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  1. tdmsurfguy

    Fuel filter lines

    I have a 2014 JSW where a mouse chewed some of the fuel lines coming off the fuel filter. I’d like to replace with stock ones to keep everything looking stock on the inside for warranty purposes. I can’t find them anywhere online or in any VW parts diagram. I’m trying to find some with a totaled...
  2. tdmsurfguy

    new to me MK7 help

    I’ve got a decision to make; buy: 2014 CPO JSW TDI DSG with 52k Or 2015 non-CPO GSW S model DSG with 33k the 2014 is slightly cheaper but a 2 hour drove away in another state. The GDW is a 30 minute drive. I’m coming from having a 2002 ALH that I regret selling. I did all the work myself on...
  3. tdmsurfguy

    Trusted Mechanic in Burlington WA area

    Anyone have a trusted mechanic in the Burlington area north of Seattle? I need a prepurchase check done on a 2014 JSW. Preferably someone who can check for frame straightess as the title is clean but was in a minor frontal impact back in 2015. Thanks
  4. tdmsurfguy

    New JSW buyer and I’m panicking

    Slightly panicing. I’m looking at getting a 2012-2014 JSW with <66k miles on it. I have a couple in the area on is private party with 62k another is a CPO car from a dealership with 37k. The CPO car has a Pano sunroof (don’t really want a sunroof but if it has a warranty for two years). I’m...
  5. tdmsurfguy

    2014 new to me JSW questions

    Crew, I’m looking at buying a 2014 JSW next week from private party. It has 62k, DSG that was serviced at 40k by a VW dealer, no sunroof, no accidents, and looks like the car fax said oil changed every 10k. Is there anything glaring I need to check or have looked at? I’ve had a 2002 ALH The...
  6. tdmsurfguy

    2002 TDI wagon manual tranny in Oregon

    Selling my beloved 2002 TDI. I’m the second owner of this car and bought it about 9.5 years ago. Original owner worked for VW. The car is in great running condition but shows it’s wear with 244k on the motor. It’s never been tuned or modded, always been stock. I consistently get 42-44 MPG...
  7. tdmsurfguy

    2002 wagon manual

    I’m the second owner of a 2002 TDI wagon with 245k. It’s in great shape, body and interior has some dings, bumps, and bruises. Motor is sound and works great just had: -New timing belt and water pump with all the fixings from local guru -New rear brakes and rotors -new stock turbo, SS braided...
  8. tdmsurfguy

    WTB ALH intake manifold

    Need a intake manifold for my 2002.
  9. tdmsurfguy

    Metal shavings where they shouldn’t be

    While doing a oil change and snooping around I found some metal shaving in the intake pipe around the Evap trap: I’m also getting a a weird screaming noise from 2000-2400RPM when the turbo should be spooling up under load. I need to check to see if all the piping coming into/out of the turbo...
  10. tdmsurfguy

    WTB skid plate

    Looking for a skid plate in the Oregon area.
  11. tdmsurfguy

    Right blinker light on when in reverse...

    I’m thinking I have a grounding issue. Yesterday when I put my car in reverse the right blinker light in the dash came on, then while driving I would hit the brake pedal the right blinker light would come on too. If I hit the brake when the right blinker was on it would stop making the clicking...
  12. tdmsurfguy

    WTB Bentley for MIV

    As the title says I need the Bentley manual for my 2002 Aly MKIV
  13. tdmsurfguy

    Electrical ground issue

    Is there once of the many grounds that is more susceptible to water or rain. I’ve noticed that when we get really wet weather here my grounding issue seems to act up. It makes the clock reset, dash lights flash and it won’t start.
  14. tdmsurfguy

    Oil leaking, timing belt wear and crappy mileage

    So I’m getting some oil leaking and I can’t for the life of me get my mileage up over 45 on my 5sp manual TDI Wagon. She has 214,000 miles on it. I changed the timing belt at 130,000 miles. Here are a couple of pics of my oil leak: And I’m getting this kind of wear on my timing belt...
  15. tdmsurfguy

    Dreaded gas in my diese tank

    Being the idiot that I am in accidentally put in 1.1 gallons of gas in my tank this morning. Luckily it was very empty and I was able to add almost 13 gallons of diesel plus the remaining two ounces of fuel additive I had. Here's what my plan was: 1.Buy and add like 8-10 ounces of more fuel...
  16. tdmsurfguy

    WTB mk4 skid plate and side skirts

    I'd prefer the Panzer plate but I'm open to others. Must have the hole to easily change the oil.
  17. tdmsurfguy

    1 1/4" or 2" hitch for bike rack help

    I need to put a tow hitch on my 02 jetta tdi wagon. I'd like to use a 2" reciever but since nobody makes one and the Bosul adapter isn't readily available, and making my own 2" hitch might be a total pain in my a$$; I'm left with using the 1 1/4" from the major hitch makers. I'm not keen on...
  18. tdmsurfguy

    TDI guru with Vagcom in Portland area

    After swapping into my spare EGR I've started to get some rough idling where the motor rev up and down after starting it cold. I'd like to get the timing checked and make sure everything is looking good. Anyone in the Portland area have a vagcom to check this out or recommend someone?
  19. tdmsurfguy

    WTB ALH skid plate

    As the title says I'm looking for an ALH skid plate. I would prefer to have all the hardware included.
  20. tdmsurfguy

    WTB ALH Bentley Manual

    Like the title says I'm looking for a Bentley Manual for my 2002 TDI Jetta Wagon with manual tranny. Thanks Ron