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    Wtb A/c Fan Controller

    I need an A/C fan controller for a 1999.5 Golf.
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    Any thoughts on this?

    I was cruising fleabay and saw this. Comments? Criticisms? I'm all about cutting down the amount of time and energy I put into this and still get quality fuels, I just don't wanna screw anything up in the process...
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    RC3+, 520's and VNT17

    I think I drove a different car home from Oliver's. Thanks to you both, Oliver and Jeff for fixing up my poor ole Golf!! My old VNT15 had about 1.5 mm of play side to side in the impeller shaft.:eek: Now I'm off to order my new cam and lifters.:D I'll make the bad noise go away Jeff.;)...
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    Banned VW ad....... bollocks

    I don't know if anyone's posted this or if this is the right place, but here goes. Funny as hell, but not dirty, it's safe for work unless you're in the UK. Y'all might want to turn the sound down just a tad.
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    Is this normal after 20 galllons of BIOD?

    Here's a little background, the Golf has 154,000 miles and I just started running BIOD in it, 20 gallons to be exact. I have no clue as to what was done maintenance wise before I got the car other than the oil was changed at the stealership. Metalman changed the filtre about 2000 miles ago. Here...
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    WTB Monsoon casette

    Just like the title says, I went to pull it and load it today and I got a nice surprise, no casette, GRRR!! :mad:
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    WTB patrs for 99.5 Golf GLS

    WTB parts for 99.5 Golf GLS I need a few things: Driver's side mirror, the one on the car is peeling. Driver's side door panel, ideally I'd like to have a set of 4 to replace all of them. Mirror operating switch, the one in the car is missing.
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    It's finally home !!!!!

    My new/used 1999 GLF GLS TDI. Someone tell me that it's a 99.5, pleeze? The headlights and turn signals are all together. Yes, even the tow rig is a TDI, Chebby, but still direct injection.:D
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    2002 Jetta TDI wagon

    I'm looking at this car on eBay and have asked the owner a few questions which he's answered quite well. The timing belt will need to be changed ASAP sine it hasn't been done. I asked a question about the oil and this is the response I got.... Thanks again for your inquiry. The initial oil...