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  1. demagxc

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    I just did the same after wearing through the stock tires and finally reaching the wear bar on my snow tires which took almost 3 years after the snow tread was gone. I'm very happy with them so far. Covid and work from home has really reduced my annual miles so I'm only running all seasons for...
  2. demagxc

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    It looked higher right after installation but after settling the ride height seems to be about the same.
  3. demagxc

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    I got the spring and shock set from IDParts that came with Lesjofors springs. So far I am really enjoying the Special Actives. Its hard to remember how the car felt with a new suspension but it doesn't have the harshness it used to over bumps and feels more stable when cruising.
  4. demagxc

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Spent the long weekend replacing shocks, struts, springs, brake pads, and rotors all the way around. At almost 140k miles it was time for a little suspension refresh, not to mention a broken driver's side rear spring needed attention. I replaced the stock suspension with Koni Reds. Brake pads...
  5. demagxc

    Strange clicking/rattling noise coming from near pedals -- 2015 Golf SE TDI

    Could be an HVAC actuator. I heard a clicking noise from the area you're describing for a month or so before I lost all air flow to the foot vents when the actuator died.
  6. demagxc

    watch out putting cross racks and roof racks on sunroof equipped cars

    I have a set of Whispbar Flushbar racks installed with a sunroof. They are NOT high enough for the sunroof to pass under if installed without slight modification. However, if you cut a piece of 1/4" silicone mat (or similar material) to fit under the base of the rear bar, the sunroof clears just...
  7. demagxc

    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    No need to periodically check the sensors. When they go, they go, and you'll know it. Failure triggers a check engine light and when the sensor melts down, the cabin smells like melted plastic and you may see smoke coming from under the hood. At least this was my experience.
  8. demagxc

    Timing belt change, 15 Golf

    When this happened with my car, it was covered under the dieselgate warranty. The dealership did not provide any insight into why the sensor failed. After the repair was approved by VW, the dealership mentioned that it must be a common problem because VW was sending them a "repair kit" with all...
  9. demagxc

    Timing belt change, 15 Golf

    I encountered almost the exact same scenario. Roughly around the same mileage from completing my timing belt myself, there was a burning plastic smell and magic smoke coming from under the hood around the DPF. I dont remember the codes, but they were associated with DPF and exhaust pressure and...
  10. demagxc

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    131k miles, a check engine light was followed by a burning plastic smell and smoke coming from under the hood in the middle of a regen. Scan showed P2456, P0470, P2453, P2002, P041 codes. Looking under the hood it was obvious the sensor wrapped in silver rubber insulation located on top of the...
  11. demagxc

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    After roughly 10 hours of work, lots of cursing, and a broken water pump, I successfully finished my timing belt replacement and oil change at 129,000 miles. It was my first attempt at a timing belt job and I knew going in that it wasn't going to be easy but it ended up being a much more...
  12. demagxc

    Mk7 High Mileage Thread

    Somewhere around 128,500. No major issues and only scheduled maintenance so far. I'm gearing up to tackle the timing belt myself (feels daunting). Only minor issue is a failed HVAC actuator at around 80,000 miles. I only get air from the upper vents and windshield defrost. The replacement...
  13. demagxc

    Bluetooth cutting in and out

    Next time my wife is in the car Ill have to have her connect and see what happens. Ive turned the radio on and off while at the same time rebooting the phone and its never fixed the issue unfortunately.
  14. demagxc

    Bluetooth cutting in and out

    I've been having intermittent bluetooth issues that I would describe as the audio skipping or buffering. The problem does not seem to related to my phone and isnt app specific. It only occurs with the bluetooth connection on the TDI and does not happen with my wife's car or any other bluetooth...
  15. demagxc


    The difficulty in hitch installation may vary depending on what hitch you purchase. I didnt find the Curt hitch that difficult to install in my driveway on jack stands. The one frustrating part of the installation was pulling the mounting bolts through the frame. The only other thing I needed to...
  16. demagxc

    rear trunk light upgrade gsw

    deautokey has a few aftermarket options. I installed an upgraded trunk LED for my for my Golf. It was a quick install and a huge improvement to the stock light.
  17. demagxc

    water in back of wagon after a rain.

    Glad you found the problem! for anyone you might be having a similar issue, another culprit is taillight gaskets. I found 2 inches of water in the spare tire well due to a failed gasket.
  18. demagxc

    Highest Mileage EA288's?

    Going strong at 93k. Only work I've had to do is planned maintenance.
  19. demagxc

    SD card music mystery '15 GSW

    Does the class and speed rating of the SD card matter in this case? What are the specs on the cards you are using?
  20. demagxc

    Hep Rear brakes 2015 Golf TDI

    Just rolled over 90k miles with original pads, calipers, and rotors. I cant remember the last time I noticed any brake noise unless the car sat for a few days. In those cases any brake noise disappears by the time I reach the end of my street.