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  1. BadMonKey

    Pimped out Toyota Prius

    looks like incredibly poor Photoshop skills to me, you fools continue on your banter though.
  2. BadMonKey

    VW Diesel Push Pays Off in March

    LoL; 9300 cars would be the smallest flood ever and likely never noticed.
  3. BadMonKey

    Overly cautious on brakes?

    I couldn't handle watching everything i own rust to the ground either. I cant stand looking at rusty stuff. We hookup negative voltage devices to our field equipment and pipes that are often underground and would rust through in a year or two. I cant believe someone hasn't figured out a auto...
  4. BadMonKey

    VW Diesel Push Pays Off in March

    This is also a myth, hybrids suck at short commutes too. Your best option is a naturally aspirated eco 4cyl or full electric vehicle. Turbo's seem to run incredibly rich fuel mixtures until they get warmed up.
  5. BadMonKey

    Overly cautious on brakes?

    The rust issues you have are just impressive. I still wonder if you have some kind of electrolysis issue from a bad electrical component.
  6. BadMonKey

    Who's in the mood for a little laugh? Snow tire changeover

    Those are so bad it could be anything, but I'm betting the camber is off. You wont always notice the car pulling one way or another with camber issues but typically it feels squirmy in rutted roads at high speeds. Once the tires start to cup they hop and can wear uneven in so many crazy ways...
  7. BadMonKey

    Ram 1500 diesel pickup sells out

    A RV comes with a motor and a camper trailer does not:p The tow and payload capacities aren't standardized and the manufactures change the numbers all the time without changing a damn thing on the truck.
  8. BadMonKey

    Guess the name of this car?

    When my window clip broke in a snow storm filling the back seat up with snow i pulled into the shop next to a phaeton with the same problem and the owner laughed with the comment "$24K car or a $90K car they use the same crappy plastic parts".
  9. BadMonKey

    An Interesting Carfax

    Its just a tool and like any tool the person behind it is what makes it work. I use it to find where the car has been and to contact any of the dealers or shops listed on it to get a maintenance history on it. I don't pay much attention to the comments or reasons for service or repair work...
  10. BadMonKey

    Ram 1500 diesel pickup sells out

    I had the displeasure of renting a Lancia Thema (crapler 300 here) with the same 3.0L diesel and averaged 26mpg for the tank. I cant imagine a giant wind break like the dodge 1/2 ton is going to improve that number any. According to the computer I was getting 28-31mpg on low speed straight...
  11. BadMonKey

    Ram 1500 diesel pickup sells out

    Not here; used 1/2 tons are a dime-a-dozen used. Even if I lived Ohio I'd fly out to buy used cars/trucks to avoid the rust.
  12. BadMonKey

    Altra High Performance Tire TSB for GM Cars

    Even my ST came with warning stickers on driving it below 40 degrees with the stock high performance summer tires. I would just consider it common since that you not drive summer tires in the winter assuming you live in a climate that has a winter. Every high performance summer tire I've...
  13. BadMonKey

    Ford Ranger Wildtrak - 3.2 Diesel 6 spd

    If your willing to pay $23K+ for plastic chrome pieces, bling rims, and leather seats then more power to ya and thanks for stimulating the economy. I bet i could get a lot of limo rides to the Cattleman's Ball for $23K and save myself many hours scrubbing mud and animal crap out of my truck. I...
  14. BadMonKey

    Ford Ranger Wildtrak - 3.2 Diesel 6 spd

    Yes; considering the F-series sells over 600K units on an average year and if you added up all 3 of the above mid-sized trucks it would be around 200K units. The Tacoma is the clear leader in sales for mid-sized trucks even though its costs as much as a full size. I've driven several of the...
  15. BadMonKey

    Ford Ranger Wildtrak - 3.2 Diesel 6 spd

    They are actually smart; its the consumers that are stupid. Why bother to sell a lower margin truck when people line up to pay $50+ for a useless higher profit 1/2 tons. King Ranch, Harley Davidson, Raptor, etc...... I swear they could stick a Carhartt sticker on the side of a regular XT...
  16. BadMonKey

    Ram 1500 diesel pickup sells out

    Yep; welcome to the overweight & overpriced 1/2 ton market:rolleyes: Well you where actually overweight with just the horse trailer as the payload capacity does not include fuel, oil, and any heavy options you put on it. Sadly most of the 1/2 tons have payload capacities similar to cars these...
  17. BadMonKey

    Can't find oil leak, please check out this video and see if you can help!

    I'd guess the front crank seal which isn't all that uncommon on the older CRV's. Its slinging the oil and the reason its everywhere.
  18. BadMonKey

    Textile Tire Chains

    We use the spiders for our company fleet vehicles that are on projects in areas that need them. I've used them and they seem to fit the bill without the problems of chains. They are far from cheap so i just use chains on my personal vehicles
  19. BadMonKey

    Compact car crash test

    safety/crash tests are really in place to keep auto manufactures pushing the envelope and to educate a "concerned" consumer. I typically look at the saftey ratings as a discriminator if two vehicles I'm interested in are a close comparison. Personally I think most people are over paranoid...
  20. BadMonKey

    BMW 328d test drive and review

    for some reason BMW wagons always look silly or wrong. Can't explain it but IMO they are hideous.