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    O2E DSG Ring Gear and Pinion

    Ok so I've been wondering if someone makes a taller ring gear and pinion set for the O2E DSG trans. What I want to do is drop my rpm by about 500rpm so when I'm going to work in the mornings I'm not turning 3k for 40 miles each way. Also I'd like to hear someone else that might have already did...
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    No Crank

    Ok so I bought a 06 Passat for $750 with issues of course for that price. The guy dropped the turbo and drove it about a mile to his house then installed a new turbo only to find out his was too late. I crank it and sounded like #3 rod so it runs when I loaded it on the car dolly, runs when I...
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    Dash MPG Gauge

    Ok so I know the dash will tell you your MPG you're getting and it always lies to you, but come on being 30+ off is just annouying. Is there anyway to adjust that to close the gap to say within 10 or so off? It's telling me I'm getting 75+mpg when my actual combined is 42 and this is on just...
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    No blow by from valve cover to turbo intake tube.

    Ok so I just noticed oil around my oil fill cap and I'm like now what is it. When I took the cap off there is blow by like crazy but it never uses oil between changes. So I removed the line from the valve cover to the intake tube to the turbo and there is not a thing coming out of it. Is this a...
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    Turbo Vacuum line

    Ok so somehow my steel vacuum line on my 2006 Jetta has gone missing. Anyone have a spare steel line that they're willing to sale? It's the steel line that goes through all the hot zones on the back of the engine to the short rubber hose to the turbo actuator. Beats me were that stupid thing...
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    Looking at a 2005 Passat

    Ok so the car by the pictures looks really nice inside and out and the price is dirt cheap 1k. Now the bad he's telling me that it has low oil pressure above 3K RPM and stiff break pedal with 233k mileage. I'm thinking possible grounding issues? He's also had the DSG rebuilt 48k ago new turbo...
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    Mass Air Problems

    Ok so I have a 2006 Jetta TDI 1.9. I'm having a problem with any mass air sensor to read correctly. I've bought 3 now and they all read about the same at idle around 480 and when you turn up the rpm they all drop into the upper 380's to 390's. If one new one had done this ok a bad MA but 3...
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    Cracked Oil Pan

    Ok so my oil pan cracked over the oil drain. What I want to know is if this is a common problem on these? I've already ordered a new OEM pan from the dealer but does this happen a lot even though it hasn't been hit.
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    Jumped Off The Deep End

    Well our Uncle Sammy sent me a wad of cash and said stimulate the economy so I did. Garrett PD140, braded oil line, 3bar map, Franko6 Cam Kit, new boost side O-rings, EGR cooler, KermaTDI Q-Pro and program, dual mass flywheel, dual clutch torque converter kit for the DSG, and a set of Pirelli...
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    Thinking about exhaust system.

    Ok so I'm about to do much work on my 2006 Jetta. IE... New Franks cam kit, PD140 turbo, new boost pipe seals, dual mass Flywheel, new dual clutch torque converter (or os VW calls it)on my DSG, 3bar map, Kermatdi programing, and some other normal odds an end. (pesky water leak on back of engine...
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    Shudder Valve new boost pipe seal

    Ok so I bought new O-ring seals for my boost pipes (oil leaking at joints means boost is too). The first one I try to put on is the shudder valve end of the upper boost pipe. For the life of me I can't get it to slide in. I made sure it had some oil in the housing and on the seal but as soon as...
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    Turbo charge pipe O-rings

    Ok I really don't want to have to buy every piece of duct from my turbo to my intercooler back to my intake just because of some leaking O-rings. Does anyone know where I can just buy the O-rings from? I've looked dealer sites but they don't list them all anymore unless you buy the hoses. Those...
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    Engine parts interchange

    Ok I've worked on many things most of my life but VW is new to me. I'd like to know what TDI engine parts interchange between between years and block sizes. IE is the 1.9 and 2.0 blocks of the same design other than stroke & bore. Can we install the 2.0 block in a 1.9 to get more displacement...
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    Indianapolis Area Shops

    Ok I have a 06 Jetta BRM that has started sputtering. I had a mass air go bad replaced, O2 sensor go bad and replaced, egr cooler flapper leak part ordered will be replaced next week. I thought maybe the egr valve was opening loosing boost so I replaced it. That did help along with running 90 to...
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    O2 sensor locations 2006 BRM TDI Jetta

    Ok I've looked but can't find but 1 O2 sensor on my 2006 BRM TDI Jetta. Am I overlooking one or is there only 1? My codes tell me it's the downstream sensor and I found the one in the top of the cat converter but that is the only one I can find. I've looked at the entire exhaust pipe under the...
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    Monsoon whats so special about it???

    Ok so I'm new to Jetta's and I was looking for new door panels for my 2006 because the material is coming off. Well I see this one door panel that is $3085.93 ( Sedan, leatherette without smokers pkg with monsoon, black/gray). Now I've got to ask WT% is so special about the monsoon that makes it...
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    DSG Triptronic Problems

    I have a 2006 Jetta with the following codes. P1824 and P1746 Any help in determining if my TCM (IE MAG unit) is bad or not would help me from buying one for no season at all. Thank you.