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  1. OkamiTech

    I'm tired of chasing fuel economy on the ALH...

    Those are still really good numbers. My last tank was about 42mpg completely stock, I do try to keep FE in mind most of the time. As for chasing numbers, its really hard to compare different areas and cars. Power tunes vs FE tune, mostly hills vs mostly flat, amount of city vs highway, the...
  2. OkamiTech

    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Hello all. Been here for a bit reading through all the knowledge. Pick myself up a 2000 Jetta with over 250k on it. Still runs good. Hope it stays that way
  3. OkamiTech

    Central Florida

    Anyone available to help me track down a flashing glow plug problem? It started yesterday while I was driving, and now starts after the car has been on for about a minute. Edit: Alot of new issues popped up. so changing it to mechanic Recommendations. Anyone have a TDI mechanic around Daytona...
  4. OkamiTech

    Discounted TDI oil locator thread

    Type: Engine Oil | Oil Filter | Air filter or cabin filter Product Name: Valvoline(they gave me STP EURO Full Syn) motor oil package deal; 5qt jug of oil, STP oil filter, STP air filter or cabin filter Price: $37 is what I paid for my set Source: Autozone Location: Nationwide, part of store ad...
  5. OkamiTech

    kw1281test: A Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    I have read up on how to do it with VCDS or even VagTacho. Just not sure if I am ready to drop $200US on VCDS right now. Just bought the car and still working on get the mechanical parts in good order.
  6. OkamiTech

    kw1281test: A Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    Has key pairing been added in? I need to get some new keys done and was wondering if i could use this to pair them, both immo and remote.