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  1. lfields57

    FS: New ARP Head Studs for 1.9

    FS: New ARP Head Studs for 1.9 - $120 I have a brand new set of ARP head studs that I never used on my MK4 Golf TDI. Asking 120.00 Thanks for looking.
  2. lfields57

    FS: ECS Wheel Spacers VW MK4

    I have three different ECSTuning wheel spacers that came off my VW Golf MK4. 1 pair of 2mm ECSTuning spacers (never used): $25.00 1 pair of 8mm ECSTuning #9695 spacers: $40.00 1 pair of 10mm ECSTuning # 1990 spacers: $60.00 Thanks for looking.
  3. lfields57

    Help with Wiring on Sunroof Adjuster Knob

    Hello, I was hoping I could get some quick assistance on the current wire positions to the connecter on the Sunroof Adjuster knob. I have a 2000 Golf TDI GLS. I've attached a small image to the sequence. 1. White 2. Green 3. Gray 4. Violet 5. Blue 6. Blank. I had to take the connector apart...
  4. lfields57

    HELP... Looking for that PD150 Airbox

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can assist me here. There was a vender at the TDIFest that was selling a PD150 airbox kit. Does anyone have their information? The air intake I have is a P.O.J. (piece of junk) and not very efficient with my current setup. I'm the fella with the Cosmic Green Golf...
  5. lfields57

    Tdi Mkiv Does It Again Eurotuner Feb09 Edition

    Check out the February 2009 edition of Eurotuner.
  6. lfields57

    Engine Won't Start Until 3 Or 4 Attempts & Clanking Noise

    I have a 2000 TDI Golf. Yesterday I tried to start it (cold) and finally after four attempts it starts. But, along with starting I get this clanking type noise from the top left portion of the engine. This noise last for about five minutes and goes away. The car starts perfectly after it's been...
  7. lfields57

    WTB: Manual Tranny for 2000 1.9L TDI Project

    I have found one to purchase.
  8. lfields57

    Need Assistance Getting a Part Number

    I've tried two different VW dealerships and a couple websites and have come up with nothing. I have a 2000 VW Golf TDI 1.9 and I am missing the back part of the battery housing. I have the top cover and the cover that surrounds the front and sides of the battery. The bottom battery tray has...
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    Need Assistance Getting Part Number

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    Help with Obtaining a Part Number

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    Help with Obtaining a Part Number

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    FS 2002 GOLF TDI GL $13,500 OBO *DELETED*

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    I was wondering if anyone knows of a recall for the ABS system on the 2000 Golf TDI GLS. I just purchased the vehicle a few weeks ago and right away noticed somewhat spongie brakes. On my first wash job, I noticed no brake dust on the front wheels but alot on the back ones. I called the...
  14. lfields57

    2002 Golf GL TDI FOR SALE $13,500. HAS 22,000 MILES

    I currently own two Golf TDI's and need to sell one. The vehicle with a payment is the one going. It is a Black 2002 Golf GL TDI, two door, auto. It only has 22,000 miles. I'm selling it for $13,500. Autotrader ad for this vehicle