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  1. DidJettarun

    For Sale 2 MK4 Golf GLS TDIs in Greenville, SC

    OK replacement oil pan and gasket from Peter at ID parts in Mass is $39.95 Peter is one of the most trusted TDI parts suppliers in the country. He does charge tax and freight but if you add an oil, air or cabin filter you should get over the free shipping amount. Most of us use metal skid...
  2. DidJettarun

    For Sale 2 MK4 Golf GLS TDIs in Greenville, SC

    Do you want to keep these if repaired. The oil pan is very easy and reasonable fix...You buy the part and I will install them for you for free....that is how the TDI club rolls. Usual labor cost is buy me/us lunch at the bbq down the street. Also happy to go through it stem to stern to see...
  3. DidJettarun

    Recent pick up 2006 vw tdi brm dsg problems

    Listen at your drivers wheel as the sound is most pronounced there. I have changed out several and you will need a Bentley manual and great deal of patience. If you are a fair mechanic with a good tool box you should be able to do it with help...worst part is tipping and turning to get tranny...
  4. DidJettarun

    MK5 broken wire in door

    did you add length to all of the wires? This harness was short of specification and VW created a TSB on this problem.
  5. DidJettarun

    Odd BRM Behaviour 2006

    I know this sounds silly but have you changed the fuel filter lately? Dirty filter will not allow good fuel flow at higher power and give you the sensation of "limp" mode. White smoke at start certainly suggests under fueling. I realize this is a longshot given the #4 injector data. I agree...
  6. DidJettarun

    2006 Jetta will not start, lift pump will not run.

    Take your ecu and fedex to Rocketchip. He will reflash and tune and ship back to you. I would also check for consistent voltage to the lift pump as it might just be a bad pump. Some of the other issues might be solved by pulling back the rubber boot near the driver's door hinge and looking...
  7. DidJettarun

    Timing belt replacement schedule advice

    Sadly, the people who make the belts are not aware of the well documented cam/lifter failure rate that plague the BRM engine. I would pull off the valve cover and do a cam inspection NOW. It is very easy to do and you can find lots of pictures and discussions of this procedure. If you find...
  8. DidJettarun

    DSG Fluid Leak

    You are quite right but my dealer assured me that it never needed to be serviced and I only went to dealer until warranty ran out. I did correct the service manager of the proper service cycle and received a free 90K. Each 10K I took it to the dealer and requested"do the x...
  9. DidJettarun

    DSG Fluid Leak

    We called some gurus and learned that vw had a run of slightly mis-dimensioned o-rings. We did a complete dsg service and cleaned all of the oil off the motor and subframe and will drive a little and inspect until I am confident that no other issue needs attention....then I will do what was...
  10. DidJettarun

    DSG Fluid Leak

    250k serviced 3 times including when I replaced the other trouble and no driving symptoms just found a leak at last oil change
  11. DidJettarun

    DSG Fluid Leak

    Here is pooling adjacent to the filter housing. [/url][/IMG]
  12. DidJettarun

    DSG Fluid Leak

    Tracing a dsg fluid leak found this: [/url][/IMG] The filter is completely crushed but the filter housing and o-ring are in good condition?
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  15. DidJettarun

    Transmission Installation

    Take off the half shafts at the diff will go in much easier
  16. DidJettarun

    2016, January 30 GTG at DanG144's Chapin, SC

    Hi Everyone I am looking forward to this weekend to see everyone. My daughter's 05 jetta needs lots of attention....still burning out right rear lightbulbs. Recovering from cataract surgery so not going to be able to turn wrenches just flap gums, which I do better than wrenching anyway.
  17. DidJettarun

    Appalachian Diesel Works, Fall 2015 GTG - Sat, Oct 10

    Daniel, do you have any injector crush washers on hand...I am going to replace my nozzles and just remembered that I will need the reinstall stuff
  18. DidJettarun

    new cam for 05

    Well documented problem...I recommend switching to Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel truck and adding zddp at every oil change. I had to change my o6 cam at 103K and now have over 250k and cam looked great...check out my signature
  19. DidJettarun

    Glow plug light, and sounds like a loud vacuum

    New turbos cost half what you guys are quoting...use the site and learn how to change it yourself...not a difficult repair...Sounds like a boost leak more than a blown turbo. Order some kroil and spray on the bolts/studs for several days and change the turbo or attend a GTG where some gurus...
  20. DidJettarun

    Air in fuel lines after sitting for a week

    I have a 2003 and noticed cracks in the fuel lines especially at the curves. Replaced no fuel leakdown. IIRC there is no check valve in the tank sending unit and is the subject of a mod to correct the fuel leakdown