices seems to have gone up since then... ;) I should cheap out since I won't have this car another 6 years, but I probably won't.
  3. MikeS_18

    Noisy blower motor - mice!

    Well, before you go buy a new heater blower motor because the old one is rattling something wicked, pull the cabin filter out and take a look at it. You might find that there are 5 acorn shells on the wheel that are going round and round and it might not be a faulty motor at all. ask me how I...
  4. MikeS_18

    Too many sticky threads

    10+ sticky threads take up the majority of the screen. Do we really need to make stickies on how old we are or warning us that winter mileage may vary? Cranky Mike
  5. MikeS_18

    When do burnt out bulbs suddenly come back to life? When you call Quirk VW out on it!

    So the passat when in to get the heater core replacement done. Separate thread but it's a defective part and VW only agreed to pay 80% of work (separate rant for that). However, they also were tasked to do inspection while the car was there. They called to say: "Both of the running lamps are...
  6. MikeS_18

    Wet Foam in front wheel wells - didn't we learn our lesson on rust with the MKIVs?

    I was pulling the front wheel well cover and found a couple of foam pieces inside. One is exactly where the one was at the top of the fender on the MKIVs and then there is another long one on the firewall side for lack of a better term. Having lived through the rusted fenders on all of my...
  7. MikeS_18

    NH, Northern MA - I'm hoping to borrow an injector slide hammer

    Does anyone have an injector slide hammer that they'd be willing to lend me in the next couple of weeks? I'm going to change my injectors sometime soon and figure buying a tool that I might never use again seems silly. Prefer someone in NH south of Laconia or Mass north of RT128. I'd be happy...
  8. MikeS_18

    It's time for new injectors. What do you recommend?

    I've got 205,000 on my Sprint 520s and they are really running poorly. I've run enough diesel purge through them to determine it's time to get some new injectors. Here's the info on the car: 2003 Jetta Wagon Manual Transmission 257,000 miles Sprint 520s installed at 50k miles 17/22 turbo OMI...
  9. MikeS_18

    Would you fix this car or sell it and move on?

    I think it might be time to stop spending money on this car and move on. 2000 Jetta GLS, 5 spd, leather, heated seats, all stock. Interior 7/10, Exterior 6/10. 210,000 miles Issues: original clutch starting to sound ugly, original front springs, shocks, struts, original turbo that is not...
  10. MikeS_18

    Got me a new Diesel!

    Not sure the mpgs on it, but top speed is 10mph. A 31 year old beast. This will guarantee we will have mild winters for the next 10 years!
  11. MikeS_18

    A4 broken in Troy & far from home - Can anyone recommend anyone?

    Hi Midwesterners from NH, My son has my 2000 TDI in Troy Michigan and it is down with an oil leak. It was low on oil (light started to blink on and off). He drove a mile home and saw a oil spot (not puddle) on the driveway. He put 3 quarts in and started it up and it poured out approx 1.5...
  12. MikeS_18

    Dealer put in salt to resolve rain-x wiper sensor problem

    The car went to the dealer yesterday to have its last warranty service. The wiper sensor was gummed up and the light has been on for months. The dealer put salt in the reservoir and said that would resolve it. If not, I could come back and they'd replace the sensor. I'm really curious if...
  13. MikeS_18

    Tired of replacing ebrake cables - what should I cover them with?

    It seems like every other year (winter) I am replacing ebrake cables on the A4 because the sheathing is cracked and water gets in and freezes them up. Road debris, those stupid "wire" hangers, etc do a number on them. I am looking for a better solution. This time I am going to encase them in a...
  14. MikeS_18

    The Great Race to pass through the Eastern US

    Folks, If you have ever followed it, The Great Race is an awesome event. We're lucky enough to have it this year on the East Coast beginning in Maine on Saturday and ending in Florida next Sunday. Check it out if it comes near you - it's a blast and on my bucket list to compete in before I'm...
  15. MikeS_18

    Anyone (New Englander) going to Canada in the next month?

    So here is a weird request. Is anyone going to Canada (Ontario) in the next month or so? To make a long story short, a craft local brewery up there has a paddock of antique and unique vehicles as part of their business and their brand. They have a very cool Ford Econoline Van (as do I) and...
  16. MikeS_18

    Finally getting my own garage space! But how much garage space is really enough?

    As some of you might know, I have been a bit of a "garage nomad" for the past 5+ years. Due to some life choices (and a legal agreement) while I still owned a garage, I couldn't use it. ;) So finally, I'm about to close on some garage space (and it's even got a house attached!) But now that...
  17. MikeS_18

    Cruise Control wanders a bit

    I was driving for about 6 hours on cruise control and had it set on 70 even. I also had the GPS up and it showed my speed. I noticed first through the seat-of-the-pants that the cruise seemed to not keep speed on hills, up or down. And upon watching the GPS, the speed would range from 67 up to...
  18. MikeS_18

    WTB One Hankook tire, my kingdom for one hankook tire

    I got a finishing nail through the crown of the tire - in on the side and back out on the tread - dang it. No shop will touch it in that location and I'm not sure I'm skilled enough. 15k miles on the tire and I'm not buying 4 new tires for that - as much as I might dislike the Hankooks...
  19. MikeS_18

    Looking for a part number - hard brake line

    Folks, The hard line which runs from the LR axle connection, under the fuel tank and along the bottom of the passenger compartment to the beginning of the engine bay developed a split just above the junction at the rear. I got a part from VW which was 1J0-614-741-AC but it is not the same. I...
  20. MikeS_18

    Cruise control accelerates HARD to get back up to speed

    When I have cruise on and then cancel it to slow down for a minute and then re-engage, it JERKS hard to get back up to speed. As if I just downshifted to 3rd. (It's always been this way) I always thought this was normal operation until I drove another TDI and it smoothly came back up to speed...