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    Technical questions about ECU pinout

    Ok, I've been slowly helping a gentleman put an AHU into an '82 Vanagon camper. We're down to where we've got the engine to run, but there are some issues. I need to know what pin from the ECU controls the fuel plunger valve, also I need to know if it has a relay between the ECU and the plunger...
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    FS: MK3 keyless entry module

    I found this in a box of spare parts and I don't need it. Part number is: 1HM 937 045 Q. It came out of a 98 jetta TDI. I do not know how well the module works but it seems to be in good condition and comes with the bracket. I'm asking *$80*, buyer pays shipping charges. Thanks.
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    Misc. parts for a A3/B4 TDI + ALH engine cover

    I have these things sitting in my garage, but I don't have my car anymore. I am looking to get them out of my garage to a local person. Transmission: $200 O.B.O. -Came out of a running car with around 140K miles, the person I got it from said it was great and worked fine. Flywheel: $50 -Came...
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    Oil smoke, missing until engine warms up

    I started having this problem. When I start my 98 Jetta in the morning, it will idle OK but around 1500 rpm it misses and there is oil smoke coming from the exhaust. After the engine warms a little it stops missing and it stops burning oil. The main problem is, I don't know which one is causing...
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    Intake hose "1H0 145 838 F"

    Why is this little tiny piece of hose over $100 at the dealership? Please tell me there's an aftermarket replacement that I'm not finding through Google, because that's an insane price for some rubber tubing. Mine split and is "fixed" with duct tape at the moment. It's a good enough fix to not...
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    Strange noise started today, car was "missing" this morning *vid*

    When I started to drive my car this morning, it felt like it was missing on one cylinder. It wasn't cold and the vehicle normally comes to life just fine even then. After about a half mile the engine seemed to be running on all 4. I drove it most of the day and went through a morotbank when I...
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    WTB: MK3 Jetta intake box (top half at least)

    The previous owner of my car messed up my airbox. I'm going to look for the top at a local VW salvage yard, but the diesels are unique compared to the other engines so the chances of finding one are slim. I wanted to get this out here so in case I cannot mend my own or find one locally, I can...
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    Broken air filter housing

    The idiot that changed the air filter out on my Jetta last (before I owned it), bent the top portion of my air cleaner box. With the engine running I can feel suction on one part of the fliter housing. Of course it's only sold as a whole unit Of course the diesel is differnt than the 2.0 gas...
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    Jetta door handles

    I've noticed that other trim levels of the Jetta have a lock cylinder on the front passenger door like the driver's side door. Is it possible to use a rear door handle for the front passenger side? At some point I want to replace all of mine since the paint looks awful. I know I will be...
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    Fender mounted antenna grommet for MK3 Jetta

    So, I was told by the VW dealership here that this rubber grommet was NLA and they couldn't get it. I confirmed this by checking my ETKA and sure enough it tells them that the part hasn't been available since some time in 2002. I originally took this as the word and didn't bother with it for a...
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    How cold is cold enough to anti-gel?

    I've been using the grey bottles of Power Service without any anti-gelling additives because it's normally 80 F+ here. Lately though it has been getting down into the 30s and I've had no problems but there is a possibility that it might get down into the teens (potentially, not that likely). My...
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    MK3 Shift knob options

    Are VW shift knobs mostly interchangeable? At some point I would like to put a new one in my MK3 and I'm wondering if the OEM replacement is the way to go.
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    Anyone know where to get NEMIOX clamps?

    While searching through the VW salvage yard a few weeks back, I found one of these on the ground. Google and Yahoo have turned up nothing in English, mainly I've been linked to eBay in other languages. I know ABA style clamps are really good, but these have a few features I really like...
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    Is there a difference between the shutoff solenoid on the TDI and IDI engines?

    I have checked the ETKA and there is a difference in the part numbers, one has a B on the end and one has an F. I've found one place that says that the same part will work for either pump. I'm thinking of keeping a spare around but I don't want to overpay or get the wrong part.
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    Flickering airbag light

    I have this problem ocassionally with my 98 TDI. I've checked all the plugs on the column, including the plug on the back of the airbag itself. My VAGCOM comes up with no codes when the light is on so I am stumped.
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    Are the strut bearings on MK3s really prone to failure?

    I replaced mine as closely as I could to the instructions in the Bentley and they started clunking around again. There is also a gap between the strut tower and the top mount in the engine bay. When I replaced the set before, one of them came out in multiple pieces, I'm hoping this other one...
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    Strange airbag problem on 98 Jetta

    I've had this issue where my airbag light flickers or comes on for irregular amounts of time randomly. At first I thought it was my clockspring but it doesn't always change when the wheel moves. I realize this part could still be bad. Here's the really odd stuff though, I plug my VAG COM in and...
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    Questions about changing manual transmission fluid in a 98 TDI Jetta

    I have no idea when the fluid was changed last (if ever). I know the Bentley says to use a 75W-90 synthetic fluid, but it doesn't have a location marked for the drain plug, torque specs for the plugs or the capacity for the fluid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Template for inside the cupholder area in a 98 Jetta

    I thought I remember someone having a template posted up somewhere on this board for a perfectly-fitted panel that goes where the cupholders are in an MK3 Jetta. If nobody actually has one, I'll fab one up and scan it as a PDF file for you guys when I get done with it.
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    I got the dreaded 65535 code, need to replace the ECU hose

    I found a tutorial online, but it just specifies the hose as being 4mm. I take it that is the inside diameter since that's all that is listed on the parts site the tutorial links to. I don't know if anyone has done this before, but how screwed am I? The tutorial says that if the plastic nipples...