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    More power from pumping brakes

    Recently I noticed when standing at a red light and pump my brakes a few times, my car takes off much faster than if I didnt pump the brakes. It feels very peppy for 5 minutes or so, and the brake pedal is more sensitive too. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
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    Colt Cam Dyno numbers!

    Just like promised here are the numbers with the stage one Colt Cam on my A3 Jetta. Blue - This test was done only with- cam, PP520, and no muffler, everything was left stock with boost at 12 psi. 114 whp & 220 ft/lb Red - This was done with all my mods- cam, PP520, no...
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    Colt Cam regrinds now available

    As I have posted here, I am excited to present all you TDI power hungry maniacs a new camshaft mod by Colt Cams. This mod includes your original camshaft which is reground to new specs for better performance. At this time we have the Stage One upgrade available with stage two in production...
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    Camshaft Experiment

    Just when I thought there will be no more mods for my car for a while, I ran into a guy who does some crazy performance upgrades do diesel engines grinding camshafts. At first I did not believe it because I read in the forums camshafts dont do much for diesels, but this upgrade has proved...
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    Boost drop!

    My upsoluted A3 Jetta runs 18 psi, but just lately I have noticed at around 3500 rpm flored the boost drops to 15 from 18psi. Is this normal? Shouldn't it be 18 psi all the way to red line?
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    Loss of POWER!

    Yesterday I started my car and no problems. Then I stoped at a store got back into my car, started it up, and without pressing the acceleration pedal, the engine reved up to 2000 rpm just for an instant and then settled at 950 rpm idling. I did not think much of it until I drove away and...
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    TDI broken into

    This is a topic I hoped never to write about, but I thought I'd share some of my pain with you TDIers, after all you will understand how I am feeling. Sunday morning I woke up just as my bro came over to visit. When he came in, he asked me if I saw my car yet with a very serious look on his...
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    Water drips from PCV hose

    I have modified my PCV by doing the bypass with a hose venting under the car. I have expected to see some oil drip from the end of the hose but to my surprise there is no oil but quite a bit of water instead. I would just like to know if that is normal. The PCV valve seems to work fine, I...
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    Max. oil pressure ?

    I was just wondering what is the max oil pressure in a 98 Jetta TDI. I am thinking of getting an oil pressure gage and just want to know what PSI range should be good. I think 150 PSI gauge might be enough but then I might be wrong. ------------------ 98 Jetta TDI
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    wastegate bleed for a 98 TDI

    As this is my first post, I would like to say I love this forum, I red so much stuff and learned so many things about my car I never dreamed of! Some of you guys sound like you are actually the TDI engine engineers. There is one thing though I seem to be confused about. I believe my car has...